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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 19   Power Rangers RPM

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  • Super Samurai
    The Rangers search for open pools of Sanzu water, which need to be covered.

  • Shell Game
    A hard-shelled Nighlok proves to be a formidable opponent; Antonio loses an important item, and two wannabe Samurais find it.

  • Trading Places
    A Nighlok transfers people's spirits onto objects, and four of the Rangers fall victim to him.

  • Something Fishy
    Antonio's teammates try to help him conquer his new fear of fish. Meanwhile, Master Xandred gains an ally in his plan to flood the planet.

  • The Rescue
    Octoroo and Eyescar capture Antonio and Mentor and use them to lure the other Rangers into a trap.

  • The Bullzord
    A young boy's actions release a powerful Zord who damages the city, so the Rangers set out to capture and train the creature.

  • He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother
    Mia's brother visits and asks her to sing in his band. Meanwhile, Serrator invades the city again.

  • Kevin's Choice
    Kevin longs for his past as a competitive swimmer, and he struggles to assist the team after a Nighlok devours his Samuraizer. Elsewhere, Dayu and Deker make a pact with Serrator.

  • Runaway Spike
    Spike, seeking to help Bulk, goes looking for a job. Meanwhile The Rangers battle a Nighlok that can create mirror images.

  • The Strange Case Of The Munchies
    Emily becomes filled with self-doubt. Meanwhile, the other Rangers grow extremely hungry and thirsty after being exposed to a Nighlok's black sand.

  • A Sticky Situation
    A Nighlok glues Kevin and Mike's hands together, forcing them to work as a team and acknowledge both their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Trust Me
    Serrator clouds the minds of Monalua inhabitants, so the Rangers fight him with a Bullzooka.

  • The Master Returns
    As Jayden becomes plagued with self-doubt, Master Xandred clashes with Serrator.

  • A Crack In The World
    Serrator reveals the true stretch of his ambition as he makes preparations to split open the Earth. The Rangers battle the Nighlok Pestilox.

  • Trickster Treat
    A Nighlok named Trickster creates a nightmarish situation for the Rangers by trapping them in series of scary films.

  • Stroke Of Fate
    Antonio pleads with Deker not to follow Serrator's orders in the Nighlok's war against humans.

  • Fight Fire With Fire
    Injured in battle with the Nighlok Fiera, Jayden's responsibilities as the Red Ranger are taken up by another.

  • The Great Duel
    The Rangers try to adapt to a different leader, while Jayden searches for a new purpose in life.

  • Evil Reborn
    The Rangers try to persuade Jayden to come back to the team before Master Xandred is revived.

  • The Sealing Symbol
    Master Xandred returns to Earth, and the Rangers try to use the Sealing Symbol against him.

  • Samurai Forever
    The Rangers and Master Xandred engage in a final battle.

  • Stuck On Christmas
    The Rangers get trapped inside of a broken Megazord, and they work to break free in time for Christmas.
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