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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 18   Power Rangers RPM

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  • The Team Unites
    After Mike can't anticipate an attack like Kevin and Jayden, he grows frustrated and takes a break from training to meet up with old friends. But when a long-armed monster named Rofer attacks, Mike unsuccessfully attempts to fight him alone, and his friends are injured. Jayden and Mentor explain the hard truth that Samurai Rangers must stay away from family and friends in order to protect them from the dangers that are involved with being a Ranger. Inspired, Mike begins to take his role and training as a Samurai Ranger more seriously. With Jayden's help, Mike uses his training and creativity to anticipate Rofer's moves and defeats him.

  • Deal With A Nighlok
    A Nighlok convinces a boy to discard his baseball aspirations, so the Rangers take action.

  • Day Off
    The Rangers go to an amusement park, while Jayden stays behind to practice using a power disc.

  • Stick & Stones
    Emily is unaffected when a Nighlok uses insults as a physical weapon.

  • Fish Out Of Water
    In order to defeat a Nighlok before his breath cripples the Samurai Rangers, Kevin must capture the elusive SwordFish Zord.

  • There Go The Brides
    A villain captures brides on the day of their nuptials.

  • I've Got A Spell On Blue
    Kevin falls prey to a villain's mind-control tactics and turns on the Rangers.

  • Forest For The Trees
    Mike proves untrustworthy in battle, so he loses his Samuraizer as punishment until he grasps the true meaning of his symbol power.

  • Test Of The Leader
    The Nighloks target the Red Ranger after they discover he has a special sealing power that can trap Master Xandred. The other Rangers then try to protect Jayden, but he doesn't want them endangered.

  • Jayden's Challenge
    Jayden isolates himself to keep his fellow Rangers safe, but then he realizes they must all work together if he is going to truly accept his role as the team leader.

  • Unexpected Arrival
    A fisherman insists he's the sixth Ranger, but the kids have some doubts about him.

  • Room For One More
    The new Gold Ranger, Antonio, has trouble fitting in with the rest of the Rangers.

  • The Blue And The Gold
    Antonio tries to prove himself to Kevin. Meanwhile, Octoroo thinks an old well could become a gateway into the netherworld.

  • Team Spirit
    The Rangers battle a Nighlok who snatches people's spirits, including Emily's, who like his other victims is at risk of entering a permanent state of slumber.

  • The Tengen Gate
    Octoroo wants the Red Ranger's powerful sealing symbol, so he poisons Jayden in order to get it.

  • Boxed In
    Jayden gets captured by Deker, so his team must battle a Nighlok without him.

  • Broken Dreams
    The Rangers enter the Dream World to rescue Mia and Antonio, who have gone into a dream-like trance courtesy of a Nighlok.

  • The Ultimate Duel
    The Rangers attempt to overtake a dream monster; Jayden battles Deker in a duel.

  • Origins, Part 1
    The Red Ranger organizes a new team to fight off rising dangers from the Netherworld.

  • Origins, Part 2
    Emily shares a personal secret. Meanwhile, the Rangers unite to make a Samurai Megazord.

  • Party Monsters
    The Nighloks celebrate Halloween with a party, where they share stories about their encounters with the Rangers.

  • Clash Of The Red Rangers
    The RPM Ranger Red unites with the Rangers to battle the Mooger army and a wicked robot leader.

  • Christmas Together, Friends Forever
    The Rangers discover the real meaning of Christmas and reflect on their first year as a team.
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