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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 22   Power Rangers RPM

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  • Powers From The Past
    Two teenagers find lost relics once entrusted to the dinosaurs.

  • Past, Present And Fusion
    A new teen accompanies Tyler and Shelby after he discovers his own Energem, and the trio head to the Dinosaur Museum.

  • A Fools Hour
    The Rangers must unite and work as a team after Sledge confronts them, but this proves difficult when Tyler goes off and tries to battle Fury on his own.

  • Return Of The Caveman
    When the Ranger's prehistoric team member Koda finds riding the new Dino Cycles difficult and the pair find themselves relying on Koda's own instincts when they are captured by Sledge's monsters.

  • Breaking Black
    Chase takes on the role of watchman at a fortune teller's shop, but comes under the hypnotic gaze of the Spellbinder monster, the Rangers must now try to find a way to snap their friend out of Spellbinder's hold.

  • The Tooth Hurts
    A monster capable of causing cavities attacks meanwhile Riley feels as if Chase does not seem to approach the Rangers mission with any real degree of seriousness.

  • Let Sleeping Zords Lie
    Shelby must rely on her knowledge of Dinosaurs to tame the Anklyo Zord when it is suffers a nasty sting.

  • Double Ranger, Double Danger
    Clone rangers steal the real rangers' tracking device.

  • When Logic Fails
    The rangers are trapped in an illusionary maze.

  • The Royal Rangers
    The rangers try to lure Fury by impersonating a prince and princess.

  • Break Out
    A smug prince and the Gold Energem must be safeguarded from Fury.

  • Knight After Knights
    The Rangers must prove themselves to the Gold Ranger, but lack the strength when one of Sledge's monsters steals their courage.

  • Sync Or Swim
    A spirited rivalry forms between Tyler and Ian, but soon it causes complications for the Rangers, who must locate a bomb hidden by Sledge's monsters.

  • True Black
    A monster attack leaves three rangers buried underground and Chase tries to rescue them.

  • The Ghostest With The Mostest
    A monster abducts a Ranger and disguises itself as that Ranger at a Halloween party, and Kendall must find the impostor.

  • Royal Sacrifice
    Prince Phillip wants to become a Ranger, but it proves to be more difficult than he thought.

  • No Matter How You Slice It
    Riley and Koda remind the team what they mean to each other when a monster breaks their friendship.

  • World Famous!
    The gang find a new Ranger when they go to New Zealand in search of one of Sledge's transport pods.

  • Deep Down Under
    The Purple Plesio Zord is sought by the Rangers, who are holding the Purple Energem.

  • Wishing For A Hero
    The team's wishes come true in awful ways as they look for the Purple Ranger.

  • Race To Rescue Christmas
    Santa's computer is stolen by Poisandra, so the Rangers attempt to retrieve it in order to save Christmas.

  • One More Energem
    Sledge holds two Energems, so the Rangers board his ship to battle him and protect the world.
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