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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 1   Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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  • Food Fight
    There is an International food fair at the youth center in Angel Grove and everyone is there, including the Power Rangers. Everyone is having a good time, but then Rita sends down a Pig Monster to ruin everything. The Power Rangers morph and fight the monster, but he eats their weapons. They have to fight him without weapons and manage to save Angel Grove and the food fair.

  • A Bad Reflection On You
    Rita made a mirror monster and four putties. She used the mirror monster to turn the putties into evil Power Rangers look-a-likes. The evil Power Rangers went around town hurting people and got the real Power Rangers in trouble at school. The real Power Rangers had to go to detention. They had to fool Bulk and Skull so they could sneak out of detention to stop the evil Power Rangers. They fought the evil Power Rangers and won. Rita was upset about it. Bulk and Skull told on the Power Rangers because they were gone from detention, but the Power Rangers transported back to school before they got into trouble. Bulk and Skull got detention until they were 50. I really liked this episode. It had good fighting between the evil Power Rangers and the real Power Rangers and good won, like it should.

  • Two Heads Are Better Than One
    Jason and Tommy were holding a woman's self-defense class and were teaching them how to defend themselves. After the class, Bulk and Skull told Jason they were there for the self-defense class. Jason said, "It's over and it's for women only." Bulk and Skull said, "We were where hoping to catch some babes." The Power Rangers told Bulk and Skull to come back tomorrow and they'd catch them. Jason and Tommy said, "Two heads are better than one." Rita was listening in and made a monster with two heads. The monster was a parrot with two heads. The parrot attacked with a putty patrol and the Power Rangers were taking a beating. They found out the only way to defeat the parrot was to give it some mango. The putty patrol stole all the mangoes. Tommy asked Ernie for a mango and he gave him his last one. Meanwhile, the rest of the Power Rangers were fighting the parrot and were getting their butts kicked. They started to fight back, but the parrot was just too strong. Tommy came and threw a mango at it and the parrot picked it up. The two heads of the parrot were fighting over the mango and the Power Rangers were kicking its butt. Rita used her wand to make her monster grow, and to make a long story short, the Power Rangers called their Zord and destroyed the parrot.

  • On Fins And Needles
    Tommy and Jason are fighting some putties again. Rita sends down a fin and it makes Jason and Tommy not like each other anymore. While Tommy and Jason are not getting along at all, Rita makes a shark monster to fight the Power Rangers. They have to beat the shark monster so they won't get hurt and also so Tommy and Jason will get along again. They win and everything goes back to normal. I like this episode. It has some awesome fighting in it!

  • Mighty Morphin' Mutants
    Tommy was late for his class and the got an assignment before he got there. The assignement was that they had to ask a friend what bad qualities they had and change them. Tommy asked Jason what the teacher had said. Jason told him that he forgets things. Billy helped Tommy with his assignment. Rita made some evil Power Rangers and sent them to Angel Grove. The real Power Rangers fought the evil Power Rangers and won.
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