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Goosebumps EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • The Haunted Mask
    Carly Beth is scared of everything. These two boys from school scare her all the time and she decides to get back at them by scaring them. She is walking down the street and she sees a Halloween mask in the window of a store. But it's not just any Halloween mask - it's the scariest, creepiest mask Carly Beth has ever seen! She tries it on and wants to get it, but the man in shop tries to sell her a regular mask. But she wants the scary mask. She takes it and leaves the store without the owner knowing it. She puts on the mask and weird things happen. She starts acting strange and different and she isn't scared anymore when she wears the mask. Carly Beth doesn't believe it could be the mask and keeps wearing it. Then one day she can't take the mask off. The scary mask has become part of her face. She goes back to the store and the owner gives her a hint about how to get the mask off. She finally gets the mask off in the end.

  • Night Of The Living Dummy II
    On Amy's family night, her sister Sarah showed the family a picture she made and they all loved it. Her brother Jed showed them a video about the family he had made. When it was Amy's turn she did a ventriloquist act with her dummy Dennis. The dummy's head fell off. Amy's dad bought her a new dummy named Slappy. Amy found a piece of paper in Slappy's pocket that said "Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molenu Karrano." Amy read the words aloud. Sarah came to Amy's room to tell her to go bed and Amy was playing with Slappy. She told Sarah she didn't want to go to bed and Slappy said "yea, we don't have to." The weird thing was, Amy didn't make him say that. Amy sat Slappy down beside Dennis and then got into her bed. Then she heard something fall. She got up and saw Dennis was on the floor. She put him back where he was and went to bed. The next morning Sarah started screaming because her picture was ruined. Someone had painted stick figures in red on it. Amy found a paintbrush outside and came to Sarah's room with it. Her family blamed her for messing up Sarah's picture. Later Amy found red paint on Slappy's hand. The next family night Amy did a ventriloquist act with Slappy. It went well until Slappy started saying rude things, without Amy saying them. Her parents got mad and sent her to bed. Amy stuffed Slappy into a trunk. The next day her friends came over and one of them took Slappy out. Amy took him away from her friend and while she was holding him Slappy said rude things, that Amy didn't make him say. Slappy grabbed onto Amy's friend's finger and wouldn't let go. When they got her loose, Amy told her friends it was Slappy's fault. Her friends didn't believe her and didn't want to talk to her anymore. Her mom said not to blame things on Slappy. Her dad said that she might need help. That night Amy heard a noise and realized Slappy was gone. She went out to the front room and found him trying to hit her dad while he was asleep with his guitar. She jumped on Slappy to stop him and broke the guitar. Her dad woke up and blamed her. He said that when she was ready to tell him what's really bothering her he would talk to her. Amy brought Slappy out to throw him in the sewer. Later she found muddy footprints in her room and Slappy was there. He told Amy that because she had read those words he had come alive and they were partners. he told her she was his slave. Sarah came in and saw Slappy and he chased them. Sarah said she believed Amy now. Slappy grabbed Amy's feet and said that the family belonged to him. Someone pushed Slappy and he fell and broke and let out a green gas. Their parents asked what had happened and they told them that Jed had saved them from Slappy. But it wasn't Jed, it was Dennis. he told everyone it was good to be back in the family again.

  • My Hairiest Adventure
    Larry hates dogs because they always chase him. Larry has allergies and he isn't supposed to run, but if dogs chase him he has to run. Lily is his best friend. She always wears a gold coin around her neck. She has weird eyes, one brown and one blue. Lily and Larry have a rock band along with their friends Manny and Jared. They practice in an old house that is empty. They found some insta-tan and put it on. It said do not use after 1991. Larry passed out because he ran and the doctor gave him a shot. While petting his cat Jasper, Larry noticed some hair growing on his wrist. He went into the bathroom to shave it off. Lily asked him if he wanted to go to her house for dinner that night and Larry said yes. Lily said that Manny hadn't answered the phone or talked to them lately. Larry asked if Lily was growing hair where she had rubbed insta-tan and she said no. They went to Manny's house and it looked like he had moved. He had and a salesman said the house was for sale. That night at dinner when Larry was passing some food he noticed the hair was growing on his wrist again, so he said he needed to go to the bathroom. Lily asked if he was ok through the bathroom door. Larry decided to escape out the window. There were dogs outside the window, but he went out anyway. The dogs chased him but he lost them. He found hair growing on his legs and showed it to his parents. They took him to the doctor and he said is wasn't the insta-tan. He said it was a skin irritation. While walking down the road he found a dog that reminded him of Lily. It had a gold coin chain and one brown eye and one blue eye. He asked Lily's mom where Lily was and she said there was no Lily and they were moving. He told his parents about the dog and Lily's parents. They told him it was a silly story. Larry went to the band's audition and saw a dog that looked like Larry. Then Larry turned into a dog. What happened was his parents were turning humans into dogs. That was why Larry had to have so many shots. The doctor came in to deliver Jasper, who was a baby now and not a cat.

  • Stay Out Of The Basement
    Margaret and Casey are worried about their dad, Dr. Brewer. He's a botanist but he just lost his job. He's been acting strange, he works in the basement almost every hour of the day, whenever her or her brother go near the basement he goes ballistic, and he doesn't even call Margaret princess anymore. Their mom is going out of town to help their aunt and their dad went out to drive her there and left Margaret and Casey at home. Margaret and Casey heard something crying and screaming in the basement and were wondering what it was. So they went down there to check it out. The basement was full of plants and test tubes and the sound was very loud. Margaret touched a plant that seemed like it was breathing and moving. It grabbed her and she couldn't get away. Finally she got loose and Casey asked her what was wrong. She told him about the plant and he didn't believe her. Then their dad drove into the driveway. They ran through the maze of plants and went got outside the basement but Casey remembered he left his sweater in the basement. It would be a giveaway that they were down in the basement if he left it there so he went back down for it. As their dad came up the steps to the house Casey searched for his sweater, found it and got out of the basement right as their dad walked in. He asked if they went in the basement and they told him that they did because they thought the heard screams. He got angry and told them not to go in the basement. Then the next morning Margaret called for her dad and he didn't answer so she assumed he was in the basement. She went and knocked on the door. There was no answer so she continued into the basement calling for her dad. But he didn't answer. She decided to go farther in to look for her dad when he showed up behind her with an angry expression. He told her never to go in the basement and was mad. She said she thought he was in the basement. He asked her if she was all right and reminded her again to stay out of the basement. The morning after that Margaret made breakfast for her dad. She called him but he didn't come out of the basement so she just waited for him to come out. Finally he came out and she went to greet him but before she could she found him eating a green substance and gulping down tons of water. She then asked if he wanted breakfast and he told her he wasn't hungry. When he left she looked at the can that held the green substance and it was plant food. What was he doing with plant food? That night Margaret was awakened by a sound in the bathroom so she went to spy on whatever it was and she found her dad but he had leaves growing out of his head and he was washing out a cut that was bleeding green blood. The next morning their dad called them to breakfast that he made but it was a green substance that looked like the plant food. Was he trying to feed them plant food? He said that they were probably thinking he was pretty strange so he explained everything they saw as side effects. Then someone knocked on the door. Their dad told them to finish the food and go outside to play. The man who walked in was another botanist who came to look a their dads experiments. When they left the room Margaret and Casey dumped their food in the garbage because there was no way there were going to eat plant food. Then they went out to toss a Frisbee around. Margaret threw the Frisbee into the bushes by accident and Casey went to get it. It was near the basement window. Casey couldn't see a thing through the window but he could hear their dad and the man fighting over something. But then a plant grabbed him a wrapped around him and he couldn't get loose. Margaret helped him. Then their dad showed up behind them and asked what they were doing. They told him about the plant and he said that was one of his experiments. They asked where the guy who came over went and he said that he just left but Margaret and Casey didn't see or hear him leave. Their dad went out for a while and Margaret and Casey wanted to call their mom so they searched through their dad's room for the number. Then the phone rang and the answering machine answered it. It was the wife of the botanist that came the day before asking if anyone has seen her husband or if he was over at their house because he was many hours late. Then their dad drove up and Casey got out of his room. Margaret didn't have enough time to get out so she hid under the bed. He saw Casey and told him to go to his room. Then he went to his room and found the papers lying around. Margaret, who was under the bed, saw some worms drop to the ground and then she saw the wallet of the man who came over. Then he left and told Casey that he was going back out. When he left Margaret came out and told Casey about the wallet. They found that the blanked was moving so they lifted it up to find thousands of worms crawling around. She said that she had to get to the bottom of it. The armed themselves with weed killer and went down into the basement. Every plant that reached to grab them they sprayed with weed killer. Then they heard a knock and found it was coming from the closet so the opened it and a man came out that looked exactly like their dad. They untied him. He told them that the guy who went out wasn't their dad that he was their dad and the other guy was a plant replica of himself that took control of him and locked hi in the closet and he was planning to make plant replicas of them all. Then the dad who seems to be a plant replica walked in and told them that their dad was lying because he was the replica. He told them to spray him with the weed killer. Margaret was confused and didn't know who to believe but then the man who they let out of the closet called her princess and then she decided to spray the other guy and he melted like a weed. The next day their mom was back and their dad was back to normal. And the botanist who came over was let out of the closet in the basement that he was in the whole time and went home. Then Margaret went to tie her shoe and then one of the pink flowers talked saying that it was her father than another one said that he was her father. Than all of the flowers were arguing over being her father each one said they were her father...

  • A Night In Terror Tower
    Eddie and Sue are on vacation in London and their parents are in a conference at the hotel. Sue and Eddie have to take the tour without their parents. So far the tour has only visited boring museums. It wasn't that fun. While getting on the bus they saw an ad for a tourist sensation Terror Tower. Both Eddie and Sue wanted to go there bad. Everyone loaded the bus to get going when the tour guide made an announcement. He said that there were no more museums left to go to, but there was Terror Tower so they were going there next. When the got off the bus Eddie and Sue were excited. Terror tower is where people were captured and tortured years ago. When going into the tower Eddie saw a faint figure on the roof yelling, "Don't go in there." Sue asked what's wrong but didn't see the figure and neither did Eddie anymore. Sue said it was just his imagination. They went into the tower where the tour guide told the group about it and they went up into the north tower. When the got there the door closed and the tour guide told them that they were all prisoners and will be brought to the top of the chamber and executed. Everyone gasped and squished into one corner. The tour guide laughed and told them it was just a little terror tower joke. They continued up to the execution room. It had many things to execute prisoners. The tour guide explained the rack to the group and the moved up to the north tower chamber. When they go there the guide told the group a story about the prince and princess. Their parents, the king and queen of London, were killed which left the prince as the kind but the evil uncle took the crown and ordered the prince and princess to the chamber their in to keep them from the crown. The uncle wasted no time and sent the executioner up to execute the prince and princess. Eddie and Sue walked over to a rock in a room where it had the words "LONG LIVE FREEDOM" carved into it. But then the saw another faint figure carving the words in with another rock. The left the room back to the chamber to find their tour group was gone and then there were foot steps walking up to the chamber. Eddie and Sue were scared. The man came into the room. He told them it was time to go. But they didn't understand. They asked him why he wants them and where they're going. And he said that they knew but they didn't. Then he took out three rocks and started chanting strange words. While he was concentrating on the rocks they escaped to the door and ran down the stairs ending up to be in some type of dungeon where people reached out for them moaning. Sue bumped into one of the arms and it came off. It was a rubber arm and the dungeon was just a display. The man came down to the dungeon. Eddie and Sue were trying to find a way out. They found a secret passage door which went into a tunnel the followed it and ended up in what looked like a sewer. They found a manhole cover and lifted it. They found the street in front of the tower. Sue had to duck as their tour bus drove over the manhole. They got out as a cab went by and he stopped. They had him take them to the hotel. When they got there they gave him money but he said that it wasn't real money. Their parents gave Sue the money. The driver let them go inside to get their parents to pay. He told them that if they didn't come back in 5minutes then he would come in after them. They both went inside and walked to the counter. They asked the man at the counter where the hotel conference was being held and the man replied that there were no conferences being held. Eddie and Sue were confused. Their parents said they were in a conference. Then they asked if they could have the key to the room and he asked what the room number is and Eddie told him. He looked it up and told them they must be mistaken cause that room was vacant. He asked what their last name is so he could look it up. They stuttered and realized they had forgotten their last names and were so confused. They spotted the man from the cab and realized that they had no money to pay so they ran to the restaurant. They were seated in the back so they could hide from the cab driver but he spotted them and they ran into the kitchen then bumped into that man from terror tower who was chasing them. He asked Eddie to give something back and Eddie said that he wouldn't give it back unless he let them go. Eddie gave him the third rock that he stole from the man at the tower. Then the man said that it was time to go. And he started chanting words with the three rocks. Sue asked where they were going and again he said they knew but they didn't. Then everything went black and Sue was laying face down in a house. She walked out to find a city that seemed that it was from the old days when the prince and princess were around and everyone was dressed poorly. She walked out and everyone was scared of her. Then she was caught by the man and taken to what seemed like the north chamber in terror tower. Sue and Eddie asked why they were captured and what they did. A man showed up and said that they were the prince Edward and princess Susanna. He also said that he was the king's magician and that he tried to save them from being killed by sending them ahead in time. But it wore off and the memories didn't work so well. Then all of a sudden Sue Eddie and sue remembered. The man had an executioner up in the chamber and Eddie and Sue were to be beheaded. Eddie went up to the man and begged him not to kill them and then he stepped back and threw the three rocks to the magician. He had pickpocketed the rocks from the man and the magician started to chant the word and then everything went black. Sue and Eddie awakened in the room in the north chamber and the tour guide asked them where they were because they were searching all over for them. Then the magician appeared saying it was his fault because he was the kids' guardian. Then they went on their way. When loading onto the bus Eddie and Sue asked the guide what the rest of the prince and princess story was and he told them no one knew the just disappeared. Eddie, Sue and the magician smiled. Then the magician asked Eddie if he had taken the third rock but he didn't and when the bus drove off the execution man was standing with one rock in his hand...
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