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Goosebumps EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Be Careful What You Wish For
    Samantha is a total klutz. Judith always picks on Sam. Sam is the worst player on the basketball team. She missed catching the ball and went to go get it and she found a necklace and out it on. Some kids took her ball and threw it up onto some ropes and it got stuck. She had to climb up the ropes to go get it. She stepped onto the rings and swung down, falling. One of the kids moved the mat over for her to fall on and she got the wind knocked out if her. While walking home she bumped into a woman who said the necklace Sam found was hers, so Sam gave it to her. She asked Sam to show her to Moss Avenue and Sam did. She told Sam her name was Clarissa. When Clarissa got to where she was going she insisted on repaying Sam. She said she would give Sam three wishes. Sam wished she was the best player on the basketball team and Clarissa said that wish was granted. She gave the necklace back to Sam. Later at the basketball game Judith and the other players were being clumsy and this made Sam the best player. She even made a basket. Clarissa appeared after the game and Sam was mad at her because the team lost. Clarissa told her to be careful what she wishes for. Judith was bugging Sam so much she said she wished everyone would buzz off. Everyone in the school except Sam turned into a fly and so did the people outside in the cars and school busses.When she got home her mom and dad were flies too. Clarissa was there and Sam was mad at her again. Sam had only one wish left so Clarissa told her to think about it. When Sam was ready she wished for everything to go back to normal except she wanted Judith to be her friend. Clarissa granted her wish. All the flies turned back into humans and Judith was real nice to Sam. Judith liked everything Sam did and thought Sam was so great. Judith started annoying Sam. She wouldn't leave Sam alone. She kept calling her and snuck into her room. The next morning Sam was trying to get Judith to leave her alone and she bumped into Clarissa. Sam was mad at Clarissa and she let Sam cancel her last wish and make a new wish. Sam wished she had never met Clarissa and that Judith had met her instead. Judith wished to be adored by everyone wherever she went and then she turned into a statue and everyone adored her.

  • Revenge Of The Lawn Gnomes
    Joe and his sister were playing ball, when his sister threw the ball over the fence Joe went to get it and a military man who liveds next door took it and said that it was his now. Their father came home and showed them some lawn gnomes, and then they set them up in the yard. The family went to bed and the gnomes came to life and wrecked the major's garden. The next morning the major came over and blamed Joe for his melons being broken and drawn upon. The next night Joe woke up because he heard a noise and he went over to the major's garden. It is trashed by the lawn gnomes. The lights came on and the major came out and accused Jow of ruining his garden. Joe's dad came out and told Joe he had to replant the garden. Joe's dad went and got the lawn gnomes and put them back onto the lawn. The next day Joe spent the entire day replanting the garden. That night he tried to video tape the gnomes, but he forgot the tape. He woke up his sister and she saw the gnomes moving. The major came out and saw the gnomes in his garden and the two kids ran off. The major picked up one of the gnomes and went into the night. The gnome came to life and turned the major into a lawn gnome.

  • Let's Get Invisible
    Erin and Max were looking in a room for stuff and Noah, who was left-handed and always said that left-handers ruled, made something fall onto a wall. They looked at it and discovered a new room. All the room had in it was a mirror with a light above it. Max went to turn on the light and then he disappeared. Everyone was searching for him. They heard his voice and figured out he was invisible. Max turned the light back off and he reappeared. They all thought it was strange. The next night Max went to look at the mirror with Noah. They pulled the light cord and turned invisible and they could only see their flashlights floating. They were having a lot of fun. They started to feel dizzy so they pulled the cord and became visible again. Later Max told Zack, another one of his friends, about the mirror and then he showed him. When he pulled the cord to return to visible it took longer than it used to. They decided not to use it as much and then to time how long it takes to get back to visible. Max tried it again and felt strange. Noah went to turn the light back off, but the cord broke. Erin used her necklace to pull the cord. It took Max a real long time to become visible this time and he was freezing cold. They all promised not to use the mirror anymore, but Noah had his fingers crossed. That night when Noah was called to dinner he was invisible because he had used the mirror. He ate and drank his dinner while his parents went looking for him. Max grabbed Noah and brought him back to the mirror to make him visible again. When he did he seemed strange and his voice was weird. Later when Max came back from baseball, Zack and Erin were using the mirror. Zack was invisible. He started to get dizzy, cold, and his voice was weird. Zack was acting strange. He made Max invisible, which sent him into a weird dimension where he saw his reflection talk to him. Erin noticed Zack's earring was now on the opposite ear from the one it normally was on. Max's reflection told him it wanted to trade places with him, but Max didn't want to. Erin pulled the cord and Max slowly appeared. He told Erin to break the mirror. She did and everything returned to normal. After Max left the room the mirror put itself back together. Now Noah was using his right hand and was no longer left-handed. Did he switch with his reflection? Where was the real Noah????

  • Monster Blood
    While Evan's parents go to Atlanta to find a new house they are leaving him with his Great Aunt Catherine. Evan thinks she is weird and always sneaking around. Evan is sad that his dog Trigger has to stay in the backyard. Then Catherine tells him to stay out of the room across the hall from his room. He walks into the room she told him to stay out of because he is curious. Catherine comes up behind him and tells him the room is forbidden. She closes the cabinet door and locks it. At night she puts her ear to the door and listens to something. On the street Evan meets a girl named Andy. They decide to go check out that room and in it they find something called Monster Blood.They open it and a flash of green happens and a cat appears on the ground. They take the Monster Blood and share it because it is a fun flubber-like substance. While they are in the room Catherine arrives, so they hurry out. Later Trigger eats some of the Monster Blood and then he looks sick, but he is alright. Catherine came and asked Evan if he had been in that room and he said no. She made him a disgusting green sugar cookie. Under his bed the Monster Blood started overflowing the bucket it was in. It was growing. Evan went into his room and found Monster Blood all over the floor, so he and Andy cleaned it all up and put it into two buckets. Since the Monster Blood grows they decided they'd better go check on Trigger, who had eaten some. Trigger was gone and they found footprints. Then Evan gets stuck in Monster Blood and Andy has to save him. The Monster Blood was still gorwing in Evan's room and growing out of the tub they dumped it into. Catherine came in and saw the Monster Blood. She said she thought she had told them to stay out of that room. The cat turned into a human and told them the Monster Blood will eat them, Catherine told them a story about the cat, who used to be a human named Sarabeth. Sarabeth was practicing black magic and made Monster Blood. She stepped into it and melted into it. Catherine locked her into a jar. Now she is back and she is telling the Monster Blood to eat Catherine, Evan, and Andy. Trigger became huge from eating the Monster Blood and he made her fall into the Monster Blood. She vanished and Trigger returned to normal.

  • More Monster Blood
    After the whole thing with monster blood, Evan was on a plane to meet his parents in Atlanta. On the plane he was telling the boy sitting next to him the whole story about Monster Blood. The kid next to him was pretty interested and said he hoped there was no monster blood stuck to anything. Then the plane lifted off. Evan's dog Trigger was laying in his cage when he saw some monster blood growing out of one of Evan's suitcases. There were a bunch of kids on the plane. A kid named Conan came over to Evan and his friend Curtis and asked what monster blood was. Evan told him. Conan, Curtis, and a girl named Julia who was also on the plane all go to the same school. Conan doesn't believe the story. Meanwhile in the cargo bay Trigger starts to bark loudly because he sees the monster blood. The monster blood has started growing and the flight attendant goes to see what it is. He sees monster blood all over and gets swallowed by it. Then Curtis gets scared by an ant that had eaten some monster blood. A man goes into the bathroom where there was monster blood in the sink and it swallows him. Evan sees the monster blood under the bathroom door and he tells the other flight attendant about it and she doesn't believe him either. She even went and knocked on the bathroom door to prove she was right. There was no one in the bathroom, and no monster blood either. No one will believe Evan.The flight attendant tries to go down into the cargo bay and gets swallowed by the monster blood. Another person gets swallowed by it and then a big gob of it comes up into the plane. It starts swallowing everything in its path. The kids start feeding it everything they can find and it throws up. They find out that airline food makes it sick. They make Curtis go through the baggage area to get to the airline food on the other side of the monster blood. Conan gets swallowed. The kids push a whole cart of airline food into the monster blood and it throws up everyone it has swallowed and vanishes. Be sure to watch More Monster Blood to experience this.

  • Vampire Breath
    Both Freddy and Cara are really, really tough. They aren't afraid of anything. One day Cara is over at Freddy's house playing and they got into a fight, like they always do. This time it got out of control and they knock over a china cabinet. Behind it they find a secret door and decide to see where it goes. They open it up and they can't see anything because it is totally dark. They go and get some flashlights so they can see. They go into a tunnel and find a door. They open it and find a coffin. They open it and find an empty bottle. Freddy accidently knocks the bottle onto the floor. The bottle opens and a green mist comes out of it. It smells really, really bad and made Cara and Freddy gag. Freddy put the lid back on the bottle and the smell was gone. There was a person in the coffin now. The person woke up and said his name was Count Nightwing. He was a vampire and he was thirsty. He started to run after Cara for her blood. Cara and Freddy ran to the room with the air hockey in it, but the door was closed and there was no handle on their side. But when he went to drink Cara's blood, his fangs were gone. He needed the bottle of Vampire Breath to go back to his right time. But when he gets back he had taken them with him. They finally got back to their time and thought they were toally safe, when they found a bottle of Werewolf Sweat....

  • Calling All Creeps
    Ricky hates Tasha McClain. She is the editor of the school newspaper and she thinks Ricky is a rat. Ricky works on the paper but Tasha never lets him do anything. He is going to play a trick on her. That day at school Ricky unlocks the window before he leaves and he waits for Tasha to leave the room where they type the articles. She leaves and he walks in and types "Calling All Creeps, Calling All Creeps. If you're a real creep call Tasha McClain after midnight at 555-0109." Then he hears Tasha and quickly closes and saves the message. He leaves muddy footprints and makes it out the window just in time. Bullys are always picking on him, especially Tasha. Then there was a girl at their school who said she hated when people pick on others. Her name was Iris and she had just moved there. Late that night Iris called saying that Ricky had to see the paper, but his dad said to hang up the phone and go to sleep. Then some guy called and said he got Ricky's message and that he is a creep. People started calling him a lot saying that they are a creep and when do they meet. The next day Ricky read the newspaper and instead of it saying call Tasha McClain it said call Ricky Beamer. Tasha changed it. Then the three kids who always pick on Ricky keep giving him thumbs up and at lunch they give him a note that says "When will all creeps meet?" and they didn't pick on him during lunch. When he opened his locker the door had paint on it that said "When will all creeps meet?" That night Ricky took his phone off the hook. Now no one would call saying they are a real creep, but when he woke up he hung his phone up and as soon as he did he got a call from one of the persons who said she was a creep, he should never take the phone off the hook, and that they will meet soon. Ricky got caught in a blanket and taken to a place where the three kids who used to beat him up were. They said they were sorry and they morphed into weird monsters. They said he had to plant these seeds in the school so everyone turns into a creep. They called him commander and told him one seed per person and asked him his plan. They said maybe they can plant the seeds in the cafeteria food. At the cafeteria later he puts it in the tuna surprise. He dumps Iris' tuna surprise into the trash and she gets mad at him. The creeps capture him again because the tuna surprise doesn't work. They ask him for a new plan or they will kill him. Then Iris came in and said she was the 2nd commander. They all came up with a plan to plant the seeds in cookies. Of course neither Ricky nor Iris are the true commanders. They brought the cookies to school and had everyone eat them and they all turned into creeps. Then Ricky ate one and turned into a creep too.
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