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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 23   Power Rangers RPM

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  • When Evil Stirs
    The Rangers are mistaken when they think their work is done: A stronger monster than Sledge emerges in the series premiere of this action-adventure series in which the Rangers use a new weapon in their quest to unite all the Energems.

  • Forgive And Forget
    The city water is in jeopardy because of Snide's plan to contaminate it with a memory-loss venom. Meanwhile, Riley wants to confront an old adversary at the Amber Beach Marathon.

  • Nightmare In Amber Beach
    Shelby gets nightmares from a mysterious pillow she received, so the Rangers attempt to stay awake to stay safe, but it's not an easy task.

  • A Date With Danger
    Chase wants to impress Kaylee so he shows off, but this backfires when Kaylee becomes more interested in the Black Ranger than Chase.

  • Roar Of The Red Ranger
    The dino charger malfunctions on Tyler and makes him go berserk, but a surprise Ranger provides help.

  • Forged Under Fire
    Tyler gets trapped in a cave in while digging for hot lava, which he needs to repair his Energem.

  • Home Run Koda
    Riley coaches Koda on a baseball team, but this leads to problems when the other Rangers need help away from the game.

  • Riches And Rags
    Ivan lands in debt when he ruins an ancient suit he mistook for a training dummy. Meanwhile, Heckyl has a monster spread greed to anyone who comes in contact with his gold coins.

  • Besties 4Eva!
    Shelby's longtime pal gets in trouble when she takes credit for the Pink Ranger's accomplishments.

  • Gone Fishin'
    An important message is sent to Kendall about the whereabouts of a new Zord, but he must race Singe and Fury to get to it.

  • Love At First Fight
    Heckyl schemes to steal the Rangers' Energems by making them fall in love with Beauticruel.

  • Catching Some Rays
    Koda's old family cave is found by the Rangers, and while there, Koda opens a forbidden section, which unleashes an ancient evil.

  • Recipe For Disaster
    Chase works on a recipe he wants to master so he can impress a visiting food critic, but his focus turns to more pressing matters when the Rangers' Zords and Megazords fall under the control of a malicious monster.

  • Silver Secret
    A famous band hold auditions, and Tyler and Shelby try out. Meanwhile, the Rangers grow suspicious of an ally.

  • Trick or Trial
    The Rangers receive a summons for an intergalactic trial, where they must answer for their crimes against monsters.

  • Wings Of Danger
    The power of teamwork is stressed to Zenowing, who doesn't realize how important a concept it is.

  • Freaky Fightday
    A vandal strikes the museum, spray painting the walls, and the Rangers set out to catch the culprit. Meanwhile, Snide persuades Lord Arcanon that he can provide valuable assistance with swiping the Energems.

  • Worgworld
    A monster's dangerous music transforms people into zombies.

  • The Rangers Rock
    An unexpected new ally teams up with the Rangers as they plot to swipe the Dark Energem.

  • Edge Of Extinction
    A curious egg is found, and the Rangers try to figure out what creature it contains before it hatches.

  • End Of Extinction
    The Rangers' base falls under attack, so they put out all the stops to fight back, protect the Energems and save the world.

  • Here Comes Heximas!
    Cryptic Secret Santa gifts are sent to the Rangers, leading them to uncover a malicious plot to destroy Christmas.
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