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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 17   Power Rangers RPM

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  • The Road To Corinth
    Everyone on Earth must go to the domed city of Corinth, mankind's last safe haven.

  • Fade To Black
    Some of Venjix's forces get inside the dome, and the Power Rangers must do battle with them.

  • Rain
    Dillon gets the chance to become the Black Ranger, and he passes all the tests.

  • Go For The Green
    Ziggy takes on the Green Ranger powers to keep them out of the hands of Venjix.

  • Handshake
    Dillon has trust issues with Dr. K and Tenaya 7 must prove her worth after failing to acquire the Green Ranger Morpher.

  • Ranger Green
    Ziggy accidentally transports himself into a Corinth bank vault and winds up in jail.

  • Ranger Red
    The Rangers need to activate the Croc Carrier Zord, but with a reactor that is not in the city.

  • Ranger Yellow, Part 1
    Summer's snobby parents show up and demand that she stop pretending to be a Power Ranger.

  • Ranger Yellow, Part 2
    Summer's parents tell her that they are broke and need her to marry Chaz Winchester for his family's money. Summer gets shoved off of the jeep and Andrews finds her.

  • Ranger Blue
    The Blue Ranger is unable to morph; an Attack Bot tries to cause a volcanic eruption inside the city of Corinth.

  • Doctor K
    Dr. K has a flashback about how Ranger technology and the Venjix virus began.

  • Blitz
    Dylan has a dream and realizes the Sat Bot stole his memory.

  • Brother's Keeper
    Venjix takes control of Dillon with help from the rest of the team.

  • Embodied
    The Rangers fall into a trap when they leave Corinth to look for clues about Dillon's past.

  • Ghosts
    The Rangers are ambushed.

  • In Or Out
    Scott joins Gem and Gemma to battle Venjix, a Venjix robot sucks the air out of the Corinth dome.

  • Prisoners
    Dillon searches for his sister and helps the Rangers battle a Venjix robot.

  • Belly Of The Beast
    The Rangers must destroy a Venjix Doomsday Bot.

  • Three's A Crowd
    Gem and Gemma walk into a trap.

  • Heroes Among Us
    Scott leaves the wasteland and he and Gem find human prisoners.

  • Not So Simple
    Gem and Gemma have their first disagreement.

  • The Dome Dolls
    The girls join together to defend Corinth after an Attack Bot causes all of the city's men to fall asleep.

  • And... Action
    Ziggy presents a behind-the-scenes look at the show.

  • Ancient History
    Some untested technology is found in a dumping ground. Truman attempts to hide it from Venjix, and he soon discovers that Dr. K is responsible for the start of Venjix.

  • Key To The Past
    Dillon finds that the two keys to his watch fit together to play another song.

  • Beyond A Doubt
    Tenaya 7 and Dillon try to stop an attack bot by stealing codes from Venjix palace.

  • Control-Alt-Delete
    Dillon searches for Tenaya, but is interrupted when Scott runs into trouble.

  • Run Ziggy Run
    Ziggy owes Fresno Bob a large sum of money.

  • If Venjix Won
    Ziggy and Dr. K get stuck in a cave, and the Rangers need a password to free them.

  • End Game
    Venjix's end game approaches and Corinth is endangered.

  • Danger And Destiny, Part 1
    Venjix takes Corinth when a magnetic blast shuts off the city's electricity.

  • Danger And Destiny, Part 2
    A virus is the Rangers' last hope of defeating Venjix.
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