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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 21   Power Rangers RPM

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  • Super Megaforce
    The Rangers are presented with new Morphers, which allow them to access the powers of all the previous Power Ranger teams.

  • Earth Fights Back
    The team help rebuild the city. Meanwhile, Troy uncovers the Armada's scheme to fire missiles at cities all over the globe.

  • Employee Of The Month/Brocrastination
    Noah's self-esteem crumbles after he loses a fight against a master swordsman monster.

  • A Lion's Alliance
    The Rangers go to an airborne island to locate the mighty Red Lion Zord, which can assist them when they battle Armada.

  • Samurai Surprise
    The emperor sends a monster to attack the Rangers, who get assistance from a curious samurai.

  • Spirit Of The Tiger
    A zookeeper helps the Rangers access their animal spirits after their weapons are snatched by a monster with magnetic powers.

  • Silver Lining, Part 1
    A new Ranger is discovered, and it's unknown whether he's a friend or enemy.

  • Silver Lining, Part 2
    Orion shares his backstory, including how he came to possess the Silver Ranger Key.

  • Power Of Six
    An energy-draining creature immobilizes four of the Rangers, so Jake and Orion unite to battle it.

  • The Perfect Storm
    The Rangers search for Tensou, who's developed amnesia after getting struck by lightning.

  • Love Is In The Air
    Levira falls for Jake after she's exposed to a love potion, and this development endangers Jake, who's he's now targeted by a jealous alien.

  • United As One
    Emma must rely on some very different and unconventional methods to defeat a monster who can snatch away people's happiness.

  • The Grass Is Always Greener... Or Bluer
    Jake and Noah switch bodies, and are forced to live life in one another's shoes.

  • In The Driver's Seat
    Lured to the domed city of Corinth within the alternative dimension of the RPM Rangers by Professor Cog, the trapped Rangers must find a way back, but to achieve this they must tame the Turbo Falcon Zord.

  • All Hail Prince Vekar
    The Armada's Prince Vekar finally confronts the Rangers with his own mighty Megazord.

  • Vrak Is Back, Part 1
    The Rangers search for Roboknight comes to a surprising conclusion when they find their ally has been successfully reprogrammed by old nemesis Vrak into a formidable force for evil!

  • Vrak Is Back, Part 2
    With Roboknight in his power, Vrak attempts to destroy the Earth by creating powerful drills, the Rangers struggle to free their friend and overcome their old enemy, Will the ultimate price be paid?

  • Emperor Marvo
    The leader of the Armada, Mavro, arrives to avenge his sons, Damara is given the chance to destroy the Rangers.

  • The Wrath
    Orion attempts to return to his home planet, while Levira attacks Earth in her own Megazord. A great battle sees the Rangers successfully vanquish her, but Mavro, irritated by this latest failing, summons the remainder of the alien armada to Earth. The Rangers are overwhelmed and the Earth's destruction seems assured.

  • Legendary Battle
    The Armada's vicious assault has sent the Rangers into retreat and humanity has only one night left before the end of all things. Troy and Orion head into space in a last desperate bid to halt the Emperor's advance while legendary Rangers of the past step in to offer aid where they can and help the struggling citizens. It all builds to a final war between the Armada and legions of Power Rangers for the fate of the Earth and the very galaxy.
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