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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 8   Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

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  • Operation Lightspeed
    Nomad travelers found a crypt that had been sealed for thousands of years and opened the sarcophagus. Monster spirits came out of the sarcophagus and began to attack where their former home was, Mariner Bay. Just then Captain Mitchell found out about it and went to find the special people picked for the Lightspeed Rescue team. First he got Joel Rawlings, then he got Chad Lee, third he got Kelsey Winslow, next he got Dana Mitchell, and last but not least Carter Grayson. They all headed for a submarine and got on it. The whole group went to the Lightspeed base, where they got their morphers and their jackets. They headed out after the monsters, led by Diabolico, that were terrorizing Mariner Bay. They found the monster, and attacked the Batlings and defeated them. Then they destroyed the monster and they saved the day. Once they were back at the Lightspeed Base everybody was congratulating them.

  • Lightspeed Teamwork
    Joel was walking down the hall when he saw some ladies. He turned around and bumped into Ms. Fairweather, making her drop everything she was carrying onto the ground. When he looked up he fell instantly in love. Later the Power Rangers were having a tour and they learned about the rescue trains. Joel wasn't there because he was at a flower shop when an alarm sounded because a monster attacked. Joel showed up and they all left in the trains. The Power Rangers went into a building and rescued the people inside and then they left. They turned into the MegaZord and destroyed the monster. They all went home. Joel gave the flowers to Ms. Fairweather, who rejected him and got pissed off.

  • Trial By Fire
    The Power Rangers were packing up to do something when they were called to go to training. At the training area Joel and Chad finished the training in one and a half minutes, then Dana and Kelsey finished in two minutes. Carter finished the training in 52 seconds, but he didn't think about what he was shooting so he got the lowest score. When they got back to base there was a minor earthquake, but it wasn't really an earthquake at all. It was Vypra trying to destroy Mariner Bay. The Power Rangers showed up and destroyed all of the Batlings. Carter went after Vypra and he pulled out his blaster. She made a fire wall and he had to put out the fire. Carter failed to save a kid who got hit by the pavement ceiling and then the he got angry with the commander. Carter went to the training area and saw there was a flammable container and realized something. He went to the site of the accident and there was gasoline. He apologized to the commander and went and destroyed the monster terrorizing the town.

  • Riding The Edge
    Kelsey was riding on her roller blades. An astronaut named Nancy was there with her dog, which ran out into the road. Kelsey jumped over a car and when she landed on the road she grabbed the dog. Kelsey and the dog slide under a truck and stopped safely on the other side. Later, when she arrived at the Lightspeed Rescue Base, she watched the space shuttle blast off. A monster, which starts a tornado by spinning, was there. The Power Rangers fired their Rescue Blasters and destroyed the monster. The shuttle was going to crash on re-entry because of the tornado the monster made, so the Power Rangers took action and landed the shuttle on Kelsey's Zord. The monster came back to life and then the Power Rangers destroyed it for good this time. In the end Kelsey saved Nancy and they become friends.

  • A Matter Of Trust
    The Power Rangers were in Commander Mitchell's briefing room when he gave them a mission of utmost importance. The Power Rangers had to escort a scientist to the Aqua Base. The scientist was carrying a fuel cell that could blow up when it got too hot. The Power Rangers started to leave when Commander Mitchell told his daughter Donna to bring his friend back to the Aqua Base. She went to where she was supposed to go to and started driving him to the Aqua Base. Meanwhile, the Power Rangers were escorting the scientist with the fuel cell. A group of monsters showed up and they got the box, but it was empty. At the same time, Donna was escorting Commander Mitchell's friend. A beam of heat came out of nowhere and Donna crashed the truck. She found out her father's friend had the fuel cell, so she got him to the Aqua Base. The Power Rangers went and destroyed the monsters with their MegaZord. When they got back Donna apologized to her father.

  • Wheels Of Destruction
    Joel keeps trying to ask Ms. Fairweather to go out on a date with him, but always gets interrupted. One of the times he tries, a code red keeps him from doing it and he joins the other Power Rangers to find that Diabolico has sent a wind monster to attack. They use their Rescue Blasters to defeat the monster and then Vypra shows up with her new battle vehicle, the Vyprari, and that is making the Power Rangers nervous. They shoot at the vehicle, but it doesn't do a thing. She leaves and they follow her in the Rescue Rover, but nothing they do can stop her. She destroys the Rescue Rover and takes off again. The Power Rangers go back to the Aquabase and try to figure out what to do. Ms. Fairweather has built the Power Rangers some new Lightspeed Cycles. Diabolico sends an earthquake monster down, but the Power Rangers defeat him easily. When they finally catchup with Vypra, the Power Rangers beat her Vyprari with their new Lightspeed Cycles. She rides off on her barely working Vyprari and the Power Rangers go back to the Aquabase. Joel finally has a chance to ask out Ms. Fairweather, but she tells him there is a rule against it and he leaves.

  • Cyborg Rangers
    A monster shot three lightning spikes into a wall and invokeds lightning to strike them. The wall exploded from the lightning, so the Power Rangers came. They fought the monster and lost to it. The monster was about to destroy the Power Rangers when someone with a rescue blaster shot him. The Power Rangers looked up and saw that there was another set of Power Rangers. The second set of Power Rangers kicked the monster's butt and then stood in one place. The Power Rangers went to where the second set of Power Rangers stood and said hello. The other Power Rangers just ignored the real Power Rangers. A black jeep pulled up and scientists got out carrying a remote control. They told the Cyborgs to return to base, then got into the jeep and left. The Power Rangers just stood there watching. The Power Rangers returned to the base to see General McNight standing there and then the Power Rangers got relieved of their duties. Then the Cyborg Rangers went berserk and the Power Rangers had to fight them. The Power Rangers defeated the Cyborg Rangers and then they defeated the monster. The Power Rangers were reinstated as Power Rangers.

  • Up To The Challenge
    Chad was out in the water making friends with a giant pike fish, then he came back in and woke up Kelsey. They went to a construction site where Chad was teaching Kelsey Tai Bo because she's too hyper sometimes when she fights. A guy named Brian showed up and challenged Chad to a match, but he didn't want to fight Brian. Chad just walked away and started packing up his stuff. He left because a monster was attacking the city. The Power Rangers appeared and saved the people in a burning building. They found the monster and they started to fight, but then he ran off leaving the Power Rangers there with some batwings. The yellow and blue Rangers followed the monster and then got caught in a back draft, so they left. The blue Ranger fought Brian because he was taken over by the evil Vypra, but and then he broke the spell. Vypra disappeared and the Power Rangers destroyed the monster.

  • Go Volcanic
    Dana was looking at a seismograph, then she said she was heading up the mountain to get better readings and she took the bus. Meanwhile, Queen Bansheera and her henchmen created a Trifire monster to make the volcano erupt. The Trifire monster that was created breathed fire into the volcano and then lava started to come out of the volcano. The bus slid and almost fell off the bridge. A man who was holding the passengers hostage said he was sorry and drove them to safety. Dana got off the bus to help the Power Rangers to destroy the Trifire monster, but just then the Trifire monster grew. The Power Rangers pulled out the MegaZord and destroyed the Trifire monster. Queen Bansheera was furious. In the end the man who took the bus passengers hostage and then saved them was arrested.

  • Rising From Ashes
    Ms. Fairweather was inside a cave in the volcano with two other people to study it because it was heating up. She found readings on something coming from the ground, but then the cave started to collapse. The three of them started to run out, but one guy got stuck in the cave. Ms. Fairweather went back inside and got him out of the cave. The cave entrance was collapsing and she got trapped inside. The Power Rangers showed up and a monster that came up from the ground attacked. The monster also resurrected another monster. The two monsters came and fought the Power Rangers. Their Lightspeed MegaZord lost power, so the Power Rangers abandoned it. The Power Rangers found Ms. Fairweather's party and Joel went into the cave to get Ms. Fairweather. They got out and the Power Rangers went to their Zord while Ms. Fairweather went back to Aqua Base. The Power Rangers got into their Rail Rescues and transformed into the Supertrain MegaZord. They destroyed both monsters just as the volcano started to erupt. The Power Rangers froze the volcano.

  • From Deep In The Shadows
    Carter is trying out out the Titanium Morpher, Ms. Fairweather's invention that lets the Power Rangers get stronger powers. He can't keep the power that strong very long and it fades away. Captain Mitchell locks the Titanium Morpher up to keep it safe. Then Dana brings a birthday cake and they have a birthday remembrance for Captain Mitchell's son Ryan, who would have turned 20 that day if he were still alive. Later, someone comes into the Aquabase and steals the Titanium Morpher. The next day Vypra starts causing trouble to distract the Power Rangers and it works. When they go to fight her, a new evil Ranger appears - the Titanium Ranger. The Power Rangers fight him, but the Titanium Ranger wins, even after they try using Rescuebird. Ms. Fairweather gives them some new battle lances to try against their new enemy, called V-Lancers. The next time the Power Rangers find the Titanium Ranger they use their V-Lancers. After using them as lances, they change them over to blasters and knock out the Titanium Ranger. When he wakes up he grabs his Titanium Laser to shoot the Power Rangers. They were going to blast him, but Captain Mitchell radioed them to stop. When the Power Rangers get back to Aquabase, they want to know why they could not finish off the evil Titanium Ranger. Captain Mitchell tells them the Titanium Ranger is his son Ryan.

  • Truth Discovered
    The Power Rangers were talking to Captain Mitchell when they found out that Dana's brother didn't die in a car crash as everyone had thought. He had fallen off a cliff with all of them, but the others were saved and he was not. He fell and Diabolico saved him and kept him with him. Diabolico told the Captain that he'd see his son on his 20 birthday. Ryan, the captain's son and Dana's brother, came forth on his twentieth birthday and became the titanium ranger. He attacked Mariner Bay, but then the Pink Ranger came and stopped him. He ran off to the cliff where he fell. The Captain was there and tried to tell him the truth, but Ryan wouldn't listen and knocked him off the cliff. The Captain caught Ryan, who said hold on, but then he fell. Ryan morphed and caught him and then landed on the ground. He headed off to see Diabolico. Meanwhile, the Power Rangers were fighting a monster and it grew, so the Power Rangers pulled out the rescue rails and destroyed the monster. Later at the palace of Diabolico, Ryan told him that he wouldn't fight for him anymore.

  • Ryan's Destiny
    Ryan walked into the Lightspeed Center and went to his father. He said that he was leaving because he didn't now how much good was left in him. As he starts to leave his father hands him a silver box. He tells him it is for when he thinks he has good in him. Ryan leaves with the box. Meanwhile, Diabolico sent his three best monsters to destroy the Power Rangers. The monsters sent explosive feathers all around Mariner Bay. Ryan picked up a feather and gave it to a boy to give to his sister. The Power Rangers showed up to fight the monsters, but after fighting for a while they lost. The people of Mariner Bay found out about the feathers. The kids grabbed a feather and threw it in the air, but Ryan told them to get down after it exploded. Ryan opened the box and found a morpher in it to morph into the Silver Ranger. The Power Rangers were about to be destroyed when Ryan morphed and defeated the monsters.

  • Curse Of The Cobra
    Ryan was walking with his dad and went inside his room and took off his shirt. When looked at his back in a mirror, there was a cobra on his back. Carter walked up and saw it, but then Ryan slid back on his shirt. Diabolico gave Demonite, one of his three best monsters, a card with a mirror on it. Carter was showing Ryan around the training center when the monster alert went off, so they went to where the monsters were. They morphed and attacked the monsters, but they were losing. Ryan blasted Demonite and the cobra on his back started to glow. He fell off the pillar on which he was standing so the Power Rangers attacked Demonite. Demonite threw the card and then there were two Demonites. Ryan was fighting the clone while the rest ran off fighting both of the monsters. The real Demonite was destroyed, so the fake blew up. Diabolico brought him back to life and made him bigger than usual, so the Power Rangers brought out both MegaZords and destroyed him. Ryan's dad, Captain Mitchell, told him he could not morph anymore because of the cobra on his back.

  • The Strength Of The Sun
    Ms. Fairweather designed a Solar Space Zord for the Titanium Ranger. She said it was ready but the only problem was Ryan. Ryan just happened to hear them. The Power Rangers were talking and then they were called to duty. They went to the bay where they saw Ryan, but his father said no so he left. The Power Rangers went to where the monsters were and started to fight them. The Power Rangers were losing when they got an idea. They decided to split up and the girls took a monster and buried him in the roof. They went and helped blow apart the other monster and it grew back. The first monster attacked because he too was big now. The Power Rangers called on their MegaZord, but they were still losing. Ryan went and attacked the monsters with the new Zord and destroyed them.

  • The Cobra Strikes
    Ms. Fairweather was analyzing Ryan by looking at the cobra on his back. When she was finished she told him to go rest. Just then the siren rang and he ran out and asked what was happening. His sister said that it was Diabolico. Ms. Fairweather walked out and told Ryan he can't even think about it because he needs rest. So, he went back to his quarters and started to fidget. Then he went to a screen and started to watch what was happening. The Power Rangers found Diabolico, who sent out the same monsters the Power Rangers already twice in the past, combined into one. The Power Rangers got thoroughly beaten, so they retreated. Ryan went to the cobra's lair to destroy its curse. The Power Rangers defeated the combined monsters by using special morphers which enhance their muscles and weapons. Diabolico himself showed up and the Power Rangers lost the MegaTrainZord, so they switched to the regular MegaZord. Ryan defeated the cobra, so he was free of his curse. He showed up and everyone told him he couldn't fight, so he told then that the curse was gone. They melded Zords and then destroyed Diabolico. Later, the Power Rangers saw Queen Bansheera and her son Impus in a cocoon.

  • Olympus Ascends
    Impus uses a cocoon to wreak havoc on the city. The Power Rangers fight the cocoon, but they are defeated by it. With Diabolico gone, Impus gets the Star Power which turns him into Prince Olympius and he hatches from the Olympus. Carter and Ryan have been separated from the other Power Rangers and Carter has to fight Prince Olympius, who knocks him out. The other Power Rangers are caught by Prince Olympius, who is weakened by the effort and goes to rest in the Skull Cavern. When Carter wakes up he goes to the Aquabase to get help from Captain Mitchell. Prince Olympius gets inside the city by pretending he is Chad. Carter goes to help Chad and brings him back to the Aquabase. Prince Olympius then turns into Kelsey and stops the search for the other Power Rangers. He steals Captain Mitchell's entry card by pretending to be Dana, then turns into Joel to use Ms. Fairweather's computer. Vypra and Jinxer make a monster to attack the Aquabase, but Carter and Ryan see them coming. They tell Ms. Fairweather, who has to fight off the pretend Joel and get the entry card. Carter and Ryan save Ms. Fairweather, then Ryan uses water on Prince Olympius to make him weaker. With his power lessened, the other Power Rangers are able to escape. Vypra, her minions, and the monster show up at the Aquabase and save Prince Olympius, then leave again with the monster staying. The Power Rangers use the V-Lancer to fight it and then it grows. The Power Rangers then use the Lightspeed SolarZord to destroy it.

  • A Face From The Past
    The Commander called a meeting and told the Power Rangers that they had the day off to do whatever they wanted. They all went to the beach to play and relax. Carter found the Commander and they started training. First Carter got his butt kicked, and then they started to go up a hill. They had just started talking when a monster appeared at the power plant, so they ran there. The monster destroyed the plant and some kids, who were on a field trip, got stuck in the power plant. The Power Rangers got there, then learned they had to go to the other power plant and destroy the monster. When they got back the Commander went back to save a girl who was still in the plant. Carter went in after them and he saw the Commander holding a broken pipe. Carter got the girl out but the Commander stayed behind holding a broken pipe together and the building blew up. The Power Rangers saw the Commander climbing down the side of the plant. Suddenly the monster grew back, then the Power Rangers fought and defeated the monster. Later Carter went and asked the Commander if he was his hero and he said yes.

  • The Queen's Return
    Carter was driving with Joel when they saw a black cloudmass appear. They returned to the base and found out the planets were in a very rare alignment. That meant Queen Bansheera would be brought back and a ceremony was necessary to do so. The black cloud started blowing up buildings in a definite pattern and the Power Rangers had to go in and save them. Ryan went to stop the ceremony so Queen Bansheera couldn't be brought back, but he was captured by monsters. The rest of the Power Rangers went to save Ryan and they were winning, but then the monsters grew big. The Power Rangers used their Zords and defeated the monsters. They also defeated Queen Bansheera by stopping the ceremony. Ryan figured out that Queen Bansheera was there, but only half her body was there. He decided to go in search of a way to stop Queen Bansheera from totally getting there.

  • The Omega Project
    Joel's friend was looking through a telescope and he asked Joel to look through it. After he looked through it, Joel left. That night just before Joel's friend went to bed, he saw an asteroid heading towards Earth. He wrote down the velocity and trajectory of the asteroid. He called Joel, but Joel got into trouble so he came and got him. He sneaked into the computer room and wrote down everything. The Power Rangers went out in the MegaSolarZord to see what they could do. Olympus blocked out the sun, so the Power Rangers got a new Zord. They flew into space and planted some bombs which blew up the asteroid. They returned to Earth and celebrated. Joel's friend asked Ms. Fairweather on a date.

  • The 5th Crystal
    Vypra was trying to steal the Starlight Crystals and she managed to steal four of them. Kelsey went to get the fifth one from her grandmother. After she got it, it was stolen from her by one of Vypra's monsters. Her grandmother was disappointed and told her to go away. Kelsey ran off by herself and found Vypra's base. She tried to take the crystals back but got captured instead. Suddenly her grandmother burst into the base with a fork lift and crashed the party. She fought everyone and got Kelsey free. Later Kelsey asked her grandmother what she was doing there and she told her she was saving the most important thing in her life, her granddaughter. Kelsey had to rush off to go save her friends and she did. Later Kelsey and her grandmother went rollerblading.

  • The Chosen Path
    The Blue Ranger was defending the dojo against a monster with his sensei and they defeated the monster. The Blue Ranger went and trained. While he was training he heard fighting. When he looked to see what was going on, he saw a sensei teaching the monster how to fight. Afterward, the two of them walk off together and are really rude to the Blue Ranger. The sensei has been training the monster and teaching him him everything he knows. The monster's sensei betrays the Blue Ranger's sensei and runs off and attacks the people. The Power Rangers arrive, but lose the battle. The Blue Ranger goes and finds his sensei and they hurry off to the place were the monster is. They manage to destroy it, but it comes back. They use their Zords and destroy it for good this time.

  • Yesterday Again
    Carter was riding a flying device that started crashing into the ground. He landed on the clouds, and then everything blanked out. He was really in the Lightspeed Rescue Base and it was all just a simulation. The next day at breakfast Carter appeared and then Kelsey appeared. She knocked some oatmeal on the ground and had to clean it up while Carter and Joel left to test the red cannon (which was the flying object). Carter got in the air and then he crashed onto the ground. He fixed it and then he went to help his fellow Power Rangers, but he was too late so they died on his way there. All of a sudden he went back in time. He went to bed after he found himself in the simulation chamber. The next morning he knew about everything and then he went to test it. This time he went to save his friends and he got there just in time. He saved them and then they sent a monster and it grew, so the Power Rangers pulled out all three MegaZords.

  • As Time Runs Out
    Queen Bansheera is telling Jinxer that Vypra and Loki will become the leaders some day because her son is so incompetent. Olympius find this out and sets a trap for Vypra and Loki. Olympius' monsters comes up from under the ground and buries Vypra and Loki, then sets a trap for the Power Rangers, who arrive and find only a hand stuck in the ground. The hand sends vines out to catch the Power Rangers, who cannot move or morph into Power Rangers. The vines have poisonous spores that will be released into Mariner Bay. Suddenly out of nowhere Vypra and Loki come out from being buried under the ground, only in the desert. They start the long journey back, planning to get Olympius when they get there. Meanwhile, the Power Rangers try to cut the vines off themselves with a laser but they can't. When they try to use a poison on the vines, a monster comes and destroys all of it. They use their Zord to go out into space and let the vinces release their spores there. They morph into Power Rangers and go fight the monster. They defeat him, but jinxer makes him grow. The Power Rangers use their MegaZord to destroy the monster permanently. Vypra and Loki get back to their tomb, where Ryan has been studying it. He sees Vypra bring Diabolico back to life from the tomb, and Diabolico says he will get the Power Rangers and Olympius too.

  • In The Freeze Zone
    The Power Rangers were testing a new weapon called Thermoblaster when Ryan called and said that someone was released from the death cave. Just then Impus and Freeza showed up and started to capture the Power Rangers, then Diabolico showed up. Impus and Diabolico started to fight, then Queen Bansheera struck them with lightning which allowed the Red Ranger to escape. The Red Ranger grabbed a Thermoblaster. He showed up, then Freeza showed up, and he destroyed him. The rest of the Power Rangers showed up and beat him again after he came back to life. They all went home and went to see the half-frozen Ms. Fairweather.

  • The Mighty Mega Battles
    A monster attacked people who were at a park and the Power Rangers showed up. They fought the monster and started to lose, but then Joel proceeded to do something about it by using some very quick thinking to defeat the monster. Back at the base. the Power Rangers were having a debriefing about what happened at the park. Joel went to go talk to Ms. Fairweather after everything was discussed at the debriefing. On his way there, Joel came across someone who wanted to know were Ms. Fairweather was, so Joel told him. Joel realized what had happened and ran to the lab door, where Ms. Fairweather saw the man. He walked in and said he would help. The next day, Joel came in a lab coat and glasses and went into the lab to try the circuitry. He blew it up and he came out all covered with soot. He then went to spy on Ms. Fairweather and the man, turning on a sprinkler right next to the man's car. A monster showed up and lit the man's car on fire. Joel went and saved the man. Joel pulled out the Mega Battles and destroyed the monster, but then the monster came back giant sized. It took down two of the MegaZords, but the Power Rangers used the last one to destory the monster.

  • The Great Egg Caper
    Olympius gives Jinxer an egg to place into water that has a very powerful monster in it and is set to hatch soon. Meanwhile, Kelsey sees a guy shoplift apples and chases after him when he takes off on his skateboard. He gets away from her and she looks everywhere for him. The Batlings catch him after he sees Jinxer putting the egg into a fountain. He cries for help and Kelsey hears him. When she morph and comes to help him, she has to fight the Batlings. When Jinxer goes to get the egg from the fountain it is gone. Jinxer sends his minions to find the egg, even looking in the grocery store, but they have no luck. The Power Rangers catch them, but suddenly fliers start falling from the sky. The fliers say the egg is being held hostage and demands a ransom. The Rangers find out from where the fliers were delivered, but the Artie, the skateboarder guy behind it, got away. Jinxer and the Power Rangers each bring the ransom money to the drop spot, but Artie gets away with the money and the egg on his jet ski. The Batlings chase the skateboarder while the Power Rangers are being held by Birdbane, but Kelsey gets loose and chases the skateboarder too. She saves him and tells him he is a loser. Then she goes back to help the Power Rangers against Birdbane. Artie shows up and throws the egg at Birdbane, which gives the Rangers time to fire the UniLaser at him. Birdbane grows, but the Rangers defeat him with the SuperTrain MegaZord. The Rangers find out that Artie was stealing to help the homeless people and are glad to find that he has gotten a job.

  • Ocean Blue
    A mermaid named Marina was chained to a coveand Vypra came and set her free. She ran off and the next day she met Chad and fell in love with him. She watched him fix a broken cable under the water and then there was an avalanche that pinned him down. She freed him and gave him to the other Power Rangers. That night, Chad woke up and saw her in the window of the infirmary, but then she swam off. Vypra showed up at the mermaid's lair and gave her a thing to give to Chad so that he would like her. The mermaid gave it to him and it bound him by chains. Vypra showed up and told her that she did a good job, but she tripped Vypra. Vypra threw a net on the mermaid to make her go to the bottom of the ocean. Chad broke free of his chains and went to save her. He jumped out of the water and defeated Vypra along with the other Power Rangers then Vypra ran off. Chad hoped the mermaid was alright, then she came and said goodbye.

  • Trakeena's Revenge, Part 1
    Leo is on the planet Mirinoi. He takes the Red Quasar Saber from its resting place and morphs into the Red Ranger once again. A legion of Ghouls attack him, led by Triskull, and then they head off into space.Meanwhile, in Mariner Bay things are happening everywhere and the Power Rangers are having to save a lot of people. A woman who is visiting her husband is kidnapped by the Ghouls, although her daughter gets away. The woman is made tiny and put into a tube, along with other captured people, to have her life force drained. Olympius and Triskull plan to use the life forces to give Queen Bansheera her powers back. Once Olympius leaves, Trakeena shows up. She has a plan to use the energy to turn herself back into an insect and destroy the Galaxy Rangers' world. The daughter who escaped from the Ghouls meets up with Leo and while they are talking Triskull, disguised as a security guard, comes up and gives her a ball she had lost. Leo follows the guard, unaware he is Triskull, to see what is happening and learns who he is. The other Rangers find Leo, who tells them what is going on up on Mirinoi. The Ghouls have followed Leo and the Rangers have to fight them. Leo uses the Quasar Saber as Leo, not a Power Ranger, and beats them. The Power Rangers save the daughter of the kidnapped woman from Triskull and take her to the Aquabase. The Rangers seek out Triskull and have to fight an army of Ghouls. Olympius sees that is going on and figures out that Triskull and Trakeena are working together. Queen Bansheera tells him to stop them, because if Trakeena changes form she will be too powerful to stop. The current Power Rangers, combined with the Galaxy Rangers, fight Ghouls in Trakeena's lab, but Trakeena finds them and fires upon them. To Be Continued in Part 2...

  • Trakeena's Revenge, Part 2
    Continued from Part 1... When Trakeena fires upon the Power Rangers they are knocked through the wall and when they fall to the ground they unmorph back into themselves. Fortunately, they are saved by the others with some quick thinking and an airbag. All the Power Rangers are they and they all morph into action when Olympius arrives on the scene. The Batlings take them on and the Rangers fight them all, with Loki fighting the Yellow Ranger. Someone needs to take on Olympius, so Damon does. Trakeena shows up on Earth after getting enough life force. The Galaxy Rangers team and the Lightspeed Rescue teams work together to stop her. Olympius helps them by ruining Trakeena's machine. Without the life force she turns into a wild thing who the combined power Rangers are able to destroy.

  • The Last Ranger
    A monster arrives in Mariner Bay and starts destroying everything in its path. The Power Rangers go to fight the monster, but along the way Dana sees an injured child and stops to help him, telling the others to go on. The other four Power Rangers go on and fight the monster, who beats them and they are all knocked out.Dana gets there and finds the others have unmorphed. Worse, they don't even remember being Power Rangers. When she tries to take them back to the base, but they are anyway. There they are put into special memory machines by Ms. Fairweather that show them their lives as Power Rangers to restore their memories. While their memories are being restored, the monster strikes again. Dana goes off alone to fight it. While she is off, all but Carter have their memories restored. Carter's machine messes up, but no one notices. Dana is being beaten by the monster, but then the other Power Rangers show up. Then a group of Batlings arrive and a big battle ensues. Carter is watching what is happening and it makes his memories return. He meets up with the other Rangers, who use their ThermoBlasters and destroy the monster. The monster comes back and grows. The Power Rangers use the Lightspeed SolarZord to send the monsters blasts back at him and defeat him for good.

  • The Sorcerer Of Sands
    Ryan is in the middle of the desert and becomes tired and thirsty. When he passes out, an old man and a crow in the desert take him in. Meanwhile, Olympius is working on a plan to get the Power Rangers down to the monster underworld. He goes to the gatekeeper and asks him to get them down there. The gatekeeper shows up in Mariner Bay and shoots the Power Rangers with a ray that teleports them down to the monster underworld. The gatekeeper calls on the monster spirits that live in the underworld with his magical staff and the Power Rangers battle them, but they cannot do much against them in the underworld. When Ryan wakes up he finds out that the crow that saved him in the Sorcerer of the Sands. He shows him some spells, which are some writing taken off the tomb. Down in the underworld, the Power Rangers continue to battle and manage to ruin the gatekeeper's magical staff. This sends the monsters on a rampage and they try to get everyone, even the gatekeeper. He and Olympius head back to Earth, followed by monster spirits who want to get them. Suddenly, Diabolico shows up and ruins the gate back to Earth. This means there is no way back and the power Rangers are trapped there forever. However, the Sorcerer tells Ryan that the Rangers are in trouble and he will help them. He sends a special light down to the monster underworld that shows the Power Rangers how to get out, but Olympius is still trapped there. They escape, but they are followed by three different monsters. They fight the monsters and use their MegaZord to get rid of two of them, but the third is still there. Finally, they use the Lightspeed SolarZord to defeat the last monster. The Sorcerer and Diabolico engage in a battle of spells, and the Sorcerer loses. He and the book of spells disappear.

  • Olympius Unbound
    Olympius and Gatekeeper are trapped down in the underworld. Jinxer sends them a message to tell them his plan to become more powerful. He pretends to be a hypnotist at a carnival, but instead of hypnotizing Captain Mitchell he puts him under a spell. Olympius fights monsters in the underworld to get their energy so he can escape with the Gatekeeper. They meet up with Jinxer, who starts using the spell on Captain Mitchell. Jinxer makes him place a device to drain power from the Lightspeed power source and send it to Olympius. When the Power Rangers try to stop him, he won't listen. As soon as he has enough power, Olympius begins attacking the city. The Power Rangers head into action and meet up with Jinxer, Olympius, and the Gatekeeper in the cemetery, but Olympius is too strong now because of the power he stole. Ms. Fairweather decides to go to the Lightspeed power room and take some guards with her to stop Captain Mitchell from sending Olympius the power. Meanwhile, Olympius is able to grow because of all the power he has. The Power Rangers use the Max SolarZord, but it is defeated. They bring in the Lightspeed MegaZord and the Supertrain MegaZord, but Olympius defeats them too. The Power Rangers then use the Omega MegaZord and the Lightspeed SolarZord to fight him. Back at the Lightspeed power room, Ms. Fairweather and the guards reach Captain Mitchell, but he puts up a fight because of the spell. Ms. Fairweather destroys the power core with an ax, which weakens Olympius and allows the Omega MegaZord to beat him. Jinxer takes him away to recover.

  • Neptune's Daughter
    The Power Rangers went to the beach to surf and the Blue Power Ranger didn't want to. That seemed to be a bad sign, so Chelsea came and sat next to him and asked him what was wrong. He told her that the ocean reminded him of Marina, and then he sat there almost all day. Meanwhile, Diabolico sent a monster to steal Neptune's trident. Neptune told Marina that his trident was stolen, so she came out of the water with legs. She found the Blue Power Ranger and they ran off looking for the trident. They got halfway there when she felt ill and told him to go on without her. The Blue Power Ranger reached the magic pond and jumped in. He got the trident and the monster that stole it came out too. The Power Rangers destroyed him, then Vypra showed up with Marina. The monster was brought back to life and stole the trident again. The Blue Power Ranger got Marina back and the rest of the Power Rangers destroyed the monster and put the water back. Back at base they found Marina, Neptune, and the Blue Power Ranger and were able to give back the trident.

  • Web War
    Jinxer has been taking care of Olympius and he is almost back to normal now. Carter has been trying out a new TransArmor Cycle, but he crashes while testing it. Diabolico sends a spider monster named Arachanor to defeat the Power Rangers and bring back humans to feed its babies when they hatch. When the Power Rangers try to fight the monster, it defeats them with little effort. Carter keeps working on the TransArmor Cycle, hoping it can help them against Arachanor. The rest of the Power Rangers are captured by Arachanor and tied up in webbing. Carter arrives to rescue them, but they are gone. Arachanor makes itself tiny and jumps onto Carter unnoticed. The rest of the Rangers are being kept with the humans as food when the spider eggs hatch. Arachanor then goes to the Aquabase and captures everyone there and brings them back to be webbed up with the others. Carter takes the TransArmor Cycle and runs across Vypra in the Vyprari. They fight and Carter destroys the Vyprari. He finds the web where everyone is being held and blasts the spider eggs in the center. Once freed the Power Rangers morph and they all battle the Batlings there. Carter gets back to fighting Arachanor with the TransArmor Cycle and totally destroys it.

  • In The Limelight
    Queen Bansheera starts to change, but into what? While she is in the middle of it, Vypra has the Treevil monster attack Mariner Bay. The Power Rangers get there too late to stop the monster, but help the people who were hurt. A news photographer takes their pictures helping and they are published in the newspaper the next day. Someone from a magazine called Glitz sees Dana's picture in the paper and asks Dana to become a model. Dana takes it so she can pay her way through medical school. While she is modelling she ignores the other Power Rangers and any signals they send her. The Treevil monster is still rampaging on Mariner Bay, but there are only the other four Rangers to battle it and they are defeated. Later, the Rangers go back tot he base to recover and Dana shows up. Kelsey tells her what happened and how they were beaten by the monster, but Dana has to leave in a limousine to do more modelling before Kelsey finishes. Dana begins to let the modelling go to her head and treats the others like they are not important to her anymore. She is part of a fashion show and when her morpher signals her she ignores it. The Treevil monster has struck again. The other Rangers fight it, but with no luck. Dana shows up at the last minute, choosing the Rangers over modelling, and the five Power Rangers defeat the Treevil monster, losing the Lightspeed MegaZord into the Earth along the way.

  • The Wrath Of The Queen
    Queen Bansheera is trying to finish up her transformation, so she kills Vypra and absorbs her into her system. She sends Loki to destroy the Power Rangers and he shows up at the stadium. Back at the base they detect an energy surge, so Captain Mitchell sends Carter to check it out. On his way there he runs across Olympius and learns that he is not dead after all. The rest of the Power Rangers got to the stadium to find out about the energy surge and run into Loki. They ask him what is going on, but then Diabolico shows up to help Loki. Queen Bansheera uses a dimension vortex to bring the four Power Rangers, Loki, and Diabolico to her. She makes Diabolico try to destroy the Power Rangers, but Loki gets in the way and is killed. A fire gets started and the Power Rangers and Diabolico are trapped by it. Meanwhile, Carter manages to barely escape from where Olympius is and gets to the stadium. He goes into the vortex dimension to help the other Power Rangers. Diabolico tells Carter how to stop Queen Bansheera, so he goes looking for her. When he finds her, he hits her in the middle of her chest like Diabolico told him. The Power Rangers go back out the vortex dimension and Queen Bansheera follows them, only now she is huge. The Power Rangers use the Lightspeed SolarZord and she runs away. Diabolico says he will get her for killing Loki.

  • The Rise Of The Super Demons
    Ms. Fairweather has come up with a new technology that uses the Power Rangers life force to power it. She uses the technology to create a Lifeforce MegaZord. Meanwhile, Diabolico meets up with Olympius and the two fight each other. Diabolico is captured by Olympius, who brings him to Queen Bansheera. The Queen turns Diabolico into a slave and sends Olympius out with him to fight the Power Rangers. The Power Rangers fight Diabolico and call on their Zords and weapons, but Diabolico destroys the Power Rangers' MegaZords. They manage to escape alive. Then Carter tries to reason with Diabolico and points out the evil things that Queen Bansheera has done to him. Diabolico comes to his senses and goes to fight Olympius. Olympius wins once again, but before he is totally done Diabolico gives the golden key to Carter. The Rangers go to fight Olympius and knock him down temporarily, but he comes back larger with new energy and brings an enslaved Diabolico with him. The Power Rangers use everything they have against them, but all their weapons are useless and destroyed. The Power Rangers use their own life energy to power the Lifeforce MegaZord enough to destroy both Diabolico and Olympius.

  • The Fate Of Lightspeed, Part 1
    Ryan finds the golden key in a tomb in the Skull Cavern and learns that Queen Bansheera is going to to release all of the demons from the shadow world onto Earth. He is letting the other Power Rangers know about her plan, but she shows up and kidnaps Ryan. Even though the other Rangers tell him not to, Carter goes to the Skull Cavern to save Ryan. Jinxer places a card on the Lifeforce MegaZord that sends an army of Batlings to the Aquabase. The remaining Rangers are split into two teams, fighting on both sides of the base. The Batlings use the Lifeforce MegaZord that they have gotten control of to attack the outside of the base. Captain Mitchell freezes up, so Ms. Fairweather takes over and tells everyone to leave the base. When the Rangers go back inside to save Captain Mitchell, they are trapped by the Lifeforce MegaZord attack on the outside. Meanwhile, Carter saves Ryan and the two of them fight Batlings. They are beaten by the Batlings and kicked out of the Skull Caverns. Jinxer then takes control of the Omega MegaZord and uses it to put some large round rocks around Mariner Bay. Back at the Aquabase, the Rangers are trapped inside while water is pouring in. To be Continued in Part 2....

  • The Fate Of Lightspeed, Part 2
    The Aqua Base was being attacked by the MegaZord because Queen Bansheera stole the MegaZords. She started to build the castle and destroy the Lightspeed Rescue Aqua Base. The Power Rangers sat in the control room trapped and couldn't get out, but they found a maintenance shaft that led to the submarine bay. They swam there and got into the submarine. They started to lower it, when batwings appeared and blew up the lowering mechanism. The Green Ranger blew up the side of the Aqua Base with torpedoes, and then blew up the train MegaZord. He went up to the surface where the Red and Silver Rangers were attacking the MegaZord. The Queen's castle was there and the Power Rangers blew up the MegaZord, entered the castle, and defeated Queen Bansheera.
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