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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 4   Power Rangers Zeo

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  • A Zeo Beginning, Part 1
    This is the show that began it all for the Zeo Power Rangers! The command center was blown up when Rita's bad guys were trying to steal the Zeo Crystal. The Power Rangers were sad because they thought Zordon was dead and that there would be no more Power Rangers. Rita and Lord Zedd were being attacked by the Machine King, a new bad guy from space. Rita and Lord Zedd left to be safe at Rita's father's place. When the Power Rangers found the Zeo Crystal and they set it on the ground it took them to a lower level of the command center. The Zeo Crystal made the command center become whole again to become the power chamber. The Power Rangers found Alpha again. Ay-yi-yi! What will happen in Part 2?

  • A Zeo Beginning, Part 2
    The Machine Empire has arrived to take over the world and the Power Rangers have no powers! Lord Zedd and Rita are gone now because they were scared and ran away. The Power Rangers find out that Zordon is still alive. There are only five Zeo Crystals and that is not enough for all the Power Rangers, so Billy decides to stay in the Power Chamber to help Alpha run things. Now there are five Power Rangers again. The new Zeo Power Rangers morph with their new power and fight the cogs the Machine Empire sent down. This is an excellent episode. I am glad Zordon was still alive!

  • A Shooting Star
    Alpha and Billy are working on making new Zeo Zords and getting them all ready. King Mondo sends some Cogs down to where the Zords are hidden so they can make the Zords not work right. Tonya's boyfriend is on the Angel Grove High School baseball team, but he's having problems in school. He has to get a passing grade on his test or he can't play baseball. Tonya is going to help him study but he is going to cheat. Then Skull and Bulk get attacked by some Cogs. The Power Rangers Zeo fight the Cogs and get rid of them. then King Mondo sends down the Staroid monster to attack the Rangers. They have to fight him and win and save Angel Grove again. Tonya's boyfriend finds out that cheating isn't a good thing.

  • For Cryin' Out Loud
    Bulk and Skull got detoured around Angel Grove on their motorcycle and had problems with their brakes. They crashed and made a big mess. Then Tommy and Katherine had to pretend they were married for a class. The other Power Rangers thought it was funny. To make it seem more real Katherine brought along a baby named Joey who she babysat for sometimes. The other Power Rangers thought that was really funny. The Machine King decided to send Boo Hoo the clown to Angel Grove. Boo Hoo made it so everytime Joey cried it got louder and made people's heads hurt. The Power Rangers had to fight and stop Boo Hoo so Joey could get back to normal. Tommy and Katherine got an A on their marriage assignment. I liked this episode ok, but it was sort of silly.

  • The Puppet Blaster
    There is a new show at the youth center for kids with Captain Pete and Puppetman. The Power Rangers watch it and so do Bulk and Skull, who are babysitting. King Mondo sends cogs down to Angel Grove and makes the Puppetman evil by making him able hypnotize the kids watching the show. King Mondo has the Puppetman put a spell on the kids. The kids keep the Power Rangers from stopping the Puppetman. King Mondo sends the Puppetman out to put all the children in Angel Grove under a spell. While they are in the Power Chamber the Power Rangers get a new tool that keeps people from being hypnotized. The Power Rangers are able to beat the Puppetman with their Zords and the kids go back to normal.

  • Invasion Of The Ranger Snatchers
    Tanya, Rocky, and Kat get to be extras in a science fiction movie. Prince Sprocket decides he wants to make his own movie using the Power Rangers, but he needs them to do it. He sends the cogs down to get monster costumes and makes them into monsters to fight the Power Rangers. Prince Sprocket kidnaps the Power Rangers. They have to fight the monsters for the movie, but they are fighting for real so they can stop the monsters. The Power Rangers win and ruin Prince Sprocket's movie. This was a pretty good episode. I thought Rocky had a cool part when he was a movie extra and the whole thing was fun.

  • Instrument Of Destruction
    At Angel Grove High School the school counselor decided Skull and Adam need different kinds of classes. He makes them take a music class. Skull doesn't want to take the music class and he isn't very good at it. When Adam goes into the music room after school he sees someone playing the piano, but he can't tell who it is because he is wearing something that covers him up. Prince Sprocket wants to kidnap him and the Power Rangers have to stop him. This episode was ok, but it wasn't very exciting.

  • Mean Screen
    Adam and Tanya are part of Angel Grove High School's computer club. They spend time after school on the internet and one day while they are online Tanya lets a computer virus free in the school's computer system. A person who knows a lot about computers is in the computer lab when the virus gets free, tries to help Tanya. He tries to make an anti-virus to get rid of the virus. King Mondo makes the Mean Screen monster. The Mean Screen monster can put a computer virus into anything, including Angel Grove's entire computer system. The Power Rangers Zeo try to stop Mean Screen from putting a virus into Angel Grove's computers but they can't. The virus even gets into the Power Ranger Zeo's computers. Adam goes and gets the anti-virus from the person at school and has him make one that can stop Mean Screen. He uses the anti-virus on the Zeo equipment and the Power Rangers Zeo beat Mean Screen. Everything is fine in Angel Grove once again.

  • There's No Business Like Snow Business, Part 1
    Billy, Tommy, and Kat go snowboarding for the weekend. King Mondo sends a cog to get rid of them while they are there and Kat sees it. At the same time King Mondo makes a new monster called Robocupid that makes people fall in love with their electronics. He sends Robocupid down to Angel Grove. Back on the ski slopes Kat follows the cog and ends up on the super hard ski slope. The cogs take down all the markers from the ski slope and no one can tell where to go. Tommy and Billy ski it fine, but Kat goes off the edge of a cliff. What will happen next in part 2???

  • There's No Business Like Snow Business, Part 2
    While Kat, Billy, and Tommy are off snowboarding the rest of the Zeo Power Rangers go to the Power Chamber and find out what has been happening. Tanya, Rocky, and Adam have to fight Robocupid and beat him. Tommy and Kat transport to help in the battle and the Power Rangers win. Tommy and Kat go back to snowboarding. King Mondo makes a new monster called the Defoliator. He makes the greenhouse effect worse and everything gets really hot in Angel Grove and it's still getting hotter. What will happen in Part 3?

  • There's No Business Like Snow Business, Part 3
    The Defoliator is really attacking Angel Grove now and everything is super hot. The Zeo Power Rangers use the Zeo Megazord to fight the defoliator and they think they have won. They think it is gone for good, but it comes back. Tthe Zeo Power Rangers have to fight it again and this time they are losing because Tommy is on a date. They call Zordon for help and he gets Tommy to help them. The Zeo Power Rangers finally defeat the Defoliator and Angel Grove is once again safe.

  • Inner Spirit
    Tommy has the same nighmare over and over. It is about a Native American he has met when he is searcing for his piece of the Zeo Crystal Shard. He transports to the command Center because the Power Rangers are losing a fight. He wants to aks Zordon what the Power Rangers can do. Then the next day when he is awake Tommy meets a Native American man whose name is Sam Truehart. Sam is a NativeAmerican Artist. And he just happen to look like the Native American who was in his dream. At the same time King Mondo sends down a power monster to steal Angel Grove's power. During the fight when the Power Rangers are using their zords the Zeo Megazord is ruined. Tommy uses his mind to control the new Zeo Red Battle Zord he is given.

  • Challenges
    Tommy meets a strange man. He learns he has to meet a new challenge and then he will find out who the man is. Prince Sprocket wants to have a boxing match with Punchabunch and the Zeo Power Rangers. Punchabunch starts destroying Angel Grove. Tommy uses the Red Battlezord to beat him, but Ounchabunch gets transported back home and is repaired with new weapons. Punchabunch comes back to Angel Grove and the Zeo Power Rangers have to fight him again. Once they finally win, Tommy finds out that the strange man is really his long lost brother.

  • Brother, Can You Spare An Arrowhead?
    Tommy decides his brother David is more important than the arrowhead and gives it to King Mondo. He goes back to the Power Chamber and finds out the rest of the Zeo Power Rangers are losing a fight to Mace Face. Tommy goes to help the others and they beat Mace Face. When they get back to the Power Chamber they find out David is in the cave where the paintings on the walls are coming alive. Tommy goes to save David. Tommy tells David that he is a Zeo Power Ranger. The Zeo Power Rangers get the arrowhead back and Tommy and David decide to keep it apart so it will be safe.

  • Trust In Me
    After watching a martial arts demonstration Rocky decides to make friends with a blind martial artist. She doesn't like being treated differently and he has to learn to treat her the same. When he has to morph into a Zeo Power Ranger she can tell it is Rocky by his voice and he has to pretend that he is only talking to the Power Rangers. King Mondo sends down a new monster called the Defector. It pretends it escaped from the Machine Empire and it wants their help. But it is only tricking them. The Power Rangers have to take care of it and save the day once again.

  • It Came From Angel Grove
    Bulk and Skull walk Tanya hone after she has worked all night at the center. Adam is still there and he turns on the television and watches a scary old movie. He falls asleep and then is woken up by a black cat jumping on the table and spilling a drink. Adam chases after the cat and finds Lord Zedd and Rita. They make Adam think that King Mondo has turned the other rangers into monsters. They tell him that he has to get a lot of different things and take them to a wizard to save the other Rangers. Adam goes off to find them. He runs into the other Rangers. The Rangers are now characters from the scary film he was watching earlier. He gets all the things he needs and finds out that Zordon is the wizard he needs to help him. ordon the wizard tells him he has to pick one of the Rangers to fight one of King Mondo's monsters. Adam picks Tommy and Tommy is suddenly at the battle already as a Zeo Power Ranger. Tommy wins and Adam wakes up to find out it was all just a dream.

  • Bulk Fiction
    Billy got a new present and it was a remote controlled car. He was seeing how it worked in the park and Bulk and Skull were chasing it. Some cogs showed up and attacked Billy while he is trying out his new car. The cogs make Billy's communicator fall off so he can't call Zordon for help. Billy puts the communicator on the remote controlled car and it makes the cogs lose. Prince Sprocket makes a new toy monster and it attacks Angel Grove. The Zeo Power Rangers beat the monster, but then it is brought back. The Zeo Power Rangers use their Zeo Zords and win.

  • Song Sung Yellow
    The Power Rangers were watching Tanya sing. Some record producers saw Tanya and said she had a great talent. They asked her if she wanted to be a singer, butshe said no. The producers asked Bulk and Skull if they wanted to be stars but Bulk and Skull thought they weren't real producers. When they found out they were real producers, Bulk and Skull chased after them to try and get their chance to become stars. The Zeo Power Rangers had to fight Roall and they defeated him. This made King Mondo mad. He was so mad he sent two more monsters to Earth and the Zeo Power Rangers had to defeat them too.

  • Game Of Honor
    Adam is going to be in a martial arts tournament and he needs to practice. He goes into the woods to practice with the other Zeo Power Rangers. He accidently finds a medal in the woods. Billy runs tests on the medal and he finds out that is an invisibility shield. King Mondo has a whole bunch of ships hidden in the woods using other invisibility medals, ready to attack Angel Grove. Bulk and Skull are kidnapped from the woods by King Mondo's monster. Zordon calls the Zeo Power Rangers, making Adam and Tanya leave their martial arts tournament. Billy knocks out the invisibility medals from the Power Chamber, letting the Zeo Power Rangers see the monster and beat him. Adam goes back to the martial arts tournament and wins.

  • The Power Of Gold
    King Mondo figured out a way to split the Zeo Power Rangers into two teams at the same time. Then he sent down monsters to defeat them all. A new Ranger, the Gold Ranger, showed up to help them at the last minute. They all teamed up to fight, but they were still not winning. So the Zeo Power Rangers used their Zeo Zords. The Gold Ranger had a Zord too. It was called Pyramidas. It could link up with the other Rangers and make a new super huge Zord. When they Rangers were done with the monsters the Gold Ranger disappeared and Billy was missing at the same time. Could Billy be the new Gold Ranger???

  • A Small Problem
    Prince Sprocket is making a new gadget to make things grow really big, but it makes them really small instead. Tommy and Kat and some others go to the desert to get some spiders and stuff for a school project. King Mondo tells Prince Sprocket to use his new gadget on Tommy and Kat while they are in the desert. When Prince Sprocket shoots his gadget he misses and shrinks their car instead. Tommy and Kat turn into the Zeo Power Rangers and fight the cogs, but they can't win so they get shrunk. Prince Sprocket puts them into their spider container for their project and then puts a spider in there to stop them from escaping. Just as the spider was going to get them the Gold Ranger shows up and saves them. King Mondo makes a spider monster to get the Rangers, but they get together with Pyramidas to make the Ultrazord and win!

  • Oily To Bed Oily To Rise
    Tommy, Adam, and Tommy's brother David were at the beach watching Kat in a surfing contest. King Mondo sent the Leaky Faucet monster and a bunch of cogs to Earth to pollute the water. They were going to turn all the water into machine cog oil. When Zordon found out about it he sent the rest of the Rangers to stop the cogs, but they couldn't. The toxic oil got into the ocean and was heading toward Kat. Tommy and Adam went to save Kat. Then they all went to save the world from the Leaky Faucet monster, because Billy figured out that if he was gone the spell would be broken. The Gold Ranger showed up again and they formed with Pyramidas and the Zeo Zords to make the super Zord again. They beat the Leaky Faucet monster. They noticed David wasn't around while they were fighting. Could David be the new Gold Ranger???

  • Rock A Bye Power Rangers
    King Mondo has decided to try and wear out the Zeo Power Rangers. He sends down a cogs all over the place and as soon as they finish withsome he sends down more. Then he sends down a sleeping monster, to make the people of Angel Grove go to sleep. The Zeo Power Rangers go fight the monster, but then he starts making them fall asleep too. Then the Gold Ranger shows up and beats the monster and saves the Zeo Power Rangers. King Mondo has to think of something new to stop them next time.

  • Do I Know You?
    King Mondo wants to stop the Zeo Power Rangers and steal the Gold Ranger's power too. The Rangers are fighting a battle and the Gold Ranger comes to help them, only this time it is not easy for him. He gets hit and even hurt a little. The Power rangers help him out. Then he talks with the Zeo Power Rangers for a little bit and they ask him who he is. He tells them that he can't tell them who he is or he will lose his powers. Just who is the new Gold Ranger? And how will he lose his powers if he tells???

  • Revelations Of Gold
    The Zeo Power Rangers learn that the Gold Ranger is actually Trey from Triforia and he is actually three different parts of the same person. Trey is losing his Gold Ranger powers and he has to give them to someone else. He decides to give them to Billy, but Billy can't have them because he was in the Command Center explosion and it messed up his body. The Zeo Power Rangers have to find someone fast who can take the Gold Ranger powers!

  • A Golden Homecoming
    Tommy goes to get someone to take the Gold Ranger powers. He goes and gets Jason, who used to be the original Red Ranger. The rest of the Zeo Power Rangers have to fight some monsters while Jason is getting the Gold Ranger powers. When the Rangers call the Power Chamber to ask for help they are teleported back there. Trey gives them 6 power coins to use with their Super Zeo Zords. With these new coins the Rangers are able to go out and beat the monsters.

  • King Mondo's Last Stand
    King Mondo, Queen Machina, and Prince Sprocket come down to Earth to get a sword that King Mondo left buried here from a long time ago. Zordon calls the Zeo Power Rangers to stop him, but they can't get to him because he has put up an invisible force field. Jason is stopped by Bulk and Skull because they think he is someone else. The rest of the Zeo Power Rangers morph and ride off to stop King Mondo. The cogs attack them and Tommy gets away. He rides off to find King Mondo, but he is gone because he is on his way to Angel Grove. Billy gets a part ot make the Super Zeo Megazord totally powerful and the Zeo Power Rangers use it to beat King Mondo for good!

  • Bomber In The Summer
    Now that King Mondo is gone Rita and Zedd want to take over the Machine Empire. They get Goldar and Rito to go to Earth and start a battle with the Machine Empire. Rito turns on the bomb monster Louey Kabloom to make trouble for the Machine Empire, but Louey makes friends with Queen Machina and decides to become part of the Machine Empire. The Rangers have to fight the Machine Empire and Louey and they win.......for now.

  • Scent Of A Weasel
    The Power Rangers Zeo are helping with a charity fashion show. Skull gets to be the bodyguard for the top model in the show. He makes a mistake and accidently pours a stinky skunk perfume on the model. The director is mad at him and the model is upset. Then Queen Machina gets the idea to make a skunk monster and send it down to Angel Grove. The Power Rangers have to battle the monster and save Angel Grove once again.

  • The Lore Of Auric
    The bomb monster is chasing the Power Rangers and they find the lost Tiki of Auric, but the bomb monster steals it. The Power Rangers have to get it back. Tanya gets a surprise package, but she doesn't know who it is from or what it could be. Inside the package she finds clues to who her parents are and maybe a way to find them. Klank tells the Power Rangers there is a key to the lost Tiki Of Auric, that has some sort of strange properties. Prince Sprocket decides he wants to get the Tiki and use it for evil, but first he has to get it from the Zeo Power Rangers.

  • The Joke's On Blue
    There is a person playing jokes on everyone running around Angel Grove High School. Bulk and Skull are trying to find out who the person playing the jokes is. Prince Gasket and Princess Archerina show up and Prince Gasket is trying to become in charge of the Machine Empire. Prince Gasket and Princess Archerina are going to get the Power Rangers Zeo in the left of all this and it's not going to be easy to get out of it. What can they do to stop Prince Gasket and the practical joker too?

  • Where On Earth Is Zeo Ranger Five?
    The owner of a new jet ski is having Tommy try it out for him. While Tommy is trying it out Kat and Jason sit and watch him. Tommy suddenly disappears. The Power Rangers look everywhere but they can't find him anywhere. Prince Gasket and Princess Archerina show up send the Chrome Monster to fight with the Power Rangers. The Power Rangers have a hard time fighting the monster without Tommy. But they can't find him and they have to beat the monster without him.

  • King For A Day, Part 1
    The Power Rangers find a way to go to another dimension and get a message from Prince Gasket that he wants them to go there. He wants them to meet the new king of the Machine Empire. They find out the new Machine Empire King is supposed to be Tommy. Jason goes to find out what is going on and get Tommy to come back, but Prince Gasket wants him to fight Tommy. But he wants them to fight as Power Rangers -- Gold Ranger against Red Ranger. And Tommy doesn't know he's Tommy or even who Jason is. No good can come from this! What will happen in part 2?

  • King For A Day, Part 2
    Bulk and Skull are trying to figure out how to get through the shield around Prince Gasket's arena. Jason is still trying to save Tommy, who still doesn't remember who he is. The Power Rangers get to the arena and confront Tommy, but he doesn't remember them either. Kat unmorphs to try and get through to him. The rest of the Power Rangers unmorph too. Finally Tommy remembers who he is and who the Power Rangers are and once again the Power Rangers are back together again.

  • A Brief Mystery Of Time
    Tommy keeps feeling like he's done things before or he's been in a certain place before. It's deja-vu. He tries to tell the other Power Rangers Zeo about this feeling, but they think he's just imagining it. But he keeps having the feeling that he has done all this before. Then Tommy knows the Machine Empire's plans for Angel Grove and the Power Rangers, but no one will believe him. He has to convince them that what he knows is real and then once again they stop the machine Empire's attack.

  • A Mystery To Me
    Lieutenant Stone is holding a party to benefit a charity. he is having a mystery party where everyone has to try and solve a mystery during the party. The Power Rangers Zeo, as themselves, are all at the party. Everyone is having a good time, but then one by one the Power Rangers start to vanish from the party. Kat is trying to figure out why they are disappearing and where they are going. She folows the clues and she gets an idea who is behind it. But she has to stop them before she vanishes too.

  • Another Song And Dance
    Tommy has to do an opera song for his class be he doesn't sound very good. He asks Tanya to help him and he starts to get a little better. But then Prince Gasket puts a spell on both Tommy and Tanya and they can't talk anymore. They sing everything all the time. They even sing when they go see Zordon. How can they stop singing and go back to talking???

  • The Ranger Who Came In From The Gold
    Catherine has Jason and Adam help with her ballet class. Kaboom uses a golden toy dog that changes things to gold. Tanya and Catherine ask Bulk and Skull to go on a scavenger hunt for props for the ballet. Bulk and Skull find the toy dog and realize the problem and run to the center to tell everyone. Catherine and Adam got to check it out and are attacked by cogs. They call for help from the other Rangers. Kaboom shows up and the golden hound turns Jason into solid gold. The Rangers decide to use the Super Zeo Zord to deflect the golden hound before he becomes too powerful. As the Zord fights the hound, parts of it become gold and stop working. Billy de-golds Jason and he calls in Pyramidas. The hound changes into the Gold Monster and Jason and Tommy fight him. the rest of the team connects up to form the Super Pyramidas Power Zord and attack the monster and beat him. Everything that turned to gold changes back to normal. Rita and Lord Zedd have a flat on their RV. During the ballet we see that Bulk and Skull didn't get everything on the list. The ballet starts and looks good but then Bulk and Skull come in as ballet dancers and mess it up.

  • Rangers Of Two Worlds, Part 1
    Billy becomes really old when he uses the machine he made to get older. The Power Rangers Zeo come to the Power Chamber and see him like that. King Mondo sends a Cog Changer monster down to change one of the cogs inside the Super Zeo MegaZord into an evil cog so that the zord won't do what it should. Rita wants to turn Kat into a bad monster, but she accidently turns her purse into one instead. Rita and Lord Zedd make the Impurseinator monster grow really big to stop the Power Rangers Zeo, so the Cog Changer can change the cog. King Mondo zaps him inside the zord and Cog Changer replaces the cog. Now the zord won't obey any Power Rangers Zeo's orders. The Aline Rangers know about Billy's aging problem and two ofo them come from Aquatar to try and help him, but they can't. They are taking him back to Aquatar with them to see if they can do anything there. What will happen next? Stay tuned for part 2!

  • Rangers Of Two Worlds, Part 2
    King Mondo tells the Cog Changer monster to take over the Super Zeo MegaZord and also the Red BattleZord. The Power Rangers Zeo have to use their Zeo Zords to fight the Cog Changer monster. At the same time Lord Zedd and Rita have managed to get the Impurseinator monster back and have sent her to get the Power Rangers too. They have to fight both monsters and they only have their regular Zords. Just then the Alien Rangers show up and help the Power Rangers. King Mondo makes the Cog Changer grow and Rita and Lord Zedd make the Impurseinator monster grow, so the Power Rangers and Alien Rangers have to fight two giant monsters. Then King Mondo turns both monsters into one big monster and the Power Rangers and Alien Rangers finally beat it. Later, Billy tells them he is planning on staying on Aquatar.

  • Hawaii Zeo
    Ernie decides he is going to have a Hawaiian luau and everyone can come. Tommy asks Kat to go with him to the luau and she says she will. Prince Sprocket tells Gasket to make Orbus make him and Princess Archerina grow big. While the Power Rangers are at the luau Gasket and some cogs show up. The Power Rangers have to morph and fight the cogs. Then they let Jason fight the cogs and they use their Zords to fight the big Prince and Princess. The Power Rangers win and so does Jason and everything is fine again for a while.

  • A Season To Remember
    It is years from now in the future. Tommy is telling a little kid a story. The story is about the Power Rangers. he tells the boy a story about the Power Rangers helping Ernie have a special holiday party. King Mondo sees that this is happening and doesn't like it. So he puts a spell on the Power Rangers to make them selfish and not care about other people and their ideas. the Power Rangers have to get over the spell in time for Christmas and Ernie's party. Of course, there is a good ending to this story Tommy was telling....or was it just a story?

  • Good As Gold
    Jason has disappeared when he is supposed to be teaching a class. No one can find him anywhere and all of the Power Rangers are starting to get upset. It's not like jason to just disappear. What they don't know is that the reason Jason is missing is because he was attacked by the cogs. Now Rita and Lord Zedd are coming too. King Mondo is not happy about that and he has the cogs go and fight Rita and Lord Zedd. They decide to have their guys fight with the cogs and when it is all over Jason escapes without them knowing it. Jason gets back to the Power Chamber and finds out he can't be the Gold Ranger anymore. The Power Rangers send for Trey to find out what to do and he tells them what they can do.
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