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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 24   Power Rangers RPM

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  • Return Of The Prism
    A teen escapes to Earth carrying a special artifact from an alien spaceship in the series premiere of this action-adventure series about a group of Rangers trying to stop a villain from gaining control of the supernatural Ninja Power Stars.

  • Forged In Steel
    Brody looks for his family at his childhood home. Meanwhile, Hayley and Calvin encounter an odd alien.

  • Live And Learn
    Accusations of cheating are made against Brody when he uses his Data Comm at school, forcing him to rely solely on his own skills as he leads the Rangers to fight another threat from Galvanax.

  • Presto Chango-O
    Preston is amazed by his suddenly real magical abilities. Meanwhile, Galvanax hatches a plan with a new monster to steal the Ninja Power Stars.

  • Drive To Survive
    The Rangers get caught in a spiderweb prison concocted by Galvanax's monster Tangleweb, forcing Calvin to conquer his fear and save them.

  • My Friend, Redbot
    Hayley is targeted by Galvanax's latest monster while she's isolated from the other Rangers, so she and Redbot must work together to save themselves.

  • Hack Attack
    Sarah clones herself with a device she made in order to participate in many student activities, but her plan backfires when Galvanax's monster steals the technology for himself.

  • Gold Rush
    The Power Rangers and Galvanax both attempt to uncover more info about the mysterious new Gold Ranger.

  • Rocking & Rolling
    Levi's world tour approaches and he's thrilled, but he faces a tough decision as mysterious earthquakes start shaking up Summer Cove.

  • The Ranger Ribbon
    A special tree is in danger of being cut down by Preston's wealthy dad, so Preston must learn to stand up to his father in order to save what's important.

  • Poisonous Plots
    Brody is poisoned by Galvanax's latest contestant, and the Rangers might have to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save him.

  • Family Fusion
    The Rangers access a powerful new Magazord formation to battle Ripcon.

  • Ace And The Race
    Calvin finds himself increasingly distracted from his friends and Power Ranger duties when he spends all this time trying to impress his local hero.

  • The Royal Arrival
    A mysterious princess and her royal guard arrive on Earth to challenge the Rangers.

  • The Royal Rumble
    The Power Rangers band together with a new ally to try to defeat Galvanax's new champion, but their teamwork may not be enough.

  • Grave Robber
    The Power Rangers celebrate Halloween by playing a spooky new board game, but they find the stakes bigger than anything they've ever imagined.

  • Monkey Business
    Hayley and Calvin's relationship is put to the test when they both decide to run for student-body president.

  • The Adventures Of Redbot
    Redbot documents the adventures of the Power Rangers on his new blog, while a cat-like monster attempts to steal the Ninja Power Stars.

  • Abrakadanger!
    Preston must confront one of Galvanax’s newest contestants after his magical spells backfire on his teammates.

  • Helping Hand
    While Sarah deals with issues at school, the Ninja Steel Rangers must overcome an invincible force field.

  • Galvanax Rise
    Galvanax arrives on Earth with a new plan to defeat the Power Rangers.
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