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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 11   Power Rangers Ninja Storm

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  • Prelude To A Storm
    Each of the new Wind Rangers is introduced. First there is Tori, who is surfing. She looks at a wrist device, gets into her van and leaves. Next is Shane, who is skateboarding. After looking at his wrist device he realizes he has to leave. Dustin is seen next, riding a dirt bike. He leaves shortly after realizing the time. Tori picks up Shane in her van, then Dustin shows up and gets in as well. They all go to a waterfall where Shane sees a shadow, then is hit by it. The other two are knocked down by the shadow as well. They turn begin to fight the shadow and some ninjas. They do a good job of it, but they are seriously outnumbered. Eventually a bird comes down to the ground and changes into a man. He is an old man and knows all their names and tells them that is enough for today, which makes the ninjas leave. He tells them he is disappointed in them with their lack of training, as he is their Sensei at the Wind Ninja Academy. Meanwhile, there have been some weird weather disturbances in the area. The three Rangers have to deal with car issues and are late getting to school to meet with Sensei. When they do get there the school is totally gone. They have been taken up into a space ship. While trying to figure out what happened they meet up with Cameron, who is shot upon by the ship above. They have to deal with the shots and then with the inevitable monsters that follow. Once they deal with everything, Sensei tells the Rangers they did well this time but they have to prepare for more battles in the future. He tells them the future is in their hands.

  • There's No "I" In Team
    The Rangers are wandering through the desert, bound together, trying to find a scroll that has powers. They have not learned to work together very well, which does not help matters, and are surrounded. Suddenly the scene changes as Cam shuts off the hologram in which they are participating and Sensei tells them they must learn to work together. Shane blames it on Dustin and Tori and refuses to accept any blame. Meanwhile. Marah and Kapri both want an assistant monster. Kapri decides to bring forth a Mad Magnet Monster, which Lothor uses against the two by making it attract them and hold them together using its magnetic powers. The monster goes down to Earth and holds people together with its magnetic powers in large piles of humans. Shane sees what is happening with the monster and heads out to handle it alone. When the other Rangers learn about it, they want to go and help but Sensei tells them to let Shane deal with it so he will learn to ask for help. He gets trapped by rubble and then asks for help so the others join him. They work together as a team and join to make the Storm Striker and defeat the monster. Kapri and Marah manage to find the same scroll for which the Rangers were looking earlier and use it to make the monster grow. Sensei tells Cam to send Zords out to the Rangers, who use them to destroy the monster. However, it manages to reform itself so the Rangers have to use the Hawk, Dolphin, and Lion Zords to form together in the Storm MegaZord and completely destroy the monster. This angers Lothor, who brings in some help in the form of the Thunder Rangers.

  • Beauty And The Beach
    Tori feels insulted when Shane and the other guys tell her she is like one of the guys after finding out that a guy has asked about her. She decides to prove them wrong and show them how much a girl she really is. She decides to pose for a photo shoot for a magazine. When she gets to the spot where the shoot is taking place, it ends up being a trap that was set by Kapri and Marah. They use a camera to clone her and then trap the real Tori inside. The clone Tori tells the Storm Chargers to take her to the base of operations. The real Tori uses water to help her escape and blocks the clone Tori. Lothor is upset because his plan has failed, so he has a Copybot monster sent down. Copybot takes on the rest of the team while real Tori fights her evil clone. Tori manages to defeat the clone, then goes to help the others. When they use the Storm Striker to destroy him, Lothor revives him and makes him grow huge. using the MegaZord's powers, they manage to defeat Copybot for good. Later, the same guy who had been asking about her comes into the store and the guys have Tori help him so she has a chance to talk to him.
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