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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 10   Power Rangers Wild Force

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  • Lionheart, Part 1
    A young man named Cole is swinging through the trees like Tarzan, complete with a chimpanzee named Mingo for a friend. His tribe is having a ceremony for him and tell him they raised him as one of their own, but it is time for him to return to his life. They give him the photograph and small, red crystal that were found beside him when he was a child and send him on his way. Meanwhile, life goes on as normal in the city of Turtle Cove. However, while people go about their daily routines, above them in the sky is a strange creature with a turbine for a head and two horns, as well as a jet-engine body. When he lands on a rooftop, a White Power Ranger appears in his way. She slashes at the Turbine Org with her Crystal Saber, but is knocked across the rooftop. The Black Ranger appears behind Turbine Org, slams him into a wall, and lets him go. The Blue Ranger appears out of the water and grabs the Turbine Org, pulling him down into the sea with him, but Turbine Org gets free and out of the water. The Yellow ranger shows up and fights with Turbine Org. Soon after, another monster named Plug Org appears and joins in. As they are battling the four Rangers realize they really need a fifth one. Meanwhile, Cole has arrived in Turtle Cove where he finds people are not very friendly. Whenever he shows his photograph to anyone they do not look at it and try to get away from him, so his search for his past is going nowhere. He befriends a dog just around the corner form a place called Turtledyne Laboratories, who are looking for stray animals. A man named Jindrax and woman named Toxica see the dog and try to take it. Cole chases the car with the dog, trying to stop them. He finds where they have taken the dog, and starts freeing all the animals. It turns out that Jindrax and Toxica are Orgs as well. The next day Cole, who was sleeping on the street, is awakened by Alyssa asking him to come with her. After a while Cole finds out he is destined to be the fifth Ranger, the red one. He becomes part of the team. The team has to battle the Orgs and end up each using their new Zords in the process. They defeat them and realize they make a good team.

  • Darkness Awakening, Part 2
    There is an island that floats in the sky called Animarium, where Cole is relaxing next to the Red Lion in somewhat familiar surroundings. While there he realizes that in order to protect nature he needs to find a better way to deal with the Orgs than fighting. Meanwhile, a fog floats through Turtle City and turns into a Barbed Wire Org and kills an innocent taxi driver. Taylor, Danny, and Max are also at the Animarium, although in a different place than Cole. Princess Shayla magically appears and asks the Rangers if they've found out anything about the Orgs. They tell her they haven't. Alyssa arrives at the Animarium and she and Cole join the others. Cole tells them he has an idea on how to deal with the Orgs, but doesn't get a chance to tell them what it is as they have to race off to stop Barbed Wire Org. Meanwhile, Jindrax and Toxica go down to the Nexus Cave, where all Orgs are born, to try and find Master Org. They find him and the three talk about getting revenge. Jindrax and Toxica think there is something slightly different about Master org, but can't quite figure it out. Up in the city above Cole tells the Rangers that his idea on how to stop the Orgs is to find out why they are attacking and reason with them. The others scoff at him and go off to fight them while the residents of the city go into hiding. Jindrax and Toxica find where Barbed Wire Org is hiding and give him a shell to use to destroy the city. Inside is a liquid that forms an army of minions. The Rangers come fact to face with Barbed Wire Org and his minions and Cole tries to see what is in Barbed Wire Org's heart. He realizes Barbed Wire Org has no heart. He realizes they have to fight the Orgs, that there is no other way. They manage after a difficult battle to defeat it. The team decides Cole needs a bath if he wants to stay their leader, so that they can stand to be around him.

  • Click, Click, Zoom
    Master Org, Jindrax, and Toxica are in the Nexus cave deep below Turtle City. Master Org tells the other two how humans have polluted the Earth and destroyed it, and now the Orgs' time has come after 3000 years. Toxica and Jindrax head off to get things rolling, but they still think maybe something isn't quite right with Master Org. Meanwhile, the Rangers are at Animarium doing their own thing. Cole is reading the Ranger rulebook and decides there are too many rules. He suggests that teamwork be their one rule, which irritates Taylor. After she storms off, Princess Shayla shows up and explains that Taylor write the rulebook and was the first of the group to join the Princess in Animarium. The Rangers learn from Princess Shayla how the Animarium came to be at the same time Taylor overhears a mother telling the same story to her son. They all learn that everything was wonderful before Master Org came along. The only thing that kept everything from being totally destroyed were five ancient warriors with animal representation like the Rangers, each carrying a Crystal Saber. A sixth ancient warrior helped the Princess escape and she fell into a long sleep, while being protected by the other five warriors. The ancient warriors lifted the valley into the sky, with everything in it, to protect it which made the Animarium. Eventually the warriors destroyed Master Org, but the bad habits of humans over the years have polluted the planet to the point that the Orgs can rise again. Meanwhile, a Camera Org is loose in the city. He runs into a couple and takes their picture. Shortly after that they turn invisible. Taylor runs over when she hears the now-invisible woman scream, but she can't see them. Camera Org runs around the city turning people invisible, including Taylor. The Rangers have to battle the Org and eventually destroy it, getting back the bodies of all the people Camera Org had turned invisible. At the end Taylor and Cole come to something of an understanding and Taylor accepts Cole as the team's leader.

  • Never Give Up!
    Max reads in a magazine that the old Turtle Cove Temple is haunted. He and Danny decide to go check it out, after he decides it might be an Org doing the haunting. As they head to the temple Danny sees an old friend, Kendall, but is too shy to just walk up to her. When she drops some flowers he catches them before they fall and they go off together. Max is left to go to the temple by himself. As much as he earlier pretended going to the temple in the dark woudl not bother him, Max is scared. When he sees a light inside the temple he is ready to run away. Just as flees the area, an elderly Asian man appears at the door of the temple to find out who's making so much noise. As he goes back inside, a Bell Org appears on the scene. The next day Danny sees that Max got wounded from a fall the night before and feels bad that he left him to go alone. Max is angry with him, because no one believes him that there is an Org at the temple and if Danny had been there he could confirm it for him. Danny sees Max walking along angrily and goes to talk to him. Just then Kendall shows up and he goes over to talk to her, making Max more angry. Meanwhile, Bell Org rings himself over and over loudly, causing the old man who lived at the temple to run away. Jindrax and Toxica go to Bell Org and tell him they want him to scare the Power Rangers away with his noise. Max has gone back to the temple to prove himself right and sees a group of Putrids with Bell Org. He is distracted by his phone and he gets caught. He morphs and Bell Org uses his noise energy on him until he unmorphs. The other Rangers learn Max was right and head off to help him. On the way Danny explains how Max saved his life earlier and taught him to never give up. The team runs into Jindrax and Toxica and morph. The Rangers have to battle the Putrids and Bell org. Danny learns that Max is trapped in a bell on the hill. He manages to get him free and the Rangers defeat the Org and Putrids. Later Danny goes to tell Kendall how he feels about her, but is too shy. However, he loses the note on which he wrote his feelings down and she finds out.

  • Ancient Awakening
    Alyssa fixes the team breakfast, then heads off to the University to go on an Archaeology trip for her class. On her way to school, she has to avoid a series of obstacles with her bike and even sails it over two women sitting on a bus bench. She manages to get there and head off on her trip to do a dig in a cave. While there, she hears a noise during the Professor's lecture that she can't quite place. She sneaks off into the cave to find out what the sounds are, and finds a wall in her way. She tries to wipe off some of the vegetation growing on it and finds a design with a shark, lion, tiger, eagle, and bison all formed together in a tight circle, just like the one on their belt buckles. While she is standing there, the design begins to glow. Master Org becomes aware of her standing there, and then the glowing stops and Alyssa goes back to her dig. When she gets back to the Animarium and explains what she found, Princess Shayla and Cole accompany her back to where she found the design. Meanwhile, back in the city a giant tire is on the loose, causing traffic accidents and problems. It turns out that the tire is really Tire Org, who meets up with Toxica and Jindrax. Taylor, Max, and Danny, who are still in the Animarium, get notice that Tire Org is on the loose and decide to go by themselves to handle it. They fight him for a while, before he heads off after the other Rangers to get the Princess. He gets the Princess and Cole and Alyssa call the others when they can't stop him. The Rangers find and use their Savage Cycles to go after Tire Org. The Rangers Battle the Org and Princess Shayla is freed. Tire Org grows hug, with some help from Toxica, and forces the team to use their Wild Force MegaZord. While the Rangers and Org are battling, the Princess is captured by Jindrax and Toxica. They take her to Master Org, who tells her he knows that there is still another animal power in the cave. When she explains the animal can only be freed by the one it chooses, he tries to destroy the cave. Alyssa is able to open the cave and is chosen by the elephant for her power animal. Her new powers and weapons enable the team to defeat the Org.

  • Wishes On The Water
    Alyssa reads the others a book about the lake of wishes as Cole and Taylor begin to bond. Max has fallen asleep from boredom and has a dream about the Wild Force MegaZord being defeated in battle and awakens abruptly. Meanwhile, Toxica happens across Master Org when he thinks no one is around and sees that the horn and top part of his head are false. She thinks that is odd, especially since she thought she'd smelled a human in the area. When Jindrax finds Toxica later, she tells him she thought she saw Master Org move his horn, and she checks to make sure Jindrax's doesn't move. Back in the Animarium Max writes his dream on a piece of paper, puts it into a bottle, and throws it into the lake just like in the story Alyssa told earlier. Princess Shayla calls the Rangers around her to see the newest Org, Ship Org. Stuck in the shoulder of Ship Org is a bottle with a note in it, just like the one Max threw into the lake. The Rangers battle the Org, who is able to defeat them. While they are all stunned, Max tries to get his bottle back. He is taken underwater with Ship Org, but it saved by a mysterious monster. He unmorphs and comes to the surface, where the others find him. They take him back to the Animarium to try and help him. They decide he needs sleep and go off to stop Ship Org. Max wakes up after having another bad dream about the MegaZord, and heads off after them. Jindrax and Toxica show up and provide Putrids to help Ship Org against the Rangers. The Rangers and Org battle and with some help from a crane on the shore, the Rangers stop the Org. He grows giant and they have to bring on the MegaZord. Max realizes the things happening are the same as in his dream and knows he must figure his dream out to help the team. Princess Shayla figures it out and lets Max know that one of the ancient WildZords is calling him. It turns out to be a giraffe. The Rangers use all the weapons at their disposal to defeat Ship Org.

  • The Bear Necessities
    Taylor sees a fighter jet overhead, which reminds her of when she was a fighter pilot. She remembers how she came to find the Animarium while flying during practice after spotting the Yellow WildZord. Once there she meets Princess Shayla, who offers her the job of protecting Earth and keeping the Animarium safe. Meanwhile, in Turtle Cove everyone with a cell phone gets a phone call at the exact same time from the Cell Phone Org. He sends a loud, high-pitched noise through their phones and they are all in pain. As people drop their phones from the pain, the Org picks them up and adds them to himself. The Rangers find out about the Org and call Taylor, who heads over to where he is. He sees her Growl Phone and says he has to have that gold phone and sends the tone through her phone when she morphs. After battling with the Org for a few minutes, Taylor retreats as she is no match for him alone and in pain. Jindrax and Toxica show up and offer the Org and army to help him beat the Rangers. As Taylor wanders through a warehouse, she is attacked by Putrids. Twin boys who Taylor has met up with briefly earlier help her with some mysterious powers. The other Rangers arrive and begin to fight the Org. Taylor and the boys sneak onto the military base to retrieve some special flowers. When Taylor gets them and gives them to the boys, they give her two seeds. She heads off to where the rest of the team is battling the Org, Putrids, Jindrax, and Toxica. They bring out their Zords to go on with the fight and combine into the Wild Force MegaZord. The twin boys show up and they use their powers and the flowers to make a polar bear and a black bear Zord. The seeds they gave Taylor are animal crystals for the Zords. The team uses their new Zords to defeat the Org and chase off Jindrax and Toxica.

  • Soul Searching
    The Red Lion WildZord is wounded and exhausted from the Rangers last battle. The two new BearZords had too much power for the Red Lion to contain within the MegaZord, which is what caused his current state. Princess Shayla tells them team that in order to help the Red Lion WildZord, they need to find a rare magical bird called the Soul Bird that can heal WildZords. The Soul Bird lives in the forests below, having stayed there when the Animarium lifted off. The Rangers head off to search for the bird. Meanwhile, Master Org senses the Soul Bird in the forest and tells Jindrax and Toxica that they must kill it before the Rangers find it and use it to heal the WildZord. While they are looking for it in the forest they meet up with Bulldozer Org. He tells Toxica and jindrax that if the Soul Bird is in the forest, he will find it. While he sets about ramming trees, Toxica and Jindrax wait for the Rangers. When they show up they battle them with Bulldozer Org. The team decides to try and fight him without the WildZords, as the Red Lion WildZord is not recovered yet, but they are not very effective. Red Lion WildZord insists he wants to help no matter what the cost. The WildZords form the Wild Force MegaZord to deal with Bulldozer Org. They decide to use the new BearZords with the MegaZord to attack Bulldozer Org, but the power of them overwhelms the MegaZord, and the badly weakened Red Lion WildZord, and it comes apart just as Bulldozer Org hits it. While the other Rangers deal with Bulldozer Org, Cole goes into the forest to find the Soul Bird before it is too late for the Red Lion WildZord. He runs across Master Org in the woods. During a battle between the two Cole drops the picture of his parents he always carries around. Master Org sees it and realizes Cole is the child he was seeking when he killed his parents in Africa many years earlier. Soul Bird shows up, but Master Org scares it off. An animal crystal falls from the sky into Cole's hand and they use this to defeat Bulldozer Org while Red Lion WildZord recovers. On their way out of the forest, the team finds a Soul Bird egg and take it to Princess Shayla.

  • Soul Bird Salvation
    Toxica senses another Org in the vicinity and she and Jindrax go check it out. They come across Retinax, an Org who used to be Master Org's personal bodyguard. Retinax had felt he failed when Master org was defeated, but returned when he heard Master org had returned. He decides to prove himself to Master Org by defeating his main enemy. Toxica likes the idea of Retinax being there, as he can tell if there is something weird with Master Org, as she suspects there might be. Master Org overhears the conversation and watches them head off in search of the Power Rangers for Retinax to prove himself. Back at the Animarium, Princess Shayla is watching over the Soul Bird egg until it hatches. Suddenly the viewing pool shows the team an image of Retinax. The Princess tells them she sense he is stronger than the other Orgs and that they must be careful. They find Retinax and begin to battle him, deciding to combine their powers, and Jindrax and Toxica arrive with Freezer Org. The Rangers now have to battle Jindrax, Toxica, Freezer Org, and Retinax. After a long and intense battle they are exhausted and have no more weapons at their disposal. Just then Princess Shayla shows up, having been lead there by the Soul Bird egg, and the egg makes noises that incapacitate the Orgs. The noise also unthaws all the Rangers' weapons and they are able to use them against the Orgs. The Soul Bird hatches and helps the Rangers out. Once the Orgs are under control, Cole gets a message from Red Lion WildZord that it needs to merge with the Soul Bird so it can heal. The team forms the WildZord and Red Lion is saved. Meanwhile, Master Org has to destroy Retinax because he knows that Master Org is a human with Master Org's powers and not the real Master Org.

  • Curse Of The Wolf
    Master Org is still upset over seeing Cole's picture of Cole and his parents, the people Master Org killed many years ago. He decides to bring on Nayzor, one of his generals, to deal with Cole and get rid of him for good. Master Org tells Nayzor he has a mission for him alone to deal with. Meanwhile, Cole tells the others on the team that a full moon, such as the one that night, allows evil to come from the Earth in the form of man and wolf beast. Back in Turtle Cove, the Vacuum Cleaner Org starts causing trouble, sucking up everything in sight. The viewing pond in the Animarium bubbles to let the Rangers know about the Org. Jindrax and Toxica meet up with Vacuum Cleaner Org to get him to help them with the Rangers. The Rangers have to battle with the Org, who is not easy to handle. The Rangers form the Wild Force MegaZord and the Org and Zord face one another as two huge contestants in a battle. Princess Shayla calls Cole in the Zord and tells him there is a powerful force in the mountains that she has been able to sense. Nayzor is who she sensed and he is standing over a coffin. He has managed to bring Zen-Aku, the wolf beast Cole talked about earlier, back to deal with the Rangers. He easily handles the Rangers and has everything in control the way he wants. He then tells the Rangers he won't be so easy on them next time, that he's been locked away for 3000 years waiting for his revenge, and then he walks away. Cole, who thought he'd made up the wolf beast story just to scare the others, is amazed it is true.

  • Battle Of The Zords
    Alyssa was not able to protect the crystal of ElephantZord during the encounter with Zen-Aku, the wolf beast, and he took the ElephantZord away with him. The entire team is bruised and beaten and has taken refuge in the Animarium to mend their wounds. They ask Princess Shayla what she knows and what they can do and she tells them to rest, although she seems to know more than she is telling. Meanwhile, Master Org tells Toxica and Jindrax to keep an eye on Zen-Aku. He tells them that while he is grateful for being awoken, he does not work for Master Org and that he is after revenge on the Rangers. Jindrax and Toxica decide to send Zen-Aku back to his tomb, but fail. While the other Rangers have been resting, Alyssa has gone off in search of the ElephantZord. The others go off after her, to help or save her when they find her. Alyssa runs into Jindrax and Toxica, who want her Tiger crystal. Toxica blasts her with her staff, sending Alyssa down the hill. Zen-Aku finds her, but instead of harming her he bandages her and helps her while she is unconscious. The other Rangers find her and ask her who bandaged her, but she doesn't know. The Rangers are ambushed by Jindrax and Toxica, followed by Zen-Aku. They have to fight Zen-Aku, who thinks they are not very good fighters. The Rangers find out that Zen-Aku has three Dark WildZords of his own to control. He shows them that everything they can do, he can do and then leaves. Later, Master Org is talking to Nayzor and tells him they have to get Zen-Aku to destroy the Rangers before he remembers the past.

  • Predazord, Awaken
    Zen-Aku is thinking back to how the five ancient Power Rangers defeated him and sealed him away for 3000 years, and vows revenge upon the current Rangers. Max and Danny meet Alyssa at school and take her out for ice cream to raise her spirits. Danny suddenly remembers he has to spritz his violets and rushes off, using the bike Alyssa offers him. As they are leaving, Max and Alyssa see an out of control bus with no driver and morph, rushing off after the bus to stop it. They call for the others, who come to help them. Alyssa manages to get inside the bus and stop it, saving the people inside. Toxica and Jindrax get on the bus after it has stopped and demand the animal crustal. The Blue Rangers acts as if he is going to give it to them, but instead tosses it out the bus window and tells them they have to go get it. The Rangers are then able to get the people safely off the bus. When Max tries to go after Jindrax and Toxica to get the crystal back he meets up with Bus Org. Cole meets up with Zen-Aku and tells him they are going to settle things now, while the others deal with Bus Org. Zen-Aku deals with Cole rather easily, leaving him lying on the ground in pain. When Zen-Aku moves in for the kill, Cole stops him and gets up. He tries to reason with Zen-Aku, who feels they are evil. When Zen-Aku runs off saying they would finish this later, Cole goes to help the rest of the team. Toxica makes the Org grow huge, so the Rangers use their Wild Force MegaZord. Zen-Aku forms his three dark wildzords into one large MegaZord or PredaZord. The PredaZord and Wild Force MegaZord face off against one another. They use the Giraffe Crystal and work as a team against Zord. Zen-Aku manages to stop the Wild Force MegaZord and also get the Giraffe Crystal. He leaves the Rangers where they are and heads off. Zen-Aku runs into Master Org, who realizes that he does not remember the past.

  • Revenge Of Zen-Aku
    Zen-Aku is waiting for someone when Toxica runs across him. After talking with him for a few minutes, she realizes he does not remember what happened 3000 years earlier. The Rangers show up and demand Zen-Aku return their WildZords. He tells them they are Dark WildZords now and proceeds to call them and have them combine into PredaZord. The Rangers call their WildZords into action and have them combine to form Wild Force MegaZord. Zen-Aku surprises them by bringing forth one of his newest Dark WildZords - Elephant WildZord, who promptly rams the MegaZord. Alyssa is upset to see her former friend fighting against them. Zen-Aku next calls forth another one of his newest Dark WildZords - Giraffe WildZord, who smashes the MegaZord with his head. Max is upset to see him with Zen-Aku and begs his former friend to rejoin them. The Rangers use their remaining Animal Zords and manage to evade capture or death. Later, Princess Shayla and Taylor decide to go back to where the Rangers first ran into Zen-Aku to look for clues as to what is going on. As they are heading there, Zen-Aku hears the sound of a trapped Org spirit and goes to release it. When the Princess and Taylor get to Zen-Aku's coffin, they realize something else is there. It is Motorcycle Org, who Taylor met earlier as Scooter Org. Zen-Aku kidnaps the Princess, but lets Taylor go and she tells the others. The Princess is not afraid of Zen-Aku and he is curious about the necklace she is wearing. He remembers it for some reason, but can't remember why. The BearZords are lost to Zen-Aku during the fight, but the Rangers manage to survive the revenge for now. Princess Shayla is upset about all that is going on and something in the past that is not revealed yet.

  • Identity Crisis
    Zen-Aku has seven WildZords after the recent encounters with the Rangers, while they only have six. The morale of the team has gotten low as they try to figure out how they can stop Zen-Aku. Meanwhile, Zen-Aku keeps having flashbacks to his past, but he can never quite remember enough to see what happened then. A wolf-dog greets him as a friend, causing more flashbacks and even more confusion. While the Rangers are on their way to get their crystals back from Zen-Aku they run into Toxica and Jindrax. Zen-Aku stops the Duke Orgs from fighting the Rangers, telling them that he is the one who will deal with the Rangers. During the battle, the wolf-dog gets hurt as well as Zen-Aku, which distracts him as well as the Rangers. He takes the wolf-dog to his cave to mend their wounds. Cole tells the others that the dog is half-wolf and that he had seen it earlier during a full moon. Once night falls, it is time for the big battle between Zen-Aku and the Rangers. He uses his PredaZord and they use their Wild Force MegaZord. During the fight the vision of a MegaZord appears, telling Zen-Aku to remember. Princess Shayla sees the image of the battle in the viewing pond and says its name, Animus. Later, Toxica and Jindrax run across Lawnmower Org and recruit him to help them. The Rangers start to think about Zen-Aku and begin to wonder about him, especially the fact that he can control Zords, which an Org should not be able to do. The fact that he bled during a fight, something which Orgs also do not do, is also amazing tot he team. They try to tell Zen-Aku that he is human, but he does not believe them because he has been made to not remember anything by a bug in his head. They begin to battle again, but Animus shows up and tells Zen-Aku to remember. He does not, but Princess Shayla who is watching in the viewing pond realizes who Zen-Aku really is and says his name, Merrick the sixth warrior.

  • The Ancient Warrior
    Zen-Aku gives the animal crystals to Nayzor and tells him he will destroy the Rangers that night, when the moon is full and his powers are their strongest. Nayzor tells Jindrax and Toxica that his power over Zen-Aku, in the form of a bug in his head, are strong and he has control of him. Meanwhile, the Rangers and Princess Shayla discuss Animus and Zen-Aku. Animus appeared to the Princess in a vision, telling what happened 3000 years earlier. Zen-Aku was one of the ancient warrior and he used the wolf mask to defeat Master Org. However, the mask was making him turn evil and he asked the others to destroy him so he would not harm them. They refused to do anything to him because he was their friend. He turns evil in front of them and they have no choice but to destroy him. As the Rangers listen to the story they decide that if they can determine what power controls the wolf mask then maybe then can stop it and Zen-Aku can become Merrick again. They figure out that it is the moon that gives Zen-Aku his power. The Rangers goes off to deal with Zen-Aku and when they find him they tell him he was one of them and they cannot fight him. He does not remember and says he can fight them. While this is happening, Nayzor takes the animal crystals to master org, who is pleased. Back at the fight, the Rangers have no choice but to fight back against Zen-Aku or they will be killed. Just as Zen-Aku is about to finish off the Red Ranger a force stops him. That force is coming from Animus. They watch as Zen-Aku stumbles away, clutching his head in pain, and eventually morphs back into Merrick. He tells the Rangers the story of how he became under the control of Zen-Aku and evil. As the moon begins to return, Zen-Aku asks the Rangers to destroy him before he becomes Zen-Aku again but they won't. Princess Shayla realizes that the curse does not come from the mask, but from the Dark Zords. She tells the Rangers to destroy the PredaZord to break the curse. After a prolonged battle they manage to do that and Merrick returns to human.

  • The Lone Wolf
    Merrick is still lying where he was after being freed from the curse of the mask. He is alive, but knocked out. The Rangers are looking all over for him and finally find him. It takes some effort, but they manage to awaken him. When he wakes up, he can't understand why they are being nice to him after he tried to kill them. They tell him they know it was the curse, but he is still upset about it. The team introduces themselves formally to him, but he still thinks he is not good enough to be with them and runs off. The Rangers decide to give him some time to sort things out. Merrick seeks out Jindrax and Toxica and demands to be taken to Master Org. They decide that since he is only human now, he is no threat. Once he gets to Master Org he tells him he is there to serve him. It is a trick and he takes Jindrax' knife and tries to use it on Master Org, only he is not fast enough. When Merrick calls for the Zords, they do not come as Master Org now has the crystals. Master Org causes the energy of the four Zords to form into one creature, called Quadra Org. The Rangers find out what is happening and go to help Merrick. They decide to combine their weapons to use against Quadra Org, but they do not have much use against it. Merrick jumps in and takes on the Quadra org alone while the others are captured. Merrick uses his ancient powers and manages to destroy the Quadra Org. He then is able to use the PredaZord, since all the evil is gone from it. The other Rangers are free now and join in the battle. Nayzor is destroyed during the battle, which shocks Jindrax and Toxica. Merrick decides he has to go it alone, as he is not part of the Rangers, and leaves.

  • Power Play
    Princess Shayla remembers back to when Merrick saved her and put her into the Animarium to keep her safe. When the Power Rangers try to talk to her, she seems strange to them. Meanwhile, Merrick shows up at a ranch. Not long after, some unruly people show up as well. He jumps into to help and ends up in a fight with them, but he does not use his Zords or other weaponry. The owner of the ranch thanks Merrick and offers him some food and a room. Master Org is in the Nexus trying to figure out where Toxica has gone, and even though Jindrax tries to tell him they are better off without her, he refuses to discuss it. After Master Org goes off, Toxica decides to go after the Rangers alone. The viewing pool in the Animarium bubbles up to let the Rangers know an Org is causing trouble. It is really Jindrax and some Putrids, however when the Rangers get there a new General Org, named Necremonica, shows up. Back at the ranch, Merrick senses trouble and heads off to help the Rangers and scares off Necremonica. The Rangers once again ask Merrick to join them and he refuses again. The Princess goes off after Merrick and Alyssa realizes they had a relationship in the past. Despite being glad to see her, Merrick refuses to hug the Princess and tells her they have different paths to follow and she leaves. Jindrax appears with Karaoke Org, who uses his music to take people out. The Rangers are taken down by the Org, but Merrick shows up and uses his crystals to stop the Org. Necremonica shows up and Merrick has to fight him. The Rangers combine their weapons with Merrick and they are able to stop Necremonica. Necremonica turns out to be Toxica, who became the General Org by using the energy left over after General Nayzor was destroyed. Then she makes Karaoke org grow huge and the Rangers and Merrick have to use their Zords against him to stop him. The Rangers try again to get Merrick to join them and he tells them he doesn't have to be part of the team to work with them. Taylor gives him a jacket from Princess Shayla and he wears it.

  • Secrets And Lies
    Master Org is angry with Toxica for becoming a General org and punishes her with his powers. Jindrax steps in and stops him before he destroys her by pleading with him. He lets them both go but tells them to find another Org for him. Meanwhile, Cole is showing the picture of his parents to the dogs in the park. Alyssa sees him and rides over to him. She has an idea, based on what she did in class, and thinks maybe she can use old newspapers to help him find his family. The computer finds something that may be helpful, but before it can be printed Alyssa and Cole have to go off and fight an Org. The new Org looks like a traffic light and is named Signal Org. Jindrax and Toxica show up and decide to see what Signal Org can do against the Rangers. Signal Org knocks Cole down and he can't remember who he is or why he is there. Alyssa gets the rest of the Rangers to help her find him. Cole wakes up in a farmhouse with a girl watching him. He meets the family who lives there and since he doesn't know who he is, decides to stay and help out on the farm. The next day Alyssa goes to get the paper she printed at the library, but is upset when she sees what is on it. The Rangers find Cole on the farm, but he does not remember them. They tell him it is time to leave. Jindrax and toxica show up with Signal Org and the Rangers have to fight them. During the fight Cole starts to get his memory back and is able to battle. Jindrax and Toxica sneak up on Master Org, as Toxica has suspicions that he is not the true Master Org. Master Org zaps them, transforming them physically and also changing their attitude toward him. They are now subservient to him. Once the Rangers have dealt with Signal Org, Alyssa takes Cole to the graveyard where his parents are buried. He is upset, but she points out that the newspaper says he died as well. She tells him maybe his parents were lost in the jungle like him and that they are not really dead.

  • The Tornado Spin
    Master Org watches Jindrax and Toxica fight each other. Toxica wins and is about to destroy Jindrax, but Master Org stops her. He tells them to go prepare for the arising of an Org spirit that will destroy the Rangers. As they leave, he takes out his photo of Cole's family and looks at it. At the Animarium, Danny is helping Max clear out some things he has outgrown. One of the items is a bowling trophy from when he was younger. Meanwhile, Jindrax and Toxica go to a junk yard, where they look for the Org spirit. They find a bowling ball and Toxica throws it. A ball of fire hits it and a new Org, Bowling Org, is formed. Bowling Org starts terrorizing the people in town. The Rangers, and Merrick, show up to stop him. Bowling Org bowls the Rangers down with a ball, but they are all ok. The Rangers, minus Merrick, go to the bowling alley with Max. He explains that if they can find the guy who taught him to bowl they can use his tornado spin to stop Bowling Org. They find a man in the alley who is cleaning it who turns out to be the man they need. He doesn't want to help them, but Max is persistent. In flashbacks we learn that Max had the potential to be a pro bowler and the man, Don, was helping him. He had never forgiven Max for giving it all up. Don gives in eventually and works with Max on the tornado spin. Meanwhile, Toxica, Jindrax, and Bowling Org meet up with Merrick. The Rangers show up to help and max uses the tornado spin. The Rangers defeat Bowling Org, and Jindrax and Toxica vow revenge.

  • Three's A Crowd
    While Alyssa reads a story from the newspaper to the other Rangers about a Wedding Dress Org on the loose, the viewing pond begins to bubble. They find the Org, who has kidnapped a woman to steal her beauty, and chase it into a church, While there Danny, as the Black Ranger, sees Kendall and once again realizes he has strong feelings for her. The Org manages to elude all the Rangers and goes into the church basement without them knowing. There the Org turns the woman into a mannequin and puts her by a bunch of other mannequins. At the Animarium Danny has a daydream that Kendall has been kidnapped by the Org, so he goes to the flower shop to warn her. When he gets there another guy is there to see Kendall too. She is surprised by the two of them and heads off The church for the weeding reception with the other guy before Danny can warn her. The Wedding Dress Org shows up to kidnap the bride, and Danny has to fight the Org unmorphed. The guy and Kendall also get caught in the fight and Kendall gets minorly hurt in the process. Thinking that Kendall and the guy have left, Danny morphs and does not realize that they saw him from where they were hiding. He fights the Org, then the other Rangers arrive and the Org teleports away. The other Rangers head off to find the earlier missing brides while Danny heads off to see Kendall. When he gets tot he hospital, the other guy tells him they saw him morph and that he can't give Kendall what she needs while saving the world. Danny gets called into action, proving the guy's point, and heads off. The guys goes to visit Kendall and gives her an expensive bracelet, as well as the handmade one from Danny. She likes Danny's and leaves the hospital to find him. She goes to where he is fighting the Org and tells him she is behind him. The Rangers battle the Org and end up using the Wild Force MegaZord against it, with Merrick showing up to help. They defeat the Org. Later, Danny goes to see Kendall and they both realize his duties as a Ranger have to come first.

  • A Father's Footsteps
    Alyssa's father wants her to quit college and take over the family's business. He thinks she should run the Enrile Family Dojo, but she wants nothing to do with it. She does not listen to him and continues to go to school. She does not have time in her already full schedule to deal with the dojo, as she not only is a Power Ranger, but she helps out at the high school, teaches classes, and gets excellent grades. Alyssa remembers learning how to fight from her father and getting her black belt, but she also remembers that he thinks she let him down by going to college. Meanwhile, the still possessed Toxica and Jindrax find the Samurai Org and send him off to deal with the Power Rangers. Things do not always go smoothly, as being a Power Ranger and going to college don't always go together any more than running the family's dojo and going to college do. Alyssa has to leave class to deal with the Samurai Org with the other Rangers. Because of the battle she is late for lunch with her father. He goes to find her and instead finds the Rangers fighting Samurai Org. After watching them fight for a few minutes, he realizes Alyssa is the White Ranger from her fighting style. The Rangers manage to defeat the Org and Alyssa and her father make their peace.

  • Sing Song
    Toxica and Jindrax dig up a tombstone. The tombstone turns into a portal and several Orgs go into it. They form together into a super Org, Tombstone Org, with the power of six Orgs. Back in the Animarium the Viewing Pond erupts and the Power Rangers see that a new Org has been formed. The Rangers go to deal with it and Cole runs into the Org. The Rangers morph and Merrick is there too. They begin to battle the Org, but he is too strong for them. He tells the Power Rangers that he is made of pure stone and they cannot hurt him. The Rangers use their Zords and manage Tombstone Org down. When Jindrax and Toxica tell Master Org about it, he tells them that more Tombstone Org fights the stronger he becomes so not to worry. Merrick calls on a deer Zord and he and Princess Shayla make music for the Zord. The Zord is able to work with the Rangers to defeat Tombstone Org. The Princess and Merrick and the Rangers all talk together and the Rangers are glad to have learned more about the past.

  • The Wings Of Animaria
    Master Org, Toxica, and Jindrax are at the exact spot where Nayzor was destroyed. Master Org places the crown that Toxica used to get her new powers into the hole and she waves her wand, causing an explosion. The Power Rangers show up to find out what is going on. Master Org shows them Super Nayzor, whom he has created to destroy them. Merrick can't understand how Nayzor can be alive since he destroyed him. Nayzor laughs and asks if Merrick really thought he would be that easy to destroy. Merrick and Super Nayzor begin to fight and Super Nayzor overpowers Merrick. The rest of the Rangers go to help him, but he overpowers them too. Cole manages to call for the Lion Fang, but it doesn't help. As Super Nayzor is ready to destroy them all for good, a lightening bolt hits him and knocks him down. It is from Animus, who has grown huge. The Rangers get back to the Animarium, except Cole and Merrick, to tend to their wounds. The Princess is with them and they are discussing how to deal with Super Nayzor. Super Nayzor is in the city, so Cole and Merrick go after him. The rest of the Rangers fidn a puzzle they have to solve and work hard at it. If they can solve it they can find a wild zord with powers beyond what they can understand. The Rangers send a new weapon to Cole, who uses it against Super Nayzor. The Rangers manage to destroy Super Nayzor, which does not make Master Org happy.

  • Reinforcements From The Future, Part 1
    Taylor gets pulled over while driving too fast in her new car and gets a ticket. After she drives off, we see that the officers were Wes and Eric of the Silver Guardians who are patrolling the city. Later that night three fireballs come from the sky. As they hit the ground they turn into monsters. Meanwhile Toxica's horn is glowing very brightly and Jindrax is sure a powerful Org is coming, as he's never seen it so bright. They go find the three monsters and tell them that they work for Toxica and Jindrax now. The monsters seem to agree, but then they leave the two Duke Orgs in a hole in the ground and walk off. The three monsters head off to the city, where they start bothering the people there. Wes and Eric get the call to go deal with the situation. They confront the monsters and start battling with them. The Wild Force Rangers show up while Wes and Eric are morphed in their Time Force garb. The monsters head off and the Time Force Rangers unmorph and meet the Wild Force Rangers. The Wild Force Rangers realize there is something different about the new 3 Orgs, but can't figure it out. Meanwhile, the Time Force Rangers have to contact the future. The Wild Force Rangers see this and learn that research about the Orgs is being done in the future. The Orgs come back and battle the Rangers some more, then head off to meet Master Org. To be continued in part 2...

  • Reinforcements From The Future, Part 2
    Wes and Jen are talking about why she did not contact him about the Mutorgs. Before she can answer, Princess Shayla interrupts to show them an object that has been beeping while they were gone. Jen uses the screen to make contact with Circuit. Circuit explains they are being sent back in time to help. Once everyone is reunited, they see Ransik and Nadira who have come to help. Ransik asks Jen for a chance to redeem himself for all the things he has done in the past. Cole tells Jen that Ransik is telling the truth and that she should listen to him. Ransik explains that he was responsible for their being Mutorgs. In the future, they had been frozen into statues and he released them so they could destroy humans. When he did, the used his DNA to create new bodies for themselves, the Mutorgs. Later, Master Org shows up with a small army to fight the Rangers. He tells them he will use their own technology against them. The Rangers, with some help, battle them and in the process Ransik is changed back into a normal-looking human. Afterward, Ransik, Nadira, and all the Rangers hang out and have some good times.

  • The Master's Last Stand
    Cole learns that Dr. Adler, the one person who might know what happened to his parents, and Master Org are one and the same. Master Org tells him that he was the one who killed Cole's parents. At one time they were all friends, but jealousy tore him apart and turned him bad. When he found the original Master Org's remains, he ate the seeds of it and turned into Master Org. The new Master Org has just one real goal - to kill Cole. Meanwhile, Jindrax and Toxica are trying to come up with a plan to get rid of Master Org. They find a General Org and bring it to life to become the new Master Org. Cole is fighting the current Master Org when Merrick shows up to help. When Master Org is beaten he becomes human once again and is no longer a threat. Cole spares his life and just walks away, which confuses the now defeated Master Org. Everyone is relieved because Master Org has been defeated.

  • Unfinished Business
    Merrick gets a sense that something is wrong and, when he goes to investigate, he finds Zen-Aku. The Power Rangers show up to help him and they all learn that by destroying the wolf mask and freeing Merrick's spirit, they also released Zen-Aku's spirit and allowed him to become real. Zen-Aku wants his spirit to join back up with Merrick's so they can fight as one again. When they Rangers try to help, Merrick insists he has to do this alone. They watch him fall down a cliff during a fight with Zen-Aku, but they are sure he is still alive. He and Zen-Aku are still fighting. The Wolf Zord leads the Rangers to Merrick, who allows them to help him. Merrick manages to use a Zords to cut off Zen-Aku's horn, which contains his powers, destroying Zen-Aku for good.

  • Unfinished Business
    Merrick gets a sense that something is wrong and, when he goes to investigate, he finds Zen-Aku. The Power Rangers show up to help him and they all learn that by destroying the wolf mask and freeing Merrick's spirit, they also released Zen-Aku's spirit and allowed him to become real. Zen-Aku wants his spirit to join back up with Merrick's so they can fight as one again. When they Rangers try to help, Merrick insists he has to do this alone. They watch him fall down a cliff during a fight with Zen-Aku, but they are sure he is still alive. He and Zen-Aku are still fighting. The Wolf Zord leads the Rangers to Merrick, who allows them to help him. Merrick manages to use a Zords to cut off Zen-Aku's horn, which contains his powers, destroying Zen-Aku for good.

  • Homecoming
    Jindrax and Toxica are with the new General Org and watch as he brings forth two new Orgs. At the same time, Cole runs into a kid stealing food to survive and when Cole asks him his name, the kid says "Kite" because he sees a kite in a tree. Kite then kicks Cole and runs away from him. The Rangers have to go off to fight the new Orgs. The General Org thinks that building taste good and wants to eat them all. When Kite tries to stop him from eating them, the other two Orgs get him. Cole sees what is happening and saves Kite from the Orgs. The Rangers decide to regroup back at base, then find out the Orgs are at it again and head off to fight them. Princess Shayla brings Kite some food, but he doesn't want her help. When General Org attacks her and Kite, Merrick shows up to help them. The Rangers find that their Zords won't come to help them against the Orgs because where they are battling is a Zord burial ground. When the Rangers make them understand that they have respect for the Zords of the past, their Zords come to help them chase off the Orgs. After the battle, the Rangers move the Zord burial ground to a safer place.

  • The Flute
    Princess Shayla is singing a sing to a deer, which the Orgs hear and don't like. Kite hears the song and it seems familiar and makes him upset. Flute Org shows up and begins to play his own song, which the Princess thinks is Merrick making the music. The deer runs away and Princess Shayla gets angry with Merrick and tells him she never wants to sing with him again. Flute Org is controlling a group of children and making them dance, but the Rangers show up and stop his music which sets the kids free. The Rangers battle Flute Org, who manages to get some power from some other Orgs to become stronger and try to control the Rangers. Cole, who has been chasing after Kite to try and find his parents, is called to help in the battle. Flute Org uses his new power to control all the people in the town and the Power Rangers as well. Princess Shayla and Merrick realizes what has happened and decide to work together to free everyone. Merrick plays a flute and they use a Zord to battle Flute Org and take away his music. Animus comes in and destroys Flute Org, then leaves again as suddenly as he arrived.

  • Team Carnival
    Max finds Kite stealing food from a store and saves him from the store owner and makes him return the food. He takes him back to the Power Rangers' base and Kite is able to get something to eat. Max is going to take Kite to find his parents, but Taylor thinks something fishy is going on so she goes with them. Meanwhile, Jindrax is feeling low and goes to find his brother. They see Kite, Max, and Taylor go into a carnival and decide to go in to get Taylor. They put on some costumes and call themselves "Team Carnival". Max and Kite talk Taylor into going on a roller coaster, which makes her sick, so Max goes on the next ride alone. It is really a trap and Jindrax has him. Taylor and Max try to save Kite, but they cannot do it so they call the others. The rest of the Rangers arrive and they fight Team Carnival. They call their MegaZord into action and Team Carnival uses Toxica's staff to grow huge. It is now a battle of the giants and pretty evenly matched until Merrick shows up to help. They are able to destroy Jindrax's brother. When Kite meets Merrick he has a strange feeling he knew him once a long time ago.

  • Taming Of The Zords
    A new Lion Tamer Org appears and he uses his lion tamer whip to make the Power Rangers to do all sorts of circus stunts. As the battle progresses, Toxica and Jindrax give the Org the power to grow huge. The Org then tames the Wild Zords and the Rangers can no longer control them. Lion Tamer Org has them form the MegaZord as one of his tricks, and the PredaZord is under his control. Merrick is the only one who can use his Zords, because they have a human controller for them and Lion Tamer org cannot tame them. The Org and Merrick fight, while the MegaZord and KongaZord fight. The MegaZord wins and is able to get the PredaZord free of the Org's control. Kite arrives on the scene and is somehow able to control the wind to break the Org's spells. The Power Rangers defeat the Lion Tamer Org and it is destroyed.

  • Monitoring Earth, Part 1
    During the last battle, Mandilok noticed that Kite had powers and that he could use them to his advantage. Back at the Animarium, Kite gets angry with the Power Rangers because they are not doing enough to stop pollution and then runs off. The Rangers go off after him, and Merrick says there is something familiar about Kite. Kite meets up with Mandilok, who only fuels Kite's anger about pollution. Monitor Org is created from a garbage dump and is able to pull people into through their computer monitors. He heads off to the stadium and pulls everyone there in through the video screen. When the Rangers show up at the stadium, not only do they find that everyone has been sucked away but that Kite has changed sides and is with Mandilok now. The Rangers have to battle Monitor Org and Kite reveals his powers to everyone during the battle. They manage to defeat the Org and everyone the Org has sucked away comes back. Merrick tries to reason with Kite, but Kite uses his powers to push him aside.Meanwhile, Monitor Org grows huge and the Rangers have to use their MegaZord to destroy it. Mandilok manages to get control of the MegaZord. Kite tells everyone his true identity - Animus. He is still angry with the humans, but he does not like the way the Orgs treat the planet either and says he will not help either side. He takes off with all the Wild Zords and Princess Shayla falls into a deep sleep.

  • The Soul Of Humanity, Part 2
    The Power Rangers look to see if there are any Wild Zords left, but instead find the sleeping Princess. Cole goes to tell Merrick about he Princess, which upsets him. He goes tot he Wild Zord shrine to try and get some help. While there, Kite shows up and tells him he does not belong and he can go with him and the Wild Zords. Meanwhile, a new Org has showed up, a Toy Org, and the depressed and weakened Rangers have to deal with it. They cannot do anything and have to retreat, which Mandilok feels proves his point about how worthless humans are. The Rangers go back and save some people who were trapped and Cole tells Mandilok that is the soul of humanity. Back at the shrine, kite tries to get Merrick to go with him but he refuses. He then becomes Animus to wake up the Princess. Merrick heads off to help the Rangers and destroys Toy Org. Toxica uses her power to make Toy Org grow giant and Merrick, the only one with a Zord, calls on the PredaZord. Animus shows up to fight along with Merrick and they easily destroy Toy Org. Later Kite explains it was all a test to make sure the Rangers were protecting Earth and then he gives Cole a gift, a Wild Force Rider, then leaves reassured that Earth will be safe.

  • Forever Red
    A group of borgs are digging on the moon and find something that Lord Zedd left behind. Watching all the action there is Andros, who almost gets caught. Down on Earth, Bulk and Skull are playing chess when they get a phone call for someone else there. Meanwhile, Carter meets up with the Wild Force Rangers and asks to speak to Cole. Carter explains to Cole that he has been sent to get him for a mission to save the planet. When they get back to NASADA they all meet up with Wes and Eric. TJ steps out of a Lightning Cruiser and meets the other Rangers there, then introduces Andros. As all the past and present Red Rangers are talking, another walks in. Not just another Red Ranger, but Tommy the former Zeo Ranger! Tommy had called all the Red Rangers together because some of the generals from the Machine Empire are still around and are ready to invade the Earth. Tommy tells all the Red Rangers that it is up to them if they want to help, and naturally they all agree to go. Just when they had decided no one else was coming, the original Red Ranger, Jason, shows up. They all introduce themselves to him and the Red Ranger group is now complete. They take the Astro Megaship Mark II to the moon to fight the Shadow Borg and the Cogs. It seems that General Venjix has been having his men dig up Serpentara from the moon, which would give him the ability to destroy Earth. Once they land, a big battle between the Red Rangers and the Cogs ensues, and the general and his leaders decide to get onto Serpentara. Cole tries to stop them and gets fired upon but is saved by Leo. All the Red Rangers morph using their various morphers and motions. After a long fight, the Rangers blow up Serpentara with the general in it and save the world. Tommy thanks them all and after some good-natured bantering they all head back to their own lives.

  • The Master's Herald, Part 1
    Onikage, a new Duke Org, shows up to help Mandilok. He has a plan to work with Jindrax and Toxica to kidnap Princess Shayla. They all dress as Ninjas and go into the Animarium to get her. Toxica accidently gets some of the water from the viewing pond on her and it hurts her. Her screaming wakes the Power Rangers, who fight them off. Toxica is upset because she spoiled the plan, but Onikage presents her with a new plan. He brings forth five formerly beaten Orgs all at the same time and sets them loose on Turtle Cove. When the Rangers try to fight them, they cannot do anything to them. Merrick shows up at the Animarium to protect the Princess, but she sends him off to help the Rangers. Merrick is working with the other Rangers and reveals Onikage as the force behind the Orgs. But wait, if Merrick is already fighting with the Rangers, who is with the Princess? It turns out that the other Merrick is really Toxica in disguise. The Princess sends for the Rangers to help her with Toxica and in them meantime she fights Toxica herself. Jindrax stops the other Rangers from going to help the Princess, who continues to battle with Toxica. Toxica falls into the waters and is in pain, but because she has removed her horn the water no longer has any effect. Toxica defeats the Princess, but then passes out from weakness from removing her horn. When the Rangers arrive to rescue the Princess, Mandilok grabs Toxica to use her as a shield and she is destroyed. Onikage grows huge, but Merrick manages to destroy him. The Power Rangers regroup at the Animarium and try to figure out how to get the Princess back. To be continued...

  • The Master's Herald, Part 2
    Jindrax is upset ovee the loss of Toxica. Onikage and Mandilok work together to set a trap for the Rangers and decide to use Princess Shayla as bait to lure them into the trap. The Orgs manage to get the Rangers into the trap and the Shadow Rangers are created. Mandilok is watching the Orgs and Rangers fight, when someone shows up. It is Master Org, only this time he really has a horn and an extra eye unlike the times before when they were fake. Onikage gives Master Org Mandilok's weapon and Master Org destroys Mandilok. While this is going on Jindrax manages to free Princess Shayla and the two of them escape. Onikage goes after them and manages to find them, bringing Princess Shayla back to Master Org. Jindrax is angry at the way he has been treated and follows them to get her back and stop them. Onikage makes a Shadow Jindrax, which keeps Jindrax from being able to do anything. Cole fights Shadow Onikage and manages to destroy him, which destroys not only the real Onikage but the Shadow Rangers as well. Master Org brings Onikage back to life and he is able to send the Rangers into another dimension. Princess Shayla cries about all this and her tears make the Red Lion grow into the Pegasus MegaZord. The MegaZord is able to destroy Onikage for good, and the Rangers are freed from the dimension and come back home.
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