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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 23   Power Rangers RPM

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  • When Evil Stirs
    The Rangers are mistaken when they think their work is done: A stronger monster than Sledge emerges in the series premiere of this action-adventure series in which the Rangers use a new weapon in their quest to unite all the Energems.

  • Forgive And Forget
    The city water is in jeopardy because of Snide's plan to contaminate it with a memory-loss venom. Meanwhile, Riley wants to confront an old adversary at the Amber Beach Marathon.

  • Nightmare In Amber Beach
    Shelby gets nightmares from a mysterious pillow she received, so the Rangers attempt to stay awake to stay safe, but it's not an easy task.

  • A Date With Danger
    Chase wants to impress Kaylee so he shows off, but this backfires when Kaylee becomes more interested in the Black Ranger than Chase.

  • Roar Of The Red Ranger
    The dino charger malfunctions on Tyler and makes him go berserk, but a surprise Ranger provides help.

  • Forged Under Fire
    Tyler gets trapped in a cave in while digging for hot lava, which he needs to repair his Energem.

  • Home Run Koda
    Riley coaches Koda on a baseball team, but this leads to problems when the other Rangers need help away from the game.

  • Riches And Rags
    Ivan lands in debt when he ruins an ancient suit he mistook for a training dummy. Meanwhile, Heckyl has a monster spread greed to anyone who comes in contact with his gold coins.

  • Besties 4Eva!
    Shelby's longtime pal gets in trouble when she takes credit for the Pink Ranger's accomplishments.

  • Gone Fishin'
    An important message is sent to Kendall about the whereabouts of a new Zord, but he must race Singe and Fury to get to it.

  • Love At First Fight
    Heckyl schemes to steal the Rangers' Energems by making them fall in love with Beauticruel.

  • Catching Some Rays
    Koda's old family cave is found by the Rangers, and while there, Koda opens a forbidden section, which unleashes an ancient evil.

  • Recipe For Disaster
    Chase works on a recipe he wants to master so he can impress a visiting food critic, but his focus turns to more pressing matters when the Rangers' Zords and Megazords fall under the control of a malicious monster.
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