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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 20   Power Rangers RPM

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  • Mega Mission
    Gosei forms a new team to battle menacing aliens who've penetrated Earth's orbit.

  • He Blasted Me With Science
    An alien scientist arrives on Earth, trying to figure out how to triumph over its inhabitants; Troy encounters Creepox.

  • Going Viral
    Noah loses confidence in his skills, but then he discovers the power of believing in one's self.

  • Stranger Ranger
    The Rangers learn that concentration is essential to perfecting their skills; a civilian falsely claims to be a Ranger.

  • United We Stand
    Beezara turns Gia and Emma into fierce rivals and transforms the boys into her drone slaves.

  • Harmony And Dizchord
    A monster thrusts pain-inducing music into the city, so the Rangers retaliate with their own song.

  • Who's Crying Now?
    Troy faces some bullies at school, and then the Rangers battle a powerful tormentor: Creepox.

  • Robo Knight
    Robo Knight teams up with the Rangers and assists them in battling toxic monsters.

  • Prince Takes Knight
    Vrack abducts Robo Knight and tries to reprogram him to do his evil bidding.

  • Man And Machine
    A monster who takes shadows strikes, so the Rangers show Robo Knight how teamwork can combat him.

  • Ultra Power
    The Rangers look for the mighty Wild Sword, which is also sought by Vrak, who wants to secure its power for himself.

  • Last Laugh
    A creature who feeds on human laughter abducts the Rangers, so Noah and Robo Knight mount a rescue.

  • Dream Snatcher
    A creature who steals dreams targets Emma and takes away her goals, so the Rangers have to find a way to save her.

  • Gosei Ultimate
    Gosei assists the Rangers as they battle Bluefur and Bigs, whose power has intensified after they used the Aurora box.

  • Raising Spirits
    The Rangers run into a curious medium who summons monsters from the past on Halloween.

  • The Human Factor
    The Rangers face robots for the first time, and the robots try to manipulate Robo Knight by telling him that humans pose a threat to Earth.

  • Rico The Robot
    Emma and the Power Rangers adopt one of Metal Alice's robots when it malfunctions and teach it the values of friendship and freedom.

  • Staying On Track
    Metal Alice plots an accident involving a passenger train. Meanwhile, Robo Knight meets a child, and this interaction allows him to understand humans better.

  • The Human Condition
    Admiral Malkor gains strength as he emerges from his cocoon, and he sets out to defeat the Rangers.

  • The Messenger
    The Rangers learn that Metal Alice transformed Vrak into a terrifying cyborg.

  • End Game
    Three of the Rangers' foes unite to attack them, so the Rangers use all of their skills to fight back.

  • The Robo Knight Before Christmas
    Robo Knight lands in a crate of donated Christmas toys and is shipped to a foreign land, where he discovers the real meaning of Christmas.
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