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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 16   Power Rangers Jungle Fury

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  • Welcome To The Jungle, Part 1
    Master Mao selects three warriors for further training and they immediately face a dark spirit who attacks them and Mao.

  • Welcome To The Jungle, Part 2
    The warriors continue their training and morph into action when a local dam is attacked.

  • Sigh Of The Tiger
    Casey asks Master R.J. to train him, but he's shocked when his preparation includes doing household chores.

  • A Taste Of Poison
    Dai Shi calls on the Five Fingers of Poison to battle and destroy the Power Rangers. During the clash, Casey is infected with poison and the Rangers search for an antidote to save his life.

  • Can't Win Them All
    Theo feels like a fool after a battle with Gakko, so RJ tries to rebuild his confidence; Casey and Lily attempt to protect the city from Gakko.

  • Dance The Night Away
    The friendship between Theo and Lily is tested by her relationship with Casey; Stingerella uses dance moves in an attack on the Rangers.

  • Pizza Slice Of Life
    RJ leaves Casey in charge of the pizza shop and learns a valuable lesson in leadership; Camille risks her life to save Dai Shi.

  • Way Of The Master
    Lily tries to persuade Master Phant to help her and the Rangers defeat the evil Pangolin.

  • Good Karma Bad Karma
    Casey catches Josh stealing; Jarrod is transported into the past in an effort to erase his good deeds.

  • The Blind Leading The Blind
    Leo's lack of concentration puts himself and the Rangers in danger; Master Swoop helps Theo better focus his energy to make him more effective in battle.

  • Pushed To The Edge
    Lily's kindness accidentally leads Jellica, the evil Water Overlord bent on destroying the Rangers, to be set free.

  • One Master Too Many
    RJ is disappointed when Casey enlists Master Finn, RJ's estranged father, to be his new master.

  • Ghost Of A Chance, Part 1
    Dai Shi defeats the Rangers in a battle and captures RJ.

  • Ghost Of A Chance, Part 2
    The Rangers try to rescue RJ from Dai Shi after visiting the spirit world to gain more power.

  • Bad To The Bone
    Everyone is still making fun of Lily for being too nice. After a battle with Porcupongo, Lily is fed up with being so nice and shows her bad side. Lily becomes a rude customer at JKP and refuses to help the other rangers. Fran confronts her and through a tussle they find Lily has been affected by one of Porcupongo's quills. As herself again, Lily rushes out to rejoin the rangers.

  • Friends Don't Fade Away
    After his last battle with Dai Shi, RJ has major problems controlling his animal spirit. He turns into a werewolf and becomes a big threat to anyone around him. RJ learns to lean on his friends and not run away from them when he has a problem. In the evil temple, Dai Shi is overthrown as Grizzaka refuses to take orders from any human.

  • No 'I' In Leader
    Casey really has grown up from being a cub at Pai Zhuq. He's taken initiative and stepped up to being the leader of the group. But now with RJ as a ranger, things are a little different. Casey feels like a cub all over again. RJ tells him that Casey will always be the leader. And the team will always follow Casey.

  • True Friends, True Spirits
    Grizzaka sends an evil spirit to cause trouble between RJ and his animal spirit again. The hero in RJ causes him to save Flit. RJ tells the spy to go home but Flit tells of his own curse. Eager to return the favor, Flit helps RJ out in defeating the evil spirit and once again working together with his animal spirit.

  • Path Of The Rhino
    Dominic was sent out by Master Mao to find purpose for his life. He finds out that RJ and the others are really Power Rangers and he wants to join them. He now knows that this is his purpose in life. Casey is dubious but Dominic proves he has the spirit of the Rhino. Dominic becomes the Rhino Ranger.

  • Dash For The Dagger
    Jarrod has found the Rhino Nexus. All he needs is the control dagger key to tap into the power. Dominic is startled by a dream of Master Mao telling him to protect the control dagger as it holds the key to his destiny. The race is on for the dagger as everyone is after it. Camille gets hold of the dagger and brings it to Jarrod. The winds of fate are about to change.

  • Race To The Nexus
    With Control Dagger in hand, Dai Shi aims to unlock the Nexus for himself. The Over Lords refuse to let such power fall into the hands of the rangers or Dai Shi. Having searched all his life for his destiny, Dominic isn't about to let the Over Lords, or Dai Shi stand in his way. With the help of his friends, Dominic is able to unlock the power of the Rhino Nexus.

  • Arise The Crystal Eyes
    The Phantom Beasts were a notorious force in the Beast Wars. The crystal eyes hold the power to bring back these Phantom Beasts. Our heroes must protect these eyes before Dai Shi or the Over Lords resurrect such evil beasts.

  • Fear And The Phantoms
    The Phantom Beasts have been brought back to life. Dai Shi has them prove their loyalty by capturing the three masters. The Phantom Beasts capture the masters and use the masters to create the Spirit Rangers.

  • Blue Ranger, Twin Danger
    The Phantom Beasts control the masters and call forth the Spirit Rangers. They look and fight exactly like Power Rangers. Our heroes are in for a real fight as they face the spirits of their own masters. RJ makes a device that will momentarily stop the Spirit Rangers. But he knows that something more has to be done in order to save his dad and the other masters.

  • One Last Second Chance
    The Spirit Rangers could be the end of our heroes if something isn't done. RJ takes the risk of destroying his father. Trusting his instincts, he finds that his dad was prepared if this should happen. Together with the help of his dad, RJ saves the other Masters from the grip of evil.

  • Don't Blow That Dough
    The rangers get sucked into a cheesy game show about the past season. Camille hosts the game show and a wrong answer could result in being cancelled.

  • Tigers Fall, Lions Rise
    Whiger steals some of Casey's Tiger spirit. Pleased, Dai Shi becomes the Phantom Beast King. He makes Camille a Phantom Beast General. Evil battles it out with the rangers stronger than ever. Weakened with the loss of his spirit, Casey must summon all the energy he has left to stay alive.

  • The Spirit Of Kindness
    Whiger was only able to steal the Tiger Spirit from Casey, but not destroy Casey. For his failure, Dai Shi strips him of his power and he is to fade away. Casey shows his kindness to Whiger even though they were just battling. Whiger rethinks which side he should be on. He helps Casey save his friends who have been captured along with all the other people in giant rattraps!.

  • Maryl And The Monkeys
    Camille steals a cloning formula from Maryl. The monkeys will duplicate and Camille's plan just might work. Scorch and Snapper plot to ruin her plan. They don't like how Dai Shi favors her. Dominic tries his best to woo Maryl. Not only does she hold the answer to destroying the monkeys, but he thinks she's pretty.

  • To Earn Your Stripes
    Lily and Theo pass the test to become masters, but Casey does not. He wanders off to think about his loss and comes across Jarrod saving Camille from Dai Shi's monsters. Casey begins to think that Jarrod might still be alive. The others don't believe him and try to tell him that all that matters is destroying Dai Shi.

  • Path Of The Righteous
    Nobody believes him, but Casey knows that Jarrod still lives inside of Dai Shi. He goes off on his own to save Jarrod. In an epic battle between Dai Shi and Casey, Jarrod manages to break free of Dai Shi. Camille helps the two in escaping Dai Shi. For following his heart, Casey gets his Master Stripes.

  • Now The Final Fury
    A new Beast War is about to begin as Dai Shi collects more fear. Dai Shi opens up a vortex and resurrects all his fallen warriors. Greatly outnumbered, the rangers do their best to battle evil. Their old masters come to join them in this epic war. Jarrod finally decides to join them as well. Dai Shi becomes greatly weakened and it is left to the three chosen guardians to destroy Dai Shi forever.
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