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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 9   Power Rangers Time Force

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  • Force From The Future, Part 1
    It is the year 3001 and the Power Rangers have become the Time Force, a peace-keeping team. The Time Force appears at the scene where Ransik is trying to go back in time. Alex, the Red Time Force Ranger, attacks Ransik and catches him. Alex returns the time core to the Time Captain and turns Ransik over to the authorities. At the courtroom, Alex proposes to Jen and Ransik is sentenced to prison to be cryogenically frozen forever. Jen, Trip, Lucas, and Katie are assigned to take Ransik to the cryogenic station, but Ransik's daughter Nadira and Frax, his loyal monster, ambush the transport vehicle and Ransik escapes. The Time Force are fired for failing in their mission. Ransik goes to the prison and takes it over. Alex comes in and starts to attack Ransik. The rest of the Time Force appears and Ransik kills Alex, or does he....? The Time Force steal five morphers and a ship and go back in time to chase after Ransik, who also went back in time. To Be Continued in Part 2...

  • Force From The Future, Part 2
    Time Force has chased Ransik back in time to the year 2001, where he is trying to take over the city of Silver Hills. Nadira and her Cyclobots are robbing the city, but the Time Force's morphers won't work. Jen chases after Nadira, who runs off, and she is being beaten badly by the Cyclobots. Someone shows up on a bike and saves Jen. When she sees who he is, he looks a lot like Alex, which totally shocks Jen. The rest of the Time Force shows up and they are amazed too. The Alex look-alike runs off. Circuit tells the Time Force that until the Red Chrono Morpher is activated, none of the other morphers will work. Only Alex, or someone with his DNA, can use it. The Time Force wonders if the person who looked like Alex could use it, since they believe he is an ancestor of Alex's. Jen finds the person, Wes, and he laughs when she asks him to help. When the Time Force goes to battle Ransik without their powers they are being beaten. Wes shows up to help and puts on the morpher. The Time Force now has a new red ranger named Wes, who just happens to be a relative of Alex - one of his ancestors. The Time Force morph into Power Rangers using their new Chrono Morphers and defend Silver Hills. After the battle Jen tells Wes they don't need his help anymore, even though the rest of the Time Force isn't so sure of that.

  • Something To Fight For
    Captain Logan sends the Time Force a message as they are trying to see what is left of the wrecked time ship. He tells them he has weapons for them if they need it. Wes runs into Nadira and gets in a fight with her and her minions, but he loses. Nadira is ready to do away with him for good, but the Time Force shows up and save him. Jen is still angry with Wes and tells him to stay away from the team, but Trip goes behind her back and asks Wes to help. Wes asks Jen is he can help, even though she doesn't think much of him. She agrees and lets him have the Red Chrono Morpher. Meanwhile, Ransik thaws a frozen monster criminal and turns him loose on the city. The Time Force morphs and Trip gets the Time Jet going. Wes is the pilot of the jet. When the Time Force gets there, they fire on the monster, which makes him grow. Captain Logan sends the team Time Fliers to help them, allowing the Time Force to make the Time Force MegaZord in mode blue. After battling a while, they transform it to mode red and are able to destroy the monster, who is frozen again and captured by the Time Force.

  • Ransik Lives
    Wes went to the rest of the Time Force and asked them to go with him. He took them to an old building. They decided to put some work into it and turn it into a place where they could live. After Wes and Jen left to get some food, a man came up to them and told them that their sign said, "Nick Of Time Odd Jobs." He had an odd job for them and wanted to hire them. They took his job of painting the television station's walls a pinkish-peach. While they were painting Wes spilled the paint, so Jen went to get some more. While she was gone, Ransik showed up with some monsters and his daughter, and took over the television station, capturing Wes. Ransik told Wes his deep dark past. He talked about how every person in the future is genetically altered so they can't have any DNA and can't get any diseases. Some of the DNA was spilled into a sewer and he was formed by that DNA, but there wasn't enough so he was deformed. The Time Force showed up and Ransik and his daughter ran off, leaving the monster to fight them. The Time Force fights him and tries to destroy him, so he grows into a giant. The Time Force destroys him with their MegaZords. Back at their new home, the man who hired them to paint the television station paid them for the job.

  • A Blue Streak
    Wes allows Lucas to drive his car, but he shows off and speeds, and gets stopped by a police officer for it. He decides he needs to take his driving test and get his license. Meanwhile, Ransik wants to take over Silver Hills and Nadira tells him he will need a lot of money in order to do it. She brings Mantimobile, who can turn cars into super cars, back and starts stealing money. Nadira and her minions rob all the money from an armored truck. Lucas is taking his driver's test when he sees them speeding away, but he can't keep up with their super cars. He meets the rest of the Time Force and Trip brings out the Vector Cycles so they can catch Nadira. When she strikes again, the Time Force show up on their Vector Cycles and chase after her. Jen manages to disable Mantimobile's car, so he makes an army of Cyclobots to fight the Time Force. Wes, Jen, and Trip destroy a lot of the Cyclobots, then Wes and Lucas together take on Mantimobile. The entire team forms the Vortex Blaster and fires on Mantimobile, who grows. The team uses the Time Force MegaZord in red mode and destroy him.

  • A Parting Of Ways
    Wes was sitting in the Time Force base and Jen came and talked to him about how he was a good Red Ranger. Later, he was talking to his rich dad in the park and some kids who were playing baseball hit the limousine. His dad told the kids that he got to keep the ball and gave it to Wes and told him to throw it in the trash. After his father left he gave the kids their ball back. Meanwhile, Nadira summoned the Tentaclaw monster to kidnap someone for a ransom of ten million dollars, so he hijacked a bus with the kids from the park inside. He told the Rangers to give them ten million dollars to save the kids. Wes went home and asked his father for the money, but he said no and then gave a check of ten million dollars to the business with whom he was dealing. Wes stole the check and cashed it and brought the money for the ransom. He gave Nadira the money, but she told Tentaclaw to destroy the kids anyway. Wes took the money back and sped to the warehouse with the kids. Then the rest of the Time Force showed up and started to fight the monsters. Just then Wes showed up and the Time Force destroyed Tentaclaw. Wes took the money back to his father and said he was making his own way. Just then some reporters showed up and asked if he supplied the ransom money, and he said yes. Wes said that he was going to donate all the money to a children's fund. Wes went to the Time Force base and asked if he could live there.

  • Short Circuited
    Lucas was playing cards with Wes when Trip used his psychic powers and told Wes his hand. Lucas got upset and told Trip it's rude to use your psychic powers when it's not that important. He put a piece of tape over the crystal on his head. Meanwhile, Nadira was looking for a monster and when she found it she unfroze the monster. She started planning a way to steal the Time Force's robot, Circuit. Trip was walking around town with Circuit and Nadira acted like she was being chased. Trip saved her and believed her story, and so then she stole Circuit. After Nadira got back, the monster she unfroze tweaked inside Circuit and made him useless. The monster went out on the town and started to destroy stuff, so the Power Rangers came and fought the monster. The monster grew big and Trip went to find Circuit. Trip used his psychic powers and found Circuit and kicked Nadira's butt. He fixed Circuit and they called the MegaZords and destroyed the monster.

  • Jen's Revenge
    Ransik was at his base and he revived a giant catfish, which he wanted to send to go kill the Power Rangers. He gave the catfish a half million dollars and promised another half million when he defeated the Power Rangers. Wes fell out of bed and went to go train with Jen, but she told him if he got up earlier he would probably be able to keep up. Meanwhile, the catfish was shopping with Nadira and he ran out of money, but she said go away. He said he would be back with the rest of money as soon as he destroyed the Power Rangers. He blew up a building and the Power Rangers showed up, and he made fun of Jen. Jen fought the catfish and won, and then she tried to kill the catfish. The other Power Rangers tried to stop her and the catfish got away. The catfish then ran into the robot chief of Ransik's, who took his picture and threw the picture at Jen. He told her to meet him at the warehouse. When she went to the warehouse she got beaten up, but then she got rescued. The next morning she woke up and went and fought the catfish again. The rest of the Power Rangers appeared and together they destroyed the catfish.

  • The Time Shadow
    Mr. Collins is showing off the BioLab to the press and shows them the Rayme Destroyer. Someone breaks into the lab and steals Zirium powder and Cyclobots are there to help. Wes and Lucas show up and fight the Cyclobots and save the BioLab. Trio, Katie, and Jen find the one who stole the Zirium, but he stops them and tries to gets away. When Lucas and Wes catch up to them, they use a time strike on the one with the Zirium. He grows huge and takes off, making sure the Time Force follows him in the Time Force MegaZord. He manages to cause some damage to the MegaZord. The Time Force use the Time Jet, which is able to shoot the one who had the Zirium and defeat him. Meanwhile, in the future someone is testing a new Time Shadow MegaZord. Back in the present, Frax uses the Zirium to make a crystal to power his robot, Tronicon, and lets it loose on the city. Mr. Collins decides to use the Rayme Destroyer, but it is rendered useless. The Time Force decide to use the Time Fliers, but they are too badly damaged, which leaves them with only their V Blasters. Just as they are about to be taken out for good by Tronicon, a time portal opens and the Time Shadow MegaZord shows up, taking out Tronicon. The Time Force are able to stop Frax, but he gets away. The Time Force is at a loss to figure out who sent the Time Shadow for them.

  • Future Unknown
    Katie was looking at a picture of her family wondering if she'd ever get home to see them again. Meanwhile, the robot minion of Ransik found the X-vault and sent a monster from it to the outside. The X-vault is where they have stored the most evil villains there ever were. The Power Rangers went to fight him and he defeated them pretty easily. He ran off and started destroying the town. The Power Rangers started to argue about whether it was worth it or not, but in the end they decided it was worth it. They all joined together and used their big blasters on the monster. The monster grew to gigantic proportions, so the Power Rangers called their MegaZord. While they were fighting their sword broke. Just then someone from the future sent the Shadow Force MegaZord and the two MegaZords joined together to form an even bigger MegaZord. The Time Force was able to defeat the monster with the new MegaZord.

  • Uniquely Trip
    A monster was attacking the town and the Power Rangers showed up. They were fighting the monster with some fancy moves and they defeated it. Trip, the Green Ranger, was amazed about what they had done. He said he could do nothing like that. Trip was with the Blue Ranger, who left Trip and went and picked up a girl. Trip tried to do the same, but it didn't work. Meanwhile, Ransik let loose another monster. The Power Rangers went and started to fight the monster, but then the Green Ranger showed up and tried to fight the monster alone. He got his blaster drained and was defeated. The monster escaped and the Power Rangers took Trip home and they told him to stay put, so he did. Trip realized his invention was the only thing that could stop the monster. He took the weapons to the Power Rangers. They destroyed the monster's power, but then he grew to a giant size. The Power Rangers defeated the monster with their MegaZords.

  • Worlds Apart
    Nadira was stealing from a rich place when the Silver Guardians showed up and destroyed her robots. She said that she would be back and left. Meanwhile, the robot king went into the x-vault and pulled out a monster and sent it to destroy the Power Rangers. The monster showed up and both the Power Rangers and the Silver Guardians showed up to battle it. The Power Rangers were losing the battle, but the Silver Guardians were beating it. The Red Ranger attacked it and the monster blew a hole in his visor. Eric, his friend, and his dad saw what happened and they rushed to talk to him. The Red Ranger's father came and tried to persuade him to stay, but he said no. The Power Rangers were being defeated when the Red Ranger showed up and they destroyed the monster. Later, when Wes was raking leaves for his job his dad showed up. He wanted him to become the new commander for the Silver Guardians, but Wes said no again.

  • Quantum Quest
    A group of archeologists dug up a metal box of energy. Ransik saw it and sent a monster to get it. He explained that it was the Quantum Controller. The monster went and got the box, but then the militia showed up. The Power Rangers showed up too and there was a big big battle. Eric from the militia got the Quantum Controller. The Power Rangers let the monster get away because he injured the Red Ranger. The Power Rangers were using their knowledge and technology to heal the Red Ranger. Meanwhile, Eric hid the Quantum Controller in a storage depot and left. An hour later the monster showed up with a tracker. The Power Rangers came and started to fight the monster while the Red Ranger and Eric went to get the controller. Eric beat the Ranger to it and used it to become the Quantum Ranger. He was able to use his new powers to destroy the monster.

  • Clash For Control, Part 1
    The Power Rangers showed up at the town militia center and found the Quantum Power Ranger, then they all left. They were all talking about how they needed the Quantumsaurus. Just then the Commandocon, sent by Ransik, went into the past to get a Q-Rex MegaZord, so the Quantum Ranger followed it. The Red Ranger jumped on the back of the Quantum Eagle and went to go to the past with them, but he got thrown off right before the Quantum Eagle landed. They were chased by the Q-Rex, but then they got separated. The Red Ranger found the Zord and so did the mutant. The Red Ranger and the Commandocon fought and the Red Ranger lost. The Commandocon took the Zord and the Red Ranger tried to go after him. The Quantum Ranger, who thought he was going to steal the Zord, attacked the Red Ranger. The Commandocon opened the time portal again and they all returned to the present and the Zord started to destroy the town.
    The mutant brings the Q-Rex through the time portal to present day Silver Hills to destroy it. The Rangers try to defeat the Q-Rex with their Zords with no luck. Eric escapes the Commandocons's control and takes over the Q-Rex, using it to destroy him. The Rangers use the Time Force MegaZord along with the Time Shadow to stop the Q-Rex. The Time Shadow manages to injure the Q-Rex, who sends out an big exploision before running away to hide in its cave. Eric asks Mr. Collins to take over as leader of the Silver Guardians, and Mr. Collins convinces him to seek out the Q-Rex to prove himself worthy. Then Mr. Collins asks the other Power Rangers to become Silver Guardians. Wes and Eric get into a fight when Wes asks Eric to turn over his morpher. The Q-Rex has had time to become fixed again and once again attacks the town. The Power Rangers show up to fight it, using the Time Force MegaZord, which combines with the Time Shadow. Commandocon shows up and and grows large. Eric tries to control the Q-Rex since it is defeating the Rangers. He finds Commandocon's controller box and destroys it, which gives him over the Q-Rex. He transforms the Q-Rex into a MegaZord and attacks Commandocon. He defeats Commandocon.

  • Bodyguard In Blue
    Mr. Collins announces that the Quantum Ranger is the leader of the Silver Guardians. He says they will be using the Power Ranger gadgets and technology. The man who has been trying to figure out the Ranger's power by studying the Quantum Ranger is Dr. Zaskin. He gets kidnapped by Nadira and the Cyclobots, but his daughter hides and they do not find her, so she gets away. Meanwhile, Lucas helps a girl who was in a car crash. When he was telling the girl that he does odd jobs, The doctor's daughter, Holly, asks Lucas to be her bodyguard. Nadira decides to find out what Dr. Zaskin knows about the Power Rangers and their powers, while the Silver Guardians try to find him and get him back. The Power Rangers go to rescue Dr. Zaskin and find Nadira's hideout where he is being held. Lucas gets beaten up by the mutant and Holly tries to help him. Nadira tells the Rangers that she will harm the doctor if they don't leave. The Silver Guardians show up and attack, which forces Nadira to leave. Dr. Zaskin is freed. Lucas is angry and attacks the mutant, who grows huge. The other Power Rangers join in and use the Shadow Force MegaZord. The mutant is defeating the zord when Eric arrives with the Q-Rex and between them they defeat the mutant.

  • The Legend Of The Clock Tower
    Trip and Katie are both working on an old clock in a tower to get it working again. Katie goes to check on something and Wes tells her not to go because the area is haunted by a ghost name Walter. Katie goes back later to see if there really is a ghost, which there is. She is startled by the ghost and falls off the stairs into a time portal. On the other side of the portal she falls into front of some horses, and is pulled out of the way by a man, who turns out to be Walter while he is still alive. Katie figures out she has gone back into the past and can find out what happened to Walter. Walter is talking to Gwen when her dominating boyfriend and Walter's boss, Drake, finds them. Drake gives Walter extra work, but Katie helps him out. When they are both relaxing later Drake gets mad at Walter because he can't believe he could be done with all the extra work. Katie takes on Drake and challenges him to an arm wrestling contest, which she wins. Drake gets mad and fires Walter. Later, Gwen finds Walter at the clock tower to tell him that Drake has some men and they are coming to get him. Walter gets his stuff together to leave town, but Katie tells him he is a coward. Katie shows up at the clock tower to wait for Drake and when he attacks her, she handles him easily. Walter comes back and takes Drake on, taking him out. Walter and Gwen go off together. Then Katie wakes up in her bed and wonders if it was all real or a dream. She doesn't have time to figure it out, as she has to join the team in a battle against a mutant and the Cyclobots, which they easily defeat. Later when Katie tells the others about her dream she learns that there is no longer a ghost and that Walter married Gwen. She realizes she had to really have been in the past and met all the people.
    Nadira is robbing yet another bank and the Power Rangers are there to catch her. Wes is set to arrest her, but the Silver Guardians distract him and Nadira gets away. Jen yells at him for letting Nadira escape and tells him she can't trust him. A mutant of Ransik's sends Nadira away to Hawaii in order to show his power to send people to different pocket dimensions. He runs around the city in order to get the Power Rangers to chase him and find them. They head out to battle him and he sends them into a pocket dimension. Once they get there, the Rangers meet up with evil versions of themselves, who immediately attack and defeat them. A blast from the other side opens a hole in the dimensional portal and the Rangers try to jump into it. Only Wes and Jen make it into the portal and they have lost contact with the rest of the team. They go find Circuit and figure out how to destroy the pocket dimension. They decide to fire blasts from each side of the portal at the same time. They have to do it quickly though, because the other Rangers are being chased by the evil Rangers in the dimension. Jen and Wes make up and talk to each other while they get things ready for destroying the dimension. Jen goes back into the dimension to carry out the plan, but the evil Pink Ranger attacks her and knocks away her gun. Wes fires a shot from his end and Jen grabs the gun and fires from hers. The dimension, along with the evil Rangers, is destroyed and the Power Rangers get back home. Once back the mutant grows huge and makes a copy of the Time Force MegaZord. The Rangers use their Time Force MegaZord to fight the copy and defeat it. They then use the Shadow Force MegaZord to destroy the mutant.

  • Trip Takes A Stand
    Ransik lets out a mutant named Notacon, who was in jail for a minor crime. The mutant is a peaceful one and doesn't want to fight against the Power Rangers. Frax puts a controller on the mutant to make him fight, but Notacon manages to escape from Frax before the controller is working. Trip sees that Notacon is being tracked down by Frax and morphs to help the mutant. He has to fight the Cyclobots and then the Guardians arrive on the scene. Trip gets stuck in the middle of the fight between the Guardians and the Cyclobots. Trip and Notacon sneak away and talk to each other. Even though he wants to remove the controller, Trip figures out that doing so might kill Notacon. The rest of the Rangers are looking for Trip, but instead find Eric who tells them that he will destroy all mutants because they are evil. The team continues to look for Trip, but Frax finds him and Notacon first, sending the Cyclobots against them. The Rangers who up and help in the battle. Eric shows up too, but he isn't fighting the Cyclobots - he wants Notacon. Trip stops Eric from taking out Notacon, but in the process the controller becomes active. Notacon goes after the Rangers and then is made huge by Frax. Trip wants to use the Electro Blaster to take the controller out and off Notacon's head, but Frax stops him. Eric frees Trip from Frax and then brings out the Q-Rex. He uses the Q-Rex to keep Notacon quiet while Trip shoots the controller. Notacon is put into a state of frozenness to keep himself and the others safe for now.

  • Quantum Secrets

    At the BioLab, Dr. Zaskin was trying to figure out how the Quantum Morpher worked but couldn't. Nadira starts causing trouble again and Eric takes his morpher to go deal with her. He and the Guardians are able to get rid of her. The Power Rangers arrive and Eric stirs up trouble with them. Later when Eric is at home and talking with a neighbor girl a man comes and takes them away. It turns out to be Conwing, who has stolen the Quantum Morpher, and he makes Eric being out the Q-Rex. Conwing uses the Quantum Morpher to pretend he is Eric and control the Q-Rex. He sends the Q-Rex on a rampage of the city. Conwing is going to kill Eric, but he jumps off a bridge. However, Conwing shoots him as he is jumping. When the Power Rangers get there, Jen tries to jump off after Eric and save him. Some Cyclobots show up and the rest of the Power Rangers have to fight them. Eric is alive and Jen has helped him, but when he wakes up she gets mad at him for being a jerk. He figures out the Rangers are from the future and Jen asks him not to tell Mr. Collins. Jen heads back to help the other Rangers battle Conwing, but he knocks her out. Eric comes in to help her and Conwing sends Q-Rex after him. Eric is able to get jen;s blaster and fire at Conwing, who drops the Quantum Morpher. Eric gets the morpher and stops Q-Rex. Conwing grows large and goes on a rampage in the city. Eric brings out the MegaBattleArmor and uses his sword to stop him. Jen locks Conwing away and Wes tells Eric they should work together but he doesn't want to. However, he doesn't tell anyone the Rangers are from the future.

  • Lovestruck Rangers
    Lucas meets a woman named Angelique while working at washing cars. Trip, who is washing the car windows, also meets her. The interesting thing is that she told Lucas she likes fast cars, just like him, and then she told Trip she likes making robots, just like him. It turns out that Angelique is really Contempra, a mutant who is out to get to the male Power Rangers. Her charms don't work on Wes though, since he has feelings for Jen, so she has to forcefully take him. She makes all three of them go on a date with her at the same time, which makes them all annoyed with each other. While Contempra and the Rangers are out, Ransik and Nadira attack the city. When Circuit lets the team know they are needed, the guys ignore him and the girl Rangers have to battle by themselves. They handle things, with a little luck, and later are angry with the guys. Later, Jen traces where Wes is when he doesn't show up for work. She finds him with Angelique, whom Jen figures out is Contempra using a spell on Wes. The other two guys show up and get angry with Wes for being with Angelique. They all morph to fight each other over her. Jen tells Angelique she knows who she is and Angelique changes to her real self to fight the girls. The girls destroy Contempra's magic bracelet and the spell is broken. Contempra grows huge and the Shadow MegaZord has to defeat her.
    The Power Rangers are in the car with Lucas driving and they are arguing over who gets the last doughnut. Thier fighting makes Lucas swerve the car and he gets pulled over by the police. The ticket he gets makes him have to go to driving school. Nadira has a new mutant helper, Dash, who is her getaway driver. After she and Dash pull a robbery the Power Rangers stop them. Lucas recognizes his old friend Dash as Nadira's helper and tries to get him to stop, but he stays with her. Lucas knows Dash from when they both drove race cars, but Dash drove recklessly and went to jail for hurting people. After another crime spree, Dash heads off to have lunch with Lucas. He challenges Lucas to a race and he agrees, but he has to go to driving school first. After getting a chance to practice his driving at driving school Lucas runs into Dash as he and Nadira are leaving another crime. The race between Lucas and Dash begins. When Dash almost hits some kids Lucas makes him stop. Dash begins to think about the consequences of what he is doing and wants to quit. Nadira puts armor on him to control him so he won't leave her. When the other Power Rangers show up Dash goes right over them to get to Lucas. When Nadira fires at the Rangers, the force of the explosion knocks some of the armor off Dash and makes him grow. The Rangers bring out the Time Force MegaZord to shoot off the rest of Dash's armor, which lets him go back to normal and go with the Power Rangers. At the end, Lucas's driving school teacher asks him to give him race car driving lessons.

  • Full Exposure
    While the Power Rangers are fighting a mutant a photographer is taking pictures without them knowing. When the photographer, Mitch, takes the pictures to the newspaper editor for whom he works, he is told that is not news. The editor tells him to get photographs of the Power Rangers unmasked. Mitch goes to Nick of Time and hires Katie as his assistant. He tells her what his new assignment is, not knowing who she is. While at work for him, Katie finds out that a mutant is attacking, at the same time Mitch finds out on the radio. They head off to the scene to take pictures. While Mitch is busy taking the photographs, Katie slips away and joins the rest of the team in battle. After the fight is over, Katie tells the other Rangers to stay morphed because Mitch is there with his camera. The monster reappears later and the Rangers have to fight him again. This time he blasts them, causing them to unmorph in front of Mitch. He starts taking their pictures and learns that Katie is a Power Ranger. She asks him not to give the pictures to his editor because it would destroy them, but Mitch intends to hand them in. The mutant comes back again and Mitch gets stuck in an elevator. Katie has to save him, opening the doors by sheer strength. After he is free, she heads outside to fight the mutant. He grows huge and the team has to use the Time Force MegaZord to beat him. Mitch is grateful for being saved and gives Katie the pictures. He quits his job to go do nature photography.

  • Movie Madness, Part 1
    Katie tells the others that a new film starring Frankie Cheng is being filmed down down the block. They head down to see what is going on there because Frankie Cheng is Jen's favorite actor. A stuntman in the film gets hurt and Wes talks the director into letting him do the stunts. When they start filming, Wes realizes that Frankie is not playing around and these are not stunts. Frankie is trying to kill Wes. Wes goes to the director to find out what is happening and it turns out the director is Cinecon. He sends the Power Rangers into other dimensions, ones that are like their favorite movies. Jen ends up in a martial arts film, Lucas is in a samurai film, Katie is in a musical, and Wes and Trip are in a western. Circuit wants to get the Rangers back to their own dimension, so he gets Eric to help him. Eric has to deal with the Cyclobots and gets sent into a jungle film. Nadira decides she wants to be famous and asks Ransik to be in Cinecon's new movie, which he doesn't want to do. Ransik makes him put her into the film, the western with Trip and Wes. In the film, she puts a bounty out for the two of them and everyone is after them. Trip manages to get away and calls Circuit on his morpher. In each of the other movies the Rangers are having to fight as well. In his film, Wes is surrounded by an angry mob when Nadira walks in. To be continued in Part 2...

  • Movie Madness, Part 2
    Continued from Part 1... Wes is in real danger from the angry mob in his film, but Trip shows up and saves him. Each of the other Power Rangers manages to get out of the danger in their own film worlds as well. Trip and Wes decide that if they can get Cinecon's clapboard away from him they can stop the movies and get away. They manage to get it and destroy it, sending everyone back to their normal lives. Once they are back home, Ransik shows up and chases after them in a dune buggy. The Rangers get a buggy to get away, but it runs out of gas and leaves them stranded. They fight the Cyclobots each in separate fights, then have to outrun a flood. They hide from the flood, and Ransik, in a dressing room from which they come out in the desert. When Cinecon adds in cycles for the Cyclobots to use, the Ranger morph and the fighting begins. Cinecon grows huge and brings forth the Shadow Force MegaZord, Q-Rex, and the Transwarp MegaZord. The script doesn't have anything about Cinecon being vulnerable in it, so nothing the Rangers do can hurt him. However, at the end of the script they can write what they want into it because Trip had torn it off when he wanted Frankie Cheng's autograph earlier. Because they can now do what they want, the Rangers destroy Cinecon.

  • Time Force Traitor
    When Jen was first part of the Time Force she had a partner named Steelix. He was not a very good Time Force member and sold important, classified information to anyone who would pay his price, including Ransik. Jen found out about it and turned Steelix in. He was sentenced to be cryogenically frozen. Now he is unfrozen and back, and his plan is to get revenge on Jen for turning him in. He manages to get Jen under his power with a little help from an old friend. The Power Rangers have to fight to help her get back to normal but since she is under Steelix' control she cannot, but it is Wes who finally gets through to her. The Time Force defeats Steelix and he is sentenced to be frozen once again.

  • Frax's Fury
    Frax doesn't think he, or any robot, is treated fairly by Ransik and considers not helping him when he has a spell of sickness. Nadira comes in and helps Ransik. Frax lets a mutant named Venomark out of the X-Vault. The monster starts biting the people in the city and giving them a sickness. Eric shows up with the Silver Guardians and notices that the people who are bitten have the same sickness as Ransik. Nadira tells Ransik that Venomark is loose, but he knows he didn't let him loose and remembers when he had gotten bitten by him. When he got sick a professor , Dr. Ferrix, created an antivenom to cure him, but it is something he has to take for the rest of his life. The Power Rangers arrive to battle Venomark and all but one of them are bitten. Wes is almost bitten, but Ransik saves him as he goes after Venomark himself. Just as he is ready to destroy Venomark, Ransik has to take his antivenom. Wes sees that and gets the vial with the last little bit in it and takes it to his dad to make more to help the other Rangers and the rest of the city. He makes the antivenom and the Silver Guardians pass it out in the city while Wes gives it to the rest of the Rangers. While the Silver Guardians are passing out the antivenom, Venomark gets angry and bites Eric. The Rangers have to save Eric, who morphs and battle Venomark. The mutant grows huge, forcing them to use the Shadow Force MegaZord to defeat him. Back at his base Frax tells Ransik that he is really Dr. Ferrix and that when he as dying he made a robot version of himself. He gets away, leaving Ransik with very little antivenom left.

  • Dawn Of Destiny
    The Power Rangers were having fun when the Pink Ranger pointed out that if they didn't get the serum back it would change the future. The Red Ranger said he would get it back. Meanwhile, the Red Ranger's dad was in a meeting with his advisors, and he told them to talk to Eric about the stuff they were advising and he left. The Red Ranger walked into the Biolab and started to take the serum, but just then Eric came in with the Red Ranger's dad. When Eric saw the Red Ranger he took the serum and put it in the freezer, and then they all left. Meanwhile, Ransik and his monsters were looking for a robot that was part of their evil group, but they couldn't find him so they returned to the Cryo-Freeze building they dwelled in. When they got there they realized the robot had destroyed all of their serum. Just then, Ransik's daughter suggested that they go for the Biolab's serum. The elite guard was scurrying around trying to fight all of the monsters when Ransik found the serum. The Red Ranger's dad tried to stop him and got defeated. At that same moment, the Power Rangers arrived and started fighting the main monster. An ambulance picked up the Red Ranger's dad and took him to the emergency room with Eric by his side. The monster grew giant sized and the Power Rangers called for their Zords and Time Shadow, the other Zord. The Zords and the monster were fighting and then the Power Rangers shrank the mutant. Out of nowhere came Alex from the future, and he told them Ransik got away with the serum. That caused the future to be changed, so Alex was there to set it right.

  • Fight Against Fate
    Alex is angry and tells the Rangers he is there to save the future, which has been changed, and totally ignores Wes. He takes them to his time ship and then tells them what is going on. He explains that Frax and Ransik are at odds and Frax is building a super robot. He also tells Wes that his father is in the hospital and will die the next day and that he will inherit Bio-Lab. Eric, who is in the hospital with Wes' dad, calls him to tell him about it. Alex says he is taking over as the Red Ranger and Wes gives him his morpher. When Wes gets to the hospital he is asked to take control of Bio-Lab. As the team tries to find out what the item that landed in the ocean is, Alex gives in to his jealousy of Jen and Wes, but puts it aside for the mission. It turns out that the item in the ocean is Frax's super robot, Dragontron. The team uses the Shadow Force Megazord and sneaks up behind Dragontron to try and destroy it, but Frax warns it and it fires at the Rangers. Meanwhile, Wes is at his first Bio-Lab board meeting with Eric, who does not like things the way they are. When Eric finds out about Dragontron, he leaves the meeting and brings Q-Rex to the scene. Q-Rex gets some minor damage in on Dragontron, but he just goes away to recover.

  • Destiny Defeated
    Eric is all set to go and says his goodbyes to the team. Wes is still at the hospital with his father and learns that his father stood up to Ransik and that his father is proud of him. Meanwhile, Frax is working on something and is just about finished. It turns out what he is working on is a syphon that will steal the power from the Power Rangers' Zords and make them useless. He plans to use this on them while Dragontron is there attacking them. Frax turns Dragontron loose on the city and the Power Rangers show up. They bring on their Zords to use against him, and Frax turns on his energy syphon. The MegaZords become totally useless. The Power Rangers decide they have to destroy the energy syphon, but the Cyclobots are guarding it. The team goes after Frax instead and has him cornered, but when Jen says they should bring him in Alex says they should get the syphon instead. This gives Frax the chance to fire on them and weakens them. The Power Rangers tell Alex that they don't want him to make the decisions and that Wes is a better Red Ranger than him. While the Rangers are arguing among themselves, Frax makes plans to destroy them. Wes leaves the hospital and goes to the Clock Tower, where he finds pictures of the Power Rangers. He decides he will help the Rangers. Wes stops Frax and destroys the energy syphon. Jen talks Alex into letting Wes be the Red Ranger, which he does but not happily. The teams morphs together, with Wes as the Red Ranger once again. With the energy syphon destroyed, the team is able to use their Zords against Dragontron once again. Meanwhile, back at the hospital Wes' dad's heart stops. Alex goes into his room and puts a glowing object into his hand and he is alive once again, and felling better than he has in years. Back at the battle, Eric is driving by and sees what is happening. He brings on the Q-Rex and helps the Power Rangers. Wes decides to have the Time Force MegaZord ride on top of the Q-Rex. The MegaZord jumps off the Q-Rex onto Dragontron and destroys it. After the battle, Wes goes to the hospital to check on his dad and when he sees his bed empty he thinks he has died and is very upset. His dad comes in and is very much alive. He and his dad talk and his dad tells him he should be a Ranger. Alex makes his peace with the Rangers and leaves Wes as the Red Ranger.

  • Undercover Rangers
    At the gym Trip and Katie watch a man who is selling a special protein drink to the audience. He gives a wimpy man from the audience some and it makes him really strong. They go back to the clock tower to tell the others about it. Lucas talks Wes and Jen into going to the gym with him to find out what is going on. While they are there Jen sneaks around to find out what is really going on and learns the protein drink turns people into robots. Before she can get away she gets caught and taken to Frax, who tires to make her drink the protein drink. Wes is still in the gym and runs into one of the guards, who he learns is a Cyclobot. He fights the Cyclobot and barely gets to Jen in time to save her from having to drink the protein drink. They get free and run off, but in their escape run into a bunch of Cyclobots. Luckily for them, Eric shows up and helps out. The man who was selling the protein drinks turns out to be a mutant and attacks the Power Rangers. They morph, but it does little good against the mutant. The rest of the Power Rangers show up, but even their combined force does no good against the mutant. Circuit sends a message to Alex and asks for help. Alex sends the team a Strata Cycle for Wes to use. The mutant grabs Jen, who gets away so Wes can use the Strata Cycle on him. When that doesn't work the mutant grows giant. The Power Rangers, and Eric, call their Zords but they do no good. Finally they are able to use their Zords together and they defeat the mutant.

  • Beware The Knight
    A White Knight was dueling a Black Knight in order to keep possession of a box with mystical powers. Unfortunately the Black Knight won and took the box. A few minutes after the attack, the Green Ranger was forced to go get pizza. The Black Knight, who was heading toward his den, attacked the Green Ranger who was also on the way home from the pizza place. Needless to say, the pizza was trampled. Later at the Rangers' home, the Green Ranger told them about the Knight who had attacked him. They did not believe him and they headed out for something to eat. The next night, the Knight showed up and the Green Ranger said to them, "I told you so". The horse-mounted Knight galloped his horse towards the Red Ranger and the Red Ranger jumped over the Knight, horse and all. The Knight vanished into the darkness. The Knight found a couple who were sitting and talking in their car. He sent his sword through the roof and they got out and sprinted away. The Power Rangers showed up and got beaten by the Knight. The Red Ranger called a hover cycle from the future and started to chase him, but he disappeared into a red mist. The next morning, they were looking for him where he disappeared but could not find him. The Red Ranger said they should watch the city and he'd stay at that spot. That night the Knight showed up and left. He told the Power Rangers to fight him while he backtracked. The Red Ranger found the Black Knight's den and inside was the box and a red dragon. Meanwhile, the Power Rangers engaged the Black Knight. The Red Ranger was thrown across the room. He was getting beaten, so he transformed into a Power Ranger and used his swords to kill the dragon. The Red Ranger grabbed the box and opened it, and inside was an image of the White Knight who had died in the beginning. The image told him that he was granting him the use of the White Knight's ultimate armor. The Power Rangers were being defeated when the Red Ranger showed up and transformed into the ultimate armor and destroyed the Black Knight.

  • Time For Lightspeed
    Vypra pulls herself out of a grave and states that "The time is now for revenge." A host of ugly warriors also arise from the grave and she tells them the Rangers must feel the fire. She heads to town to steal the solar amulet from the museum, but she is unable to take it from the case. She has the ability to go intangible but obviously it doesn't work on the amulet. Eric and the Silver Guardians stop her, but she pulls her warriors out of thin air. She throws a couple of blast at Eric and his men and escapes just as the Rangers are pulling up to the scene. Vypra then shows up at Ransik and Nadira's hideout asking for help to obtain the amulet. She needs the amulet to help her release Quarganon, a super demon. She tells them that the sun is in perfect alignment. Ransik asks her why he should help her and she tells him that the demon can destroy the Rangers. The Rangers figure out what the lady was after and figure she'll try it again, so they stake out the Museum and Ransik shows up with his mutants. The Rangers try to pursue but are blasted by Vypra who, with her warriors hold them at bay while Ransik and Nadira do her dirty work. While picking themselves off the ground, Carter Grayson, the Red Ranger from the Light speed Power rangers shows up telling them they will need his help along with some of the other Light Speed Power Rangers. While Carter pulls his force together Vypra and the others start the procedure to release the Super Demon. Wes and Carter show up and stop the ceremony, and take off with the amulet. Vypra pursues and blasts their Hummer off the road. Vypra asks for the amulet back and to get her way, her warriors show up with all the Time Force Rangers at their mercy. Carter must now give up the amulet to save their lives. Vypra immediately finishes the incantation to pull up Quarganon from the nether regions and the Rangers get loose but it is too late! Quarganon appears and Vypra orders the Rangers destroyed, but the four Light Speed Rangers, who show up just in time, blast him. They all shake hands like they just showed up for a Ranger reunion, then Eric and the Titanium Ranger appear for a total of twelve rangers. First the Light Speed Rangers Transform, then the Titanium Ranger, then the Time Force, and finally Eric, The Quantum Ranger. Then it is on??? demon warriors first, of which the combined Rangers make short work. Meanwhile, the Quantum and Red Ranger are taking on Quarganon and Vypra, while Ransik and Nadira watch from safety and escape. Then the Rangers pull out the really big weapons and blast them all to quantum dust. Afterward all the Rangers show up at the clock pad and the Time Force Rangers thank the others by giving them honorary team jackets. The others reciprocate in kind with their own jackets. Everyone laughs and they head out to escort their new friends back to Mariner Bay in all their regalia.

  • Reflections Of Evil
    The Power Rangers were at their tower when Katie stole Lucas's mirror. She dropped and broke the mirror and Wes said it was seven years of bad luck for him. Lucas believed Wes and was worried. Meanwhile, Nadira was shopping for clothes and when she looked into a mirror Mirrorcon appeared. She told him to capture the Power Rangers. Mirrorcon started shooting people with laser blasts from his mirror, then saw the Power Rangers. He ran into a roof warehouse and the Rangers followed. When they entered the warehouse they saw an area with a lot of movable mirrors. The mirrors were in a circular pattern and when they walked over they got sucked in. Inside the mirrors they had to defeat all the mutants to escape. The Blue, Yellow, Pink, And Green Rangers landed in one mirror and the Red Ranger landed in another. The four Power Rangers were getting beaten by a mutant when Wes arrived. Together they all defeated the mutant and moved on to the next mirror. They kept doing this until Wes got separated and started to fight Mirrorcon. The Quantum Ranger appeared and all the Power Rangers started to fight Mirrorcon. Both the Red and the Quantum Rangers attacked and the mutant grew giant. The Power Rangers called their Zords and the Quantum Ranger did the same. They fought and fought until together they all destroyed Mirrorcon. Back at the Power Ranger's tower Katie tried to give Lucas a new mirror, but he said he didn't want to see another mirror in his life. He pushed it away and it landed on the floor. Wes told that he just got seven more years of bad luck.

  • Nadira's Dream Date
    The Power Rangers give Lucas a hard time because they find a book of poetry that is his. Meanwhile, Nadira feels she does not have any romance in her life and wants that to change. In order to cheer her up somewhat, Ransik sends the lizard Chamelicon to her. The Rangers show up to battle Chamelicon, who runs away, while Lucas battles Nadira. After he sends her flying they leave. Later Nadira finds Lucas' poetry book and thinks it is written about her. When she tells Ransik about it, he decides to find Lucas and make him be nice to Nadira. Lucas and Nadira go out on a date, but Chamelicon attacks. Ransik makes sure that Lucas stays safe, whic makes the other Rangers curious. When Lucas explains what is happening, they decide to trick Ransik. Lucas dresses up as a down-on-his-luck person, which disgusts Nadira. She goes home and tells Ransik about it. He immediately sends Chamelicon after Lucas. The Power Rangers are beating Chamelicon, when he grows huge. The Rangers bring out their Zords and defeat him. Later Nadira gets a love letter from a secret admirer and finds out it is Gluto.

  • Circuit Unsure
    The Power Rangers asked Circuit what it would be like in one month. He could see it, but then the files were classified. Meanwhile, Ransik was running out of mutants. Circuit asked for help and everybody refused, so he ran off. Later the Power Rangers went out looking for Circuit. The Green Ranger found him at the beach. There was an explosion at the space center and the Green Ranger and Circuit went there. The Green Ranger and Circuit called the rest of the Power Rangers and they came and the Green Ranger told them he was heading towards the mainframe computer. When he got there, he realized they had only 40 minutes of time left on the self-destruct timer. The Silver Guardians came to the space center and spread out around the perimeter of it. The Green Ranger was messing around with the mainframe controls and he accidentally made the self-destruct timer speed up. Then there were only 3 minutes left. The Yellow and Red Power Rangers kept the door open so the place wouldn't blow. Meanwhile, the Quantum Ranger was fighting a mutant. The Green Ranger and Circuit stopped the self-destruct timer, then the Power Rangers called their air cycles. The Quantum Ranger got his zord and they destroyed the mutant.

  • A Calm Before The Storm
    Ransik was looking through his compartments for mutants, but he found there were no more mutants. The Power Rangers started to have flashbacks about when they first got to the past. Meanwhile, Braak the robot turned on his ultimate robot and sent it to kill the Power Rangers. At Biolab, the Red Ranger's dad was researching trisyrium crystals. The Quantum Ranger went to the Red Ranger and told him about the crystals. The Red Ranger went to talk to his dad. At Biolab the Red Ranger asked his dad not to make the crystals because they weren't supposed to be created for another 100 years. The Power Rangers went to fight a big robot that Braak had sent. The Power Rangers started fighting Braak while the Quantum Ranger was fighting Braak's big robot and Ransik came to watch. The Power Rangers were getting beaten while the Quantum Ranger destroyed the big robot. When the robot exploded, Braak was distracted and he left. Ransik ordered all his minor mutant minions to try and find Braak's lab. The next day the Quantum Ranger showed up with the crystals that the Red Ranger's dad told to give him. The Rangers were called upstairs for a message from the future telling them they would save the future, but not survive to get home.

  • The End Of Time, Part 1
    Ransik told his remaining robots to capture Braak. Meanwhile, the Power Rangers decided they would not take the time ship, and therefore would be stuck there forever, just so they wouldn't have to leave the Red Ranger behind. Nadira was searching the mall for Braak and found a clothing store. Later Nadira came out of the changing room and the Green Ranger showed up they started fighting each other. The Green Ranger found out that one of the woman there was pregnant and in labor. The Green Ranger told Nadira to go into the back and help her. Sometime later Nadira emerged with a baby. After that Nadira left, confused but happy. Meanwhile, one of Ransik's minor mutants found Braak's lab. Nadira walked into the same chamber as her dad looking upset. Down in the holds where Braak was, Nadira asked him why mutants hated humans. Braak told her something and then as he was being taken to Ransik she said she was sorry. This made Braak think. He told her to strive and to never stop and that he was wrong. The Power Rangers packed the mutants into the time ship. The Power Rangers were fighting Braak's giant machine when they figured out that they were fighting with crystals, and they were making the time portals open more. The Red Ranger leads the Rangers into the time ship and then he set the autopilot. To be continued in part 2???

  • The End Of Time, Part 2
    Continued from part 1... The Red Ranger watched as the time ship took off on automatic pilot into a time vortex, then he sprinted towards the mostly destroyed city. Meanwhile, the main robot guy that was in his giant robot (powered by Trixyrium Crystals) was fighting the Quantum T-Rex (also powered by Trixyrium Crystals), and as they fought the two started creating time vortexes. Back in the year 3000 the rest of the Power Rangers woke up and found out that they had to have their memories wiped. In the year 2001 the Quantum Ranger's Zord was defeated and the Ranger went flying. Just then Wes, the Red Ranger, came and destroyed all of the Cyclotrons. He then proceeded to carry the Quantum Ranger to the clock tower and bandaged him up. They decided to work together. A lot of Cyclotrons showed up and the Rangers escaped by blowing up the clock tower. Meanwhile, the Red Ranger's dad was out looking for him and the Rangers found him. An almost dead Cyclotron shot at the Quantum Ranger and the Quantum Ranger gave his morpher to the Red Ranger. The Red Ranger's dad took Eric away to a hospital. The Red Ranger had to fight a multitude of Cyclotrons. Meanwhile, the rest of the Rangers decided to take the MegaZord back to 2001 and the Pink Ranger gave the guy she was going to marry back his ring. The Power Rangers started to run towards the MegaZord. To be concluded in part 3???

  • The End Of Time, Part 3
    Continued from part 2... Wes, the Red Ranger, is still fighting the multitude of Cylobots and Doomtron is still destroying the city. The rest of the Power Rangers have used the Time Force MegaZord to go back into the past to help Wes. Doomtron gets knocked out by a tornado, which stops him from ruining the city, at least for the moment. The Rangers go to find Wes and use the Zord to defeat the Cyclobots and save him. Ransik decides to head out to the battle and watch how things are progressing. Nadira begs him to end the battle, but he won't do it even for her. Doomtron is revived and starts destroying the city again. Trip and Wes have made some changes to the Quantum Defender and used it on the Q-Rex to change its Blue Trixyrium Crystal to a Yellow Trixyrium Crystal. Q-Rex is then able to defeat Doomtron, which closes the time vortex. Frax is devastated by what has happened and literally falls apart. Nadira is upset over what happened to Frax and asks her father again if he will stop the battle. He won't do it and even knocks her aside. Nadira is upset and confused and goes to get the baby she found earlier and takes it away. he Rangers find Ransik and try to arrest him, but he is having none of that. During the fight, Ransik loses part of his armor and his disfigured face is revealed. Jen takes him on and in the battle he accidentally blasts Nadira and the baby instead of Jen. The baby is fine and Ransik hands it to Katie, but Nadira is not fine and dies. Ransik is upset and tells Nadira he loves her. he decides to go quietly with them under arrest. The Rangers go back to their own time, leaving Wes in the past in his own time. Wes is offered the chance to become the leader of the Silver Guardians, and he accepts with Eric as his co-leader.
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