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Goosebumps EpisodesSeason 3    

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  • A Shocker On Shock Street
    Erin and her friend Marty snuck into Shocker studios because Erin's dad works there. Erin and Marty love horror movies, especially "Shocker On Shock Street" ones. Erin and Marty were looking around at the cool monsters and merchandise made for the movies. Then a werewolf hand reached out and grabbed Erin. Erin's dad came out with a controller. The hand was just a robot, as were most of the things her dad makes at the studio. He let her and Marty be the first ones to ride the new "Shocker On Shock Street" attraction. However, there was one rule - they could not leave the tram. He gave them both a laser gun in case things went wrong. They started on the ride. First there were hands reaching out for them. Next a monster jumped out at them. Then the tram stopped. Marty got out of the tram to push it, but that didn't work, so Marty said he was going to walk back. Erin followed him. They found a door, but it lead them to what seemed to be the Shock Street from the movies. They went from door to door trying to find an exit. Erin's dad appeared and pushed a button on Marty, and Marty shut off. Then he did the same with Erin. It seemed that Erin and Marty were just robots. He took them to his workshop and began working on two new robots. He said they would be better than Erin and Marty.....

  • The House Of No Return
    Lori, Nathan, and Robby have a corporation called Danger, Inc., but they need a fourth member. To be a member you have to be able to stay in the House Of No Return for 1 hour. That would prove that the person is brave enough to be a member of Danger, Inc. lately Lori, Nathan, and Robby have been having trouble finding someone who will stay in the house or even go into the house. When a person foes in they usually come out 15 minutes after they go in. Chris is the new kid in town and his mom made him go out and meet new people. He went out and met Lori, Nathan, and Robby. they thought that Chris would make a great member for their corporation. They told him about it, but he wasn't too interested because he wasn't very brave. They told him what he had to do to become a member. They told him the reason the house was called the House Of No Return was because two ghosts haunted it and once you went in you never came out. They told him it was probably just an old house. Chris asked if they went in for 1 hour and they said they didn't have to. Chris didn't want to go in so he left. the next day Robby called and asked Chris if he wanted to go with them to the mall. Chris went with them, but it was a trick. They dragged him to the House of No Return and planned to keep him there for 1 hour. While Chris was in there he heard a voice say that she was coming. Meanwhile Lori, Nathan, and Robby realized that Chris had been in there over an hour, so they went in to find him. A ghostly couple said that Chris went through the back door and that Lori, Nathan, and Robby were theirs because Chris made a deal with them. The deal was that if they let him go, that 3 kids (Lori, Nathan, and Robby) would take his place. The couple told them they were now part of their family...

  • Don't Go To Sleep
    Matt hated his life. He was the youngest in his family. His brother gets to go anywhere he wants and has a big room. His sister has her own room and a phone of her own. Everything that Matt does is taken over by someone older. He has a really small room. When he asked his mom if he could move his room up to the attic she said no and Matt didn't think it was fair. That night he snuck up to the attic to sleep in it. When he woke up after being asleep he was in a different dimension. He had his own phone and had made the all-star hockey team. Matt didn't understand. Some people in black were following Matt. He had a hockey game to go to, but he doesn't even know how to skate. In the game he kept falling down all the time. He ran out the door into another dimension where a doctor said that he was the most brilliant brain surgeon in the world. He had to do surgery on the President and the whole world was counting on him. Matt didn't know a thing about surgery. He was handed something to cut with and the two men in black appeared. Matt jumped and appeared in another dimension where a man told Matt he had to cut the right cord to stop a bomb from exploding. But Matt didn't have any idea which wire to cut. He appeared in yet another dimension where he was getting married to a grown up girl. The men in black appeared and took him to a weird place and told him they were the reality police. They told him he was in trouble and took him to court. The judge said he was guilty of denying reality. Suddenly he was back in the attic and his mom was asking why he was up there. She told him he could move his room up there, but because of his experiences he decided not to. When he went to get his stuff the men in black appeared and told him the fun was just beginning....

  • Click
    When coming home, Seth got a package that he had ordered from a magazine. It was an ultimate channel changer and it worked on everything. While watching television a man appeared saying to follow all instructions. Jamie, Seth's sister, started practicing her tap dancing. Seth couldn't hear the television and Jamie wouldn't practice in another room. Seth was so irritated he pointed his channel changer at her and pushed the pause button. Jamie paused. The man on the television appeared again and said never to use the channel changer on humans. He pushed the pause buton again and Jamie unpaused. Later Seth used in on his fish and changed their tint. He turned down the volume of someone's lawn mower and he rewound and fast forwarded a paper boy throwing the newspaper. The phone rang and Seth answered it. It was the man from the television saying not to use the channel changer as much. At school a bully was picking on a boy. Seth changed his channel and he changed into two different people and then back to himself. Seth's alarm clock went off with that man from the television's voice saying there were do's and don'ts. He got an email that said not to misuse the changer. When the teacher said there would be a pop quiz, Seth paused everyone and grabbed the answers. He got a letter saying that if he kept misusing the changer the consequences would be bad. When Seth was watching television, Jamie came in to practice again. She grabbed the changer and dropped it. Seth paused Jamie and his parents, but then the changer wouldn't work anymore. He managed to fix the changer and fixed Jamie and his parents. He decided to throw the changer away, but he couldn't. He pushed a button that put him in a weird place. He had misused the changer too much and now he can't get out!

  • An Old Story
    Tom and John have to be babysat by their Aunt Dalia. Aunt Dalia is so weird. She serves prunes in everything she makes. She makes them try to eat a cookie with prunes on it. Tom and John like the cookies. When they go to bed that night they hear laughter outside so they go to see, The door opens and it is Aunt Dalia coming up to check on them. She is encouraging them to go to sleep, so they return to bed. In the morning the boys have their covers pulled over their heads when Aunt Dalia comes upstairs and orders them to get up. They complain about being sore and their backs are in pain. Then Tom is sitting in the kitchen and John walks in and Tom and John both notice that they are each getting old beyond reason. Tom is starting to lose his hair, Dalia says it is nothing but promises to call his mom. Aunt Dalia talks to his mom but explains everything away and blames their grey hair on their shampoo. Dalia invites some friends who act peculiar over to meet Tom and John. They send Tom to the store for milk. While Tom is at the store everyone is calling him sir or treating him with extra concern. The attendent even tells him about a sale on antacid for senior citizens.He thinks they are all acting strange until he catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror on the way to the store. He has lost all his hair and looks as if he's eighty years old. Tom gets back and asks Aunt Delia if he can talk to John in private. Tom and John talk about what is happening to them and try to figure out what to do about it. They are interrupted by Delia before any real plans can be made. They try to escape out the second story window but realize they are too old to escape that way. Aunt Delia barges into the room. She asks them to come downstairs to play bridge with her two friends. While the old ladies are trying to teach the boys how to play bridge, John keeps excusing himself to go to the bathroom. Dalia is suspicious, but he is old now and needs to go. He uses this chance to search Dalia's room for a possible fix for his and Tom's problems. Then he hear's Dalia coming upstairs and hides under the bed. He finds out Dalia's friends are paying her to make Tom and John old so they could have them as husbands. After they leave and John goes back to the bridge table, he asks to Tom to help him in the kitchen to make some snacks.John tries to tell Tom what is going on but Tom is obsessed with finding something to eat. He seems not to be able to eat much of anything the way he is now. So Tom tries some babyfood that is in the cupboard. John see's that the babyfood is turning Tom back to normal. They try to lock out Aunt Dalia but she breaks in and she see's that both boys are normal now. She orders the old ladies to get the babyfood. John tries to throw the jar to Tom but it crashes to the floor. Aunt Dalia smiles and tells the old ladies that she will return the boys to their old age. Tom rushes to the refrigerator and grabs the pitcher of prune juice and throws it on Aunt Dalia. Aunt Dalia starts growing really old and turns to dust. Her friends decide to leave, quickly. Then the boys' mother calls and she wants to talk to John, but Tom sees John has found more babyfood and he is now a baby. Tom runs to the kitchen and searches the trash for one of the prune cookies to make John old again...

  • The Barking Ghost
    A long time ago two pirates wanted to bury some gold and while they were trying two dogs attacked them. Now in the present, cooper just moved into a new house near the woods. Cooper's brother Mickey likes to scare him a lot. Since Cooper moved he keeps hearing strange sounds. He hears weird barking outside the windows. Cooper's brother and parents say he hears those things because he just moved into a strange house and isn't used to it. Cooper heard footsteps and looked under his bed and a monster started growling at him. It was only his brother.Cooper was looking for the dogs he heard in the woods. A girl scared him. Her name was Fergie. Cooper talked with Cooper awhile and then Fergie acted strangely. She said the Coopers house was haunted and he should leave. Fergie ran off and then Cooper ran into two black labrador retrievers. The dogs chased him to his house. Cooper told his dad and he went and looked and couldn't even find paw prints. In the middle of the night Cooper heard weird noises so he went to check it out with a bat. He found it was messy and stuff was scattered everywhere. The dogs appeared again and attacked him.When Mickey came down they jumped through a wall. Mickey thought Cooper had made the mess. The next day Fergie told Cooper that when she told him the house was haunted it was a trick that Mickey planned. Cooper told her about the dogs and she believed him. Cooper and Fergie decided to look for the dogs at night in the woods. They saw the dogs and the dogs pushed them into some sort of cave. The dogs started to talk. They said that they were not dogs but that they were pushed into the cave by two other dogs and changed into dogs themselves. Then they switched places with the two kids. Cooper and Fergie were dogs and could talk to each other through their minds. That night at dinner the two people who looked like Cooper and Fergie at dinner without silverware, because they were really the pirates who tried to bury gold a long time ago, only now they were in Fergie and cooper's bodies. Cooper's mom was wondering why they were acting the way they were. The dogs (who were really Cooper and Fergie) jumped in through the window of their house to get some food. Cooper's parents were fighting them off with a broom so they left. Mickey and the fake Cooper and Fergie ran after them. The dogs pushed them into the cave and they switched back to themselves. Mickey was there too and got switched with a chipmunk and was left in the forest while his body went searching for acorns.

  • One Day At Horrorland, Part 1
    Lizzy, Luke, and their parents were on their way to Zoo Gardens and they got lost. They were trying to find Zoo Gardens when some fireballs came straight toward them. They dodged the fireballs and then a monster appeared. They were just holograms. There was a sign that said "Welcome To Horrorland." Since the couldn't find Zoo Gardens they decided to go into the Horrorland amusement park. They asked a man in a scary costume how much the admission was and he told them it was free. Their parents let Luke and Lizzy go off on their own. A man dressed as a monster costume said that Horrorland was dangerous and they shouldn't be there. Luke and Lizzy thought he was just trying to scare them. They went into a house of mirrors and were having a lot of fun, when Luke went far ahead of Lizzy and asked her to try and find him. She walked into a room with mirrors all over, trying to find Luke. The door locked behind her. Then Luke got lost and so did Lizzy. The walls started to squeeze in on Lizzy and she almost got smashed, but she stepped on a panel and fell to the exit. Luke came out and told her he thought it was fun. They decided to go on a coffin ride next. They lay back in coffins that went through a river and some rapids. They were having a fun, relaxing time until the lids on the coffins shut. Lizzy was getting really scared. Luke thought it was all fun until he saw the tarantula trapped in the coffin with him. Then he got scared too. They got to the end of the ride and met back up with their parents. They all wanted to leave, but when they tried to go the gate was locked. A sign said "No Exit. No one leaves Horrorland alive." They couldn't get out. Two men in scary costumes trapped and told them they hadn't been on all the rides yet. To Be Continued in Part 2.....

  • One Day At Horrorland, Part 2
    Lizzy, Luke, and their family were stuck in the Horrorland amusemant park, trapped by monsters. Luke and Lizzy's dad told one of the monsters to take off his mask, but he couldn't because it wasn't a mask. He was really a monster. They started running and ran into a building. Inside the building there were a lot of monsters. A monster said they were guest stars on their show, Horrorland Hidden Camera. They showed clips of them being scared. The monster said that they were going to be in a game show next time and they would have a chance to win a new sports utility car. They went onto the show really excited about winning a new car. The name of the show was Raw Deal. A monster introduced them and made Lizzy and Luke play against their parents. They had to pick a card and then guess a letter. Their parents picked a card that said $200. Their mom guessed an M and there were 2 of them. She guessed an F and there was 1. She guessed an E and there were 3. The monster told them they could pick another letter or guess what it says. She guessed a P, but there was no P so it was Luke and Lizzy's turn. They went to a commercial about monster love hits. When they came back the kids had already had their turn. The board said so far "The Morris family is L U_ _ _". Luke and Lizzy realized they were the Morris family. They tried to solve it and said "The Morris family is LUCKY", but they were wrong. It was their parents turn again. Their mom tried to guess the answer and said "The Morris family is LUNCH" and it was right. They were so excited. Then they asked what it meant by "The Morris family is lunch" and they broke for another commercial. When they came back they said the family had to cut the deck to see if they had a chance to win the car. They broke for another commercial and when they came back Luke and Lizzy's mom cut the deck and the card had a car on it. They won a chance to win the car. They got to pick one of 2 doors. One door had the car and one had a beast that would eat anything. They picked door #1, which had the beast behind it. They were about to be eaten when a monster came and let them out. They ran for a while until there was a hole in the fence that led to the parking lot. They got into their car, but the monsters had put something onto the bottom of it and Lizzy's dad couldn't control it. The host of Raw Deal was controlling the car with the thing the monsters put on it. He made them drive to a cliff and they were about to drive off the cliff........

  • Werewolf Skin, Part 1
    Alex had to stay with his Uncle Colin and Aunt Marta while his parents were away. Alex loved to take photographs. Colin and Marta were professional photographers. Alex wanted to enter a contest where he could win 100 dollars. All he had to do was find something scary and take a picture of it. When he got to his Aunt and Uncle's house he saw a house next door. It was a broken down house and his Aunt told him to stay away from it, that it belonged to a weird couple named the Marlings. Alex thought the Marlings house would make a great picture for the contest. Alex went out to take some pictures and he took one of the Marlings' house. After he took a few pictures of the house he went into the woods to take some pictures. He met a girl there named Hannah. They were talking and Hannah said they had to get back because the woods weren't safe at night. Alex decided to take another picture and while he did Hannah left. Alex didn't know his way back. He got lost and heard something. He ran until he got to the Marlings' house and he banged on the door for help. Aunt Marta showed up and told him the woods weren't safe after dark and that he should stay away from the Marlings. Marta and Colin said they were working on a special project late at night. At school the next day two kids named Sean and Arjon told Alex about a werewolf legend. The legend said that is someone was bitten by a werewolf they are cursed. They also told Alex that werewolves shed their skin and if someone burns the skins before the moon comes up the curse would be gone. They told Alex to meet them at Wolf Creek at midnight so they could show him a real werewolf. Alex told them he would be there. At midnight Alex got ready to go. He got his camera and he tried to get out but Marta and Colin had locked him in and put bars on his windows. Alex saw two werewolves coming out of the Marlings' house and one came to his window. What will happen in part 2?

  • Werewolf Skin, Part 2
    The werewolf was attacking Alex. He used the flash on his camera to scare the werewolves away. Alex thought the Marlings were the werewolves and also that Marla and Colin were taking picture of the werewolves. Alex told Arjon and Sean to meet him at the Marlings' house at midnight so Alex could show them the werewolves. Alex went out with his camera to take pictures of the werewolves and met Arjon and Sean. He found Marta and Colin's Jeep wrecked. He saw the werewolves at the Marlings' house and they were shedding their skin. He saw Marta and Colin were the werewolves. Alex had to hurry and get to the house and get to sleep before Marta and Colin got there. He was lucky he wasn't caught. The next morning he was scared of his Aunt and Uncle. Alex told Hannah about her parents being werewolves. Alex got the idea to bury the skins from something his teacher said. He went into the Marlings' house to get the skins. Hannah saw Marta and Colin come to get the skins, so they ran fast and started burying them. Hannah didn't want to help Alex anymore so she left. Sean and Arjon tried to scare Alex by dressing up as werewolves. The werewolf skin grabbed Sean and Arjon but they ran away. Alex kept burying the skins. Marta and Colin came looking for their skins. Alex tried to stop them from getting the skins. The moon was almost up and when it did come all the way up the curse was gone. Marta and Colin were so happy that Alex saved them. Alex developed his pictures and noticed there was a werewolf in one. He looked at it more closely and saw it was Hannah. She came in and told him she didn't bite........

  • The Haunted House Game
    Nadine and Jonathan were going somewhere with their camera when a little girl told them her kitty cat had run into an old, abandoned house. She asked them if they could go get the cat for her. They went in, thinking they would only be in there for a second. While looking for the cat Nadine and Jonathan found a game called the Mansion Of Terror game. They opened the box. The first rule of the game said not to open the box. Nadine wondered why it said that. Both Jonathan and Nadine disappeared into thin air and then reappeared on a life-size game board. They read the rest of the rules. They said they had to play as a team, roll the dice, move, take an action card, and collect keys for round 2. The directions also said they had to play. The last rule said if they rolled a 7 they would die. They rolled and got a 5. They moved 5 spaces and landed on a space that said "Pay your last respects." They disappeared again and ended up in a weird room. They found an action card and it said to find a finder. They looked around and found a coffin, so they opened it. There was a dead body inside it. Nadine found a compass by the body and thought it was a finder. She put it in Jonathan's camera bag. The dead body started chasing them and Jonathan rolled the dice. He rolled a 3, so they moved 3 spaces. The space they landed on said "Reel Scary". They disappeared again and reappeared in a place with a lot of fishing stuff. The action card said to find some R&R. Jonathan fell and found a fishing pole and said that R&R meant rod and reel. He put that into his camera bag. Then a boat came with a man in it. He threw a net onto Jonathan and started pulling him. Nadine rolled the dice and they were back on the game board. She rolled a 4 and they moved 4 spaces ahead. The space said "Rest in peace." They appeared in a room with ladies playing a game. They read the action card and it said that if you ask you will receive. Nadine asked on of the ladies if she had something for her and she gave her a locket. Jonathan rolled the dice and they returned to the game board. The space they landed on said "Advance to go back." They went to a door and opened it. The door said that when they entered if they exited the game would be over. They went in. they both saw someone. then two monsters appeared. They were not actually monsters but two kids who were stuck in the room from playing the game before. Their names were Noah and Annie. Jonathan thought they could go out the window but Annie said it would be cheating, that they had to go out the front door. Noah tried to open the window but there were bars on it. Then some clothes took Noah somewhere else. They all found the door and opened it with the locket. They found the door opened. They went through many hallways. Nadine used the compass to show them the way to the end. they found Noah and the stairs that lead out. They walked toward the stairs, but they were moving further away. Jonathan used the fishing pole on the stairs. They walked down the stairs and ran into some ghosts. Jonathan flashed them with the camera, killing them. Noah said he was cheating. Noah and Annie turned into monsters, blocking their way out. Both monsters started arguing. Jonathan rolled the dice and got a 7, which killed both the monsters. Nadine and Jonathan ran out of the house. The little girl was talking to two other kids saying her cat got lost in the house and those kids went into the house to find it....

  • Awesome Ants
    Dave and Ben were at an ice cream shop. They ordered some ice cream, but when they got it it was infested with ants. Then the whole shop became infested with ants. A man from Nuke 'Em Pest Control came to kill the ants. He went in and started looking for the ant nest. He found the mother ant and squashed it. He gave Dave a magazine about ants and their habitats. Dave thought that ant behavior would make a great science project, so he ordered an ant habitat. When it arrived it was huge. It came with a big tank of dirt and a lot of ants. It also had a very thick instruction booklet.Dave thought it would be easy to take care of ants, so he didn't read it. There was a jar of blue pellets and on the label it said to feed the ants only one pellet a day. One day Ben and Dave decided to feed the ants hot dogs and they turned into 3 inch ants. Dave finished his project. That night Dave went to go to bed, but a HUGE ant came into his room. Dave called the place he had ordered the ant habitat from and they told him he should have read the instructions. They said to run away as fast as he can. Dave went to the exterminator, but he got attacked by HUGE ants and was being carried off when he woke up. It was all a dream and he didn't have huge ants chasing him. For breakfast the next morning they had blue pellets. Dave opened the refrigerator and found jars of blue pellets. Then he had to go outside and scoop up blue pellets because the ants had fed them. The exterminator came by in a suit if things had been a little different, humans would be the dominant species instead of ants....

  • Bride Of The Living Dummy
    Jillian, her sister, and her friend Harrison attended a ventriloquist act with Slappy and Jimmy O' James. Jimmy was doing so well that Slappy looked and sounded like he was talking himself. After the act Katie lost her doll, Mary Ellen. She said that when she didn't do what Mary Ellen said she would hurt her. She ran off in search of her doll. Jillian and harrison chased after her. She followed a tunnel and found Slappy and Jimmy arguing. She spied on them for a while and found out that Jimmy wasn't controlling Slappy. Jillian fell into the room and Jimmy asked her if she liked the act because he had put a remote control onto Slappy. Jillian was amazed. then she asked Jimmy if he had seen Katie or mary Ellen. He said no but took Jillian's address in case he found the doll. Jillian found Katie and her doll and Harrison. At home jillian's dad works in the basement creating bird houses. He has a huge saw to make them. The doorbell rang and it was a delivery for Jillian. it was from Jimmy. He had sent her Slappy, saying that she should keep him. She did, but decided to keep him in the basement because he was so ugly. katie told her Mary Ellen wanted Slappy to stay in their bedroom. Then Slappy acted like he was biting Jillian. She struggled and got free. She thought it was the remote control and left him in the basement. The next morning Jillian found Slappy by her mirror and on it in lipstick it said "I want my bride." Jillian thought Katie did it. Then Jillian's mom lost her wedding ring. Jillian was going to Jimmy's house to return Slappy while her parents were gone. When she got there she saw a bunch of ruined dolls. Jimmy told her Slappy had done it and he wasn't really a doll, that he was pure evil. Jillian wondered why Jimmy had sent her Slappy and he told her Slappy made him. Jillian opened Slappy's trunk and found her dog in it. Jimmy told her that Slappy's spirit cannot be killed. Jillian called home to Katie to warn her that Slappy was still in the house and that he was alive. Slappy talked into the phone and then locked the door against Harrison. Jillian came home and told Katie to go out the window, but Katie said that Mary Ellen wouldn't let her. Slappy appeared with jillian's mom's ring saying that he wanted his bride. Mary ellen went after Slappy saying she wanted to be Slappy's bride, but Slappy wanted Katie. Slappy and Mary Ellen got into a fight and he landed on the saw. Jillian turned it on and both of the dolls were cut in half. Jillian wondered what Jimmy meant about Slappy's spirit not being able to be killed. Then she remembered that her dog was in the trunk. When they took him out he had eyes like a dummy, the voice of Slappy, and slappy's evil spirit.

  • Strained Peas
    Nick's parents were bringing home their new baby. She was a girl named Grace. When Nick's mom took the baby upstairs it gave him a weird look. Nick thought it was strange. All night the baby cried and she always got all the attention. When Nick was with Grace, she spelled "only me" with her blocks. Nick tried to show his friend Sam but she didn't believe him because the blocks got messed up and didn't say that anymore. That night Nick heard noises like something was breaking. He went to see what it was and found the kitchen a mess with food all over. He thought the baby had done it. He heard another noise and found the baby watching races on television. He tried to get the remote control from her and she said "you're just a big brother." Nick's parents came in and said they were mad at him for making a mess in the kitchen and watching television in the middle of the night. Nick tried to tell them it was the baby, but they didn't believe him. Nick found Grace's pacifier inside the cookie bag and went upstairs to ask Grace why. He told her she wouldn't get away with it. She told him "you won't be the only one" and he recorded it on a tape recorder. Nick tried telling his parents that Grace was not his sister but they said he just wanted attention. Nick played the tape recording, but right at the part where Grace started to talk the recorder ate the tape. His parents thought he needed help. Nick found his math book all chewed up and went to Grace and she bit him. Nick told his parents, but they didn't believe him because the baby didn't have any teeth yet. Nick's parents wanted to send him to his grandparents until he got straightened out. They got a phone call from the doctor saying they had to go to the hospital. They went and made Nick babysit. Grace was tearing up the house and writing "only me" on the mirror. Nick's parents came home and saw the mess. They blamed it on Nick. They told Nick the hospital had a mix-up and they had taken home the wrong baby. The chauffeur for the people with their baby came to the door. They exchanged babies and the parents of Grace were monsters. They named their real baby Cloie. When Nick's parents left the room, the baby said "stop that baby talk and give me some food... none of that mushy stuff."

  • erfect School, Part 1
    Brian decided to scare his little brother Greg by disguising himself as a crook and coming into his room. Before he could carry out his plan his parents caught him. They decided to send him to a camp-like school called "The Perfect School" for the summer because he was scaring his brother. When the bus arrived to take him to school, Brian boarded it and found kids like him on it. He sat by one of the kids whose name was CJ. CJ asked what Brian was in for and Brian said for being caught too many times and CJ said it was the same for him. They arrived as The Perfect School and unloaded the bus. A man came and told Brian and CJ and another kid named Joe not to move or talk until he got back. they followed his instructions. He went and delivered a perfect boy to his parents. Brian and CJ were wondering what he was like when he got there. Brian told a kid that he missed a spot while mopping, which started a fight and the other kid was taken away. Brian had to sleep in a dorm. When it was time for school they had a huge test with lots of pages. At breakfast Joe took some food from CJ's plate and a man blew a whistle, pointing at him for bad manners. Then when CJ and Brian had to clean rails with toothbrushes the kid from the other day who started the fight came up and apologized and was polite. Brian tried to escape but the place was heavily guarded. When he tried to call home he found some tissue samples of kids. His parents were mad at him and then Brian got caught. That night a man came into Brian's room with a needle and muffled Brian's scream. To Be Continued in Part 2.....

  • Perfect School, Part 2
    Brian was sent to the "Perfect School" for scaring his brother and being disobedient. At the perfect school Brian tried to escape but he couldn't. He tried to call home but he couldn't. On the fourth night he was there a man who came in with a needle and poked in into Brian. All of a sudden he was on a rolling bed and people were above him, measuring and testing him. Then he woke up and found it was all a dream. Brian went to class and told CJ about his dream. In class Joe, another kid, was talking to the teacher and Brian thought he was a spy for the school. CJ and Brian were talking a lot and Brian got into trouble and was sent to the Headmaster's office. Joe was there too because he took a drink without asking permission first. The headmaster told Joe that he wasn't expecting him to be there because he was the best student and most obedient kid. While he was talking to Joe, Biran snuck off because he heard weird voices. He went into a room with a desk and computer. He sat down and started using the computer, looking for a way out. The guard got a notice that there was unathorized computer access and he went to go find out about it. Brian was looking at a map of the school and found something called the nursery. He clicked on it and it said access denied. Brian went to enrollment to see what it said about him. It had all sorts of information on him and showed his body, saying it was 95% complete. The guard started to come into the room and Brian panicked. The guard came in and found the room was empty. He loked at the computer but he didn't see anything strange, so he told his administrator it was a system failure. Brian had gone into the small attic in the hallway. When he got out he started running and hid in a room. When he looked at the door it said Nursery. He decided to look around. He found a room that looked like the one in his dream. He went through another door and found some mechanical items and some glass cages. He found weird stuff that looked like bodily organs. the he found a clone of himself. Brian told CJ about the clone and CJ brought Brian with him to a jail-like place. He locked him up with the other kids whose parents had gotten clones. CJ was the spy, not Joe. Brian ran down the hall and ran into the clones of people in his class, including his clone. When Brian got home he was so perfect. His brother came in saying someone super-glued him to a chair. Brian put the glue away and started going through the perfect school's computer, trying to get people out, because Brian's clone is the one that is locked up, not the real Brian.

  • Chillogy, Part 1: Squeal Of Fortune
    Jessica Walters likes to get and organize her money and she is cheap. Two boys were having a garage sale and they didn't want Jessica to cheat them on their sports cards, but it was too late. She bought a mint condition card for one dollar. Jessica's brother wanted to borrow money from her to buy a gift for his parents' anniversary. She said that she would loan him themoney at 9% interest. Her brother gave up. Jessica's mom told her to sweep the attic. While she was up there she found an old model town, which she though she could get a lot of money for. She called her mo to tell her about the town. Her mom told her she could keep it, but she couldn't sell it. A phone rang and Jessica answered her cell phone, but that wasn't the right phone. She looked around and found a phone in a miniature phone booth in the town. She reached down to answer the phone and shrunk to the size of the town. A man is on the phone and he says his name is Karl andthat she was in Karlsville, a small town with big opportunities. Then he hung up. Jessica looked around and found Karl, who said he wanted her to sell some lemonade, but that she couldn't cheat anyone. She started selling it, but she kept raising the price and cheating people. She snuck some lemonade under the table and said there was one glass left. People started bidding a lot of money for it. Jessica tripped over the hidden lemonade and everyone figured out she was a cheat. They started chasing her and calling her a greedy little pig. Then she turned into a pig. She used her cell phone to call her family and her brother answered. Jessica went back to her regular size. She threw out the model town and the two boys from the garage sale found it. To be continued in Part 2....

  • Chillogy, Part 2: Strike 3 ... You're Doomed
    Matthew never gets to play in a baseball game because his coach won't let him. The umpire said he wanted the game to be fair so Matthew had to play. Matthew went up to bat and got out, which made his team lose. Matthew was very upset. He dropped his baseball near a model town he had found named Karlsville. He reached for the ball and got zapped into Karlsville. He was ina baseball field. A man who told Matthew he was the coach told him to bat. The stands were empty and there were no other players, but you could hear cheers. A big machine came out at the pitcher's mound and threw a ball at Matthew. He got a strike. Another ball came and another strike. On the third pitch the ball stopped in front of Matthew and he hit it. He ran to first base, but halfway there he saw the base start to float further and further away. Matthew started to walk away and he found the base was following him. He turned back and caught the base. He had to go on to second base. He got locked on this thing and the machine was throwing balls at him. He untied his shows and got loose. He had to go to third base. He started to run and an earthquake happened, releasing lava. He had to go across a small bar over the lava to get to third. Luckily he got to the base. Now he had to get to home base. He complained about having only one player and then two ugly monsters appeared on third base and as a catcher. They threw the ball trying to get him out. They kept throwing it back and forth. The ball stopped before Matthew and came up with teeth and started attacking him. Matthew slid home and got zapped back to his real house. Jessica, the girl who had the model town before, came by to give the baseball cards back to Matthew. She saw Karlsville and Matthew figured out it wasn't a dream. They both went downstairs and then Matthew's brother, Todd, got some mail. The mail was from Karlsville saying he won something. The mail fell onto the model town and he got zapped into the town. To be continued in Part 3....

  • Chillogy, Part 3: Escape From Karlsville
    Todd is now struck in Karlsville. There was a big celebration when Todd got there. The celebration was for Todd because he was the grand prize winner. But Todd didn't know what he had won. Karl greeted Todd and took him in a car in a parade. Meanwhile, outside of Karlsville Jessica and matthew were getting ready to destroy the model town that is Karlsville. They realized that Todd had been sucked into the Karlsville, so they tried to getinto the town themselves. Todd made a speech while they were loking for a way in. Todd was being taken to his prize. He was in a room where everyone was in plastic. They started measuring him and then he found out his prize was to become a citizen of Karlsville. Karl showed him the Plasto Blasto, that would turn things into plastic. He tried it on fruit and it turned it into plastic. Karl told him they were going to make a plastic figurine out of him. Jessica and matthew changed the Karlsville population sign to read 103 and got sucked into the town, where they started looking for Todd. Matthew and Todd's parents were wondering hwere they were when they were vacuuming. Matthew and Jessica found Todd and let him loose, but they couldn't find a way out. Matthew's mom lifted up the vacuum and accidently started sucking Karlsville. All the people in Karlsville were being vacuumed up, including the three kids. When she turned off the vacuum, all three of the kids popped out. They went and burned Karlsville right away, but Karl slipped out of the vacuum....

  • Teacher's Pet
    Becca and Benji were on an overnight field trip with their class. On their way to the meeting room, Becca found that her locket was missing, so she and Benji went back to find it. Becca went off the trail and found it by a bush. She went to pick it up, but something in the bush moved. It scared her, but it was just a bunny. She picked up the bunny and saw it had a lizard's face. She screamed and dropped the bunny. Benji and the class came running. She tried to explain what happened, but no one would believe her. The class continued on their way to the meeting hall. Mr. Blonconchif was the nature teacher for the field trip. He taught them about the food chain and showed them a snake feeding on a mouse. Mr. Blonconchif told Becca and Benji to stay on the trail, take a compass and clipboard, and to go looking for examples of the food chain. They found a cabin and went in and started looking around. There were weird jars, bones, and chemicals laying around. A snake came and was going to attack them. Becca took one of the rats fromt he cages and distracted the snake while they ran away. They tried to explain what happened, but no one believed. That night Becca couldn't sleep because she kept hearing weird noises. She woke up Benji to go to the cabin and find out what the noises were. They went into the cabin and saw some bottles of checmicals. They picked up a bottle that said "Monkey/Owl". Mr. Blonconchif came in and told them they were trespassing. Mr. Blonconchif said that those were very important experiments on cross-breeding. Becca and Benji started to leave when Mr. Blonconchif told them there was no need to be in a hurry. He told them his latest experiment was a snake with a human's knowledge. He turned into a snake, hissing and slithering, right in front of them. It was attacking Benji when Becca threw some type of acid on it and the snake was fried. The next day Becca and Benji got on the bus to go home and a mosquito flew by. Becca said that at least they didn't have to deal with Mr. Blonconchif anymore. The mosquito flew by again with Mr. Blonconchif's face and said that they got that wrong.
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