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Show InformationSaturday Adventure Shows    

Eerie, Indiana: The Other DimensionEerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension premiered on FOX on February 7, 1998. Original Eerie, Indiana stars Omri Katz and Justin Shenkarow, too old now for their roles, are replaced by Bill Switzer as 13-year-old Mitchell Taylor and Daniel Clark as 12-year-old sidekick Stanley Hope. The show takes old show footage and mixes it with current to allow Katz and Shenkarow can pass a message to Mitchell and Stanley from the town's other dimension. This show has most of the quirkiness of the original and is still a lot of fun.

Mitchell Taylor
Bill Switzer
Edward Taylor
Bruce Hunter
Stanley Hope
Daniel Clark
Carrie Taylor
Lindy Booth
Mrs. Taylor
Deborah Odell
Mr. Crawford
Neil Crone
Season 1 (1997-1998)
15 Episodes In Season 1
  1. Switching Channels (Original Air Date 2/7/1998)
  2. Revenge Of The Goody-Two-Shoes People (Original Air Date 2/14/1998)
  3. Standard Deviation (Original Air Date 2/21/1998)
  4. Time Flies (Original Air Date 2/28/1998)
  5. The Phantom (Original Air Date 3/7/1998)
  6. The Young And The Twitchy (Original Air Date 3/14/1998)
  7. Last Laugh (Original Air Date 3/21/1998)
  8. Newsroom (Original Air Date 4/4/1998)
  9. Little Buddy Beep Beep (Original Air Date 4/11/1998)
  10. Perfect (Original Air Date 4/18/1998)
  11. Nightmare On Eerie Street (Original Air Date 4/25/1998)
  12. Mr. Lucky (Original Air Date 5/2/1998)
  13. Send In The Clones (Original Air Date 5/9/1998)
  14. I'm Okay, You're Really Weird (Original Air Date 5/16/1998)
  15. The Hunting Of The Jackalope (Original Air Date 5/30/1998)
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