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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 5   Power Rangers Turbo

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  • Shift Into Turbo, Part 1
    The evil Divatox is talking to her Piranhatrons and monsters about her plans for revenge on the Power Rangers for spoiling her plot to take over the universe. At the same time, the Power Rangers are getting ready for graduation. They are talking about how Tommy has picked up his diploma early and is now working in stock car racing with his uncle. Tommy gets to do a test drive in the stock car and he is impressing people with his driving talent, even though he has only been driving for a month now. The evil Divatox gives her orders to Rygog, Elgar, and Porto for the invasion on Angel Grove and she prepares her sub to go to Earth. The Power Rangers see Rocky and he asks what has been going on since he last saw them (which is when he was hurt and Justin got his powers). They tell him that Justin is at school taking a placement test because they want him to wait for Justin to tell him what all has happened. Bulk and Skull's boss tells them they only have one more chance and they'd better not mess up again. While he is yelling at them, Bulk and Skull see Divatox's sub land in the waters of Angel Grove, but when they try to tell him he won't listen. Zordon calls the Power Rangers to the Power Chamber. Divatox is planning to ruin the Power Rangers graduation. Elgar and Porto go to the power station and Porto gives Elgar a changer ray and tells him to go plant a bomb. Porto leaves and Elgar runs into Bulk and Skull. Bulk and Skull are scared, but they suddenly remember their training and try to use it, but they get zapped by the changer ray. The changer ray changes them into chimpanzees. Then Elgar plants the bomb and Bulk and Skull try to get help on the radio. Alpha 5 hears the signal and Zordon lets Justin go check it out. Justin finds the chimps and doesn't know they are Bulk and Skull. He tries to protect them, but the run off to find bananas. Justin meets up with Elgar and remembers him and they fight. What will happen next? Check out Part 2 for the answers!

  • Shift Into Turbo, Part 2
    Taking up where we last left off - Justin is fighting Elgar at the power plant and Tommy is still off racing cars. The rest of the Power Rangers are at their graduation when they notice Justin isn't there. They are worried about him. Kat is supposed to be the speaker at the graduation, but she has to leave with the Power Rangers to find Justin. Divatox let some Piranhatrons loose to fight the Power Rangers and the four of them have to take care of them before they can go find Justin. Adam tells Tanya and Kat that he can handle the Piranhatrons by himself and sends them off to the power plant to find Justin. Adam fights the Piranhatrons but he could use a little help. Zordon calls Tommy and he morphs and goes to help Adam. Tommy uses his lightning power and speeds around getting the bad guys.The Power Rangers make it to their graduation and Kat gives her speech. Alpha and Zordon have a big secret they aren't telling the Power Rangers, but it has something to do with the worm hole. What will the secret be? See my next review to find out what happens!

  • Shift Into Turbo, Part 3
    Justin finds out how he did on his placement tests and that he gets to go to Angel Grove High. Then the Power Rangers are called to the Power Chamber and Alpha tells them it is time for Zordon to go home to his family. Alpha is going with him. That is why the worm hole has shown up. Zordon tells the Power Rangers he will miss them and he has gotten someone else to do his job. Divatox has figured out why the wormhole is there and sends someone with a device to close the worm hole. Lerigot starts to send Zordon and Alpha on their way but before he can the worm hole starts to close. Zordon sends the Power Rangers to find the device and destroy it. Divatox sends Elgar and the frog guy to stop the Power Rangers, but the Power Rangers beat them and destroy the device. The Power Rangers go back to the Power Chamber and Lerigot sends Zordon and Alpha back to their homes. Lerigot leaves and the Power Rangers stand around wondering who Zordon got to replace himself. Then Alpha 6 shows up and introduces Demetria, who will be replacing Zordon. Divatox realizes she was right about Demetria being the one who was coming. She says that Demetria is totally good and that she is totally evil and that she is not HAPPY!

  • Shadow Rangers
    Justin is helping Tommy work on a car. His foot gets stuck on the gas pedal and he makes the car overload. Tommy and Justin notice that a lot of things have been stolen from the garage lately. Divatox has the Chromite make a Refracto Detonator. The detonator is hidden inside some paint cans that they send down to Angel Grove. The paint is spilling from the cans and when it makes a rainbow it will explode. Adam, Kat, and Tanya meet up with the Chromite and they try to shift into turbo. When they do the Chromite steals their morphing energy and gives it to the Shadow Rangers. This gives the Shadow Rangers their Power Rangers Turbo powers. Adam, Kat, and Tanya have to fight the Shadow Rangers as themselves without their powers. The Shadow Rangers win and take them to the chromite cave. Justin makes a homing device to catch the thief that has been stealing things from the garage. Justin and Tommy go to where the Chromite is and Justin tries to shift into turbo, but the Chromite gives his powers to a Shadow Ranger. The Shadow Rangers take Justin to the cave. Tommy goes to the Power Chamber and figures out what the Shadow Rangers aren't real and are made out of light. Justin has turned on the homing device he has in his pocket so Tommy can find them. Tommy runs into the Shadow Rangers and he gets them into the dark and they disappear. He shifts into turbo and goes to the cave. He destroys the light in the cave and the last Shadow Ranger disappears. The Power Rangers Turbo realize that the Chromite leaves foot prints that they can see with the lights from their helmets. They follow the foot prints and find the Chromite. they use their Turbo Megazord to block the sun and the Chromite and detonator dissolve. Justin and Tommy find out that the chimps, Bulk and Skull, have been taking their stuff and that Ernie is gone and the Lieutenant is going to be running the Juice Bar from now on.

  • Transmission Impossible
    Tanya works at radio station KAGV-FM. She hears an mysterious message on the radio. The person sending the message says he wants to talk to Demetria. Divatox also hears the message and sends Elgar to blow up the radio station. Tanya tells Kat to go to the Power Chamber to check out the mysterious radio transmission and tell Demetria about it. Elgar gets to the radio station and leaves a bomb there to blow it up. Kat and Adam are at the Power Chamber trying to get the transmission. They find out the person sending the message is Visarol and he tells them that there might be other ears listening to the message. Divatox sends a capture ray to bring Visarol back. Tanya looks at her Turbo navigator and finds out there is a bomb in the vicinity. When Visarol is brought back by the capture ray, Divatox flips him and then sends him to the sea caves. Tanya tries to send a message to the Power Chamber, but she can't. So she uses the radio to broadcast a coded message to the Power Rangers. The Power Rangers understand her message and go to find the bomb at the radio station. Divatox sees that the Power Rangers are going there and sends her Piranhatrons to stop them. The Power Rangers have to fight them and win. The Power Rangers head for the tower to disarm the bomb. Visarol tries to stop them and the bomb blows up in his hands. This makes him change back to normal and he feels bad for fighting the Power Rangers. They take him back to the Power Chamber and Demetria repairs him and he tells her his message. Demetria finds out she has a twin sister she never knew about. Who can it be??

  • Rally Ranger
    There is a soapbox car race and Justin is in it. Another kid in the race pushes Justin into a hay stack and his car gets messed up. Justin says he will never be able to fix his car, True Blue, before tomorrow's race. Divatox asks Porto for a detonator to destroy the race track and Porto complains and then he runs away. Justin wishes he wasn't so smart, but Tommy tells him something that makes him feel better about it and then he goes to fix his car. Justin falls asleep while working on his car, but it is fixed the next day. Divatox is trying to figure out where Porto is, but no one knows. Elgar wants to do Porto's job and fix the detonator to destroy the race track. When he goes to the race track to put the detonator there, he puts it in the back of a car, called the Mean Machine. Mean Machine happens to belong to the kid who pushed Justin's car the day before and who thinks he's going to win. Porto decides to destroy Angel Grove to get the respect he thinks he deserves. Divatox says Porto is ruining her plan and tells Elgar to get him. Just before the race Justin is called away to help the Power Rangers. The Power Rangers shift into turbo and go to stop Porto. They fight him and use their weapons to beat him, but Divatox takes him back before the fight is over. Back at the race the Mean Machine car has an explosion and the kid driving it is out of control. Justin gets to the race and saves the kid, who thanks him and apologizes for pushing him. They decide run the race again.

  • Built For Speed
    The radio station is doing a play called "Bringing Back The 50s". After the practice is over, two of the main actors in the play decided to drag race. Adam told them that it was illegal and they told him thank you for nothing and were going to do it anyway. Divatox had Porto create a detonator and gave it to Speed Demon. Speed Demon failed and his detonator didn't work. The Power Rangers Turbo destroyed Speed Demon. Porto made another Speed Demon and gave him another detonator and sent him to Angel Grove. He put the detonator in a drag racer at Devil's Bluff where the two actors are going to race. Divatox sends down some missiles to Speed Demon 2 to make him grow. The Power Rangers Turbo had to come and use their Turbo MegaZord to defeat Speed Demon 2. While the drag race was going on the monkeys, Bulk and Skull, covered the two actors' eyes and they went over a cliff. The Turbo Megazord caught them. The Green Ranger teleported to a car and found the detonator and threw it out in the air and it exploded. Then the Green Ranger told the two actors they were lucky this time, but they shouldn't ever race again because next time there might not be anyone there to catch them.

  • Bicycle Built For The Blues
    It is Justin's birthday and he thinks the rest of the Power Rangers have forgotten it. He finds a bicycle in an alley with a card on it. On the outside of the card it said "To Justin". Divatox had sent the Burpatron monster down to Angel Grove with the bicycle because she knew it was Justin's birthday. But she had the monster put a detonator on Justin's new bike. While Justin was riding the bike he ran into Burpatron and she put a spell on the bike. Justin could not get off the bicycle. Alpha showed the other Power Rangers Justin's problem in the viewing globe and they went to help. They found Burpatron on another bike, following Justin who still couldn't get off the bike. The Power Rangers chased after Burpatron, but she got away. They decided they would catch her later and went looking for Justin. They found him and then Tommy used the Turbo Megazord while it was still small and pulled Justin off the bike. The detonator on the bicycle blew up but no one got hurt. Burpatron came back and tried to fight the Power Rangers, but she couldn't win. So Divatox sent two growing missiles to make Burpatron grow. The Power Rangers Turbo had to use their Turbo Megazord to fight her and they blow her up. When they all get back to the Motor Club, Justin finds a surprise birthday party for him and his dad was even there. Justin ended up having a happy birthday after all.

  • The Whole Lie
    Tommy is at the race track as usual. At the Angel Grove Youth Center, the community is doing a car wash to raise money for the Angel Grove baseball team. Porto is watching and he puts a detonator in an empty bucket. Justin sees Porto so he follows him. Porto sees Justin following him and calls a monster named Mouth Piece, who uses his lie gun to make Justin lie. Each time Justin lies a Piranhatron will appear. Kat is looking for Justin so she asks Tanya, who says she thinks Justin went around the corner. At the car wash the monkeys (Bulk and Skull) get an idea about Lieutenant Stone. Bulk grabs the hose that the Lieutenant had and bent it. When the Lieutenant looked at the hose Bulk let it go and it sprayed him. Justin lied a bunch because of the lie gun and a lot of Piranhatrons came. Kat, Adam, Justin, and Tanya have to fight them all. Kat, Adam, and Tanya have to fight Mouth Piece. Divatox sent the growing missile to Mouth Piece. The Power Rangers Turbo called their zords and destroyed him. Then the Power Rangers looked for the detonator and found it in time.

  • Glyph Hanger
    Adam is doing the Egyptian stunt show at the amusement park. Divatox's periscope pops up on the stage in a pot of water and she sees the show. It gives her the idea to send her ex-boyfriend, Pharoah, to the show. Pharoah goes backstage, but Adam and the professor come in and Pharoah freezes like a statue. Adam asks the professor if he can take home the staff he uses during his fight in the show. He accidently takes Pharoah's staff instead. Once he has Pharoah's staff all the writing on the stage turns into hieroglyphics. Divatox sends the Piranhatrons to get the staff back for Pharoah and Adam, Kat, and Tanya get attacked by them. Even though the Power Rangers Turbo are winning the fight, one of the Piranhatrons takes the staff and gets away. Adam can't figure out why they want his staff, which is just a prop. They find out it isn't Adam's staff because the professor shows up at the ice cream shop with the prop staff and asks Adam why he didn't take it. The Power Rangers figure out that the other staff is Pharoah's after they go back to the stage and find Pharoah. Then the Power Rangers find a pyramid, but when they try to pick it up it zaps them. Then Pharoah shows up and they have to fight him. In the left of the fight Divatox sends a growing missle to make Pharoah grow. The Power Rangers have to use their zord to fight him and cut Pharoah in half with their sword and shatter his staff, and he blows up. Then all the writing changes back to normal.

  • Weight And See
    Kat got the main part in the Nutcracker ballet. One of the other girls who wanted that part was mean to Kat and told her she was too big. Justin and Adam were on the beach setting up tide markers for Justin's science project. Divatox 's submarine was by Angel Grove and Elgar saw Justin and Adam through the periscope. Divatox sends Numbor, a monster who could change anything to do with measurements, and he calls the Piranhatrons. Adam and Justin fight the Piranhatrons and they are winning when the Piranhatrons disappear. Adam and Justin see that the tide is a lot higher than it is is supposed to be and they go check it out. Tommy, Kat, and Tanya are having lunch and Kat decides she doesn't want to eat. She is worried about how she looks for the ballet. A Divatox periscope pops up in her drink and hears her say that. Divatox sends Numbor to Angel Grove with a detonator to keep the Power Rangers busy while she sinks Angel Grove into the ocean. Numbor finds Kat and zaps her with a ray that makes her so light that she floats away. Tommy and Tanya go to the Power Chamber and call Adam and Justin to show them Kat's problem. Alpha shows them Numbor planting the detonator and Tommy, Tanya, Justin, and Adam shift into turbo and go to fight him. Numbor makes Tommy, Adam, and Tanya each weigh 1000 pounds. Then he makes Justin so light he almost flies away too. Demetria tells Kat that she is the only one who can deal with her problems. Kat realizes it's not how she looks, but what's inside that matters, and she goes back to normal. She shifts into turbo and transports to the beach. Numbor's spells won't work on her anymore and she beats him. Divatox sends a growing missile to Numbor. The Power Rangers use their Zords to make the Turbo MegaZord to fight Numbor. They beat him and then destroy the detonator. Later, Kat does a great job at her ballet and everyone likes it.

  • Alarmed And Dangerous
    Justin is at school taking a test and Reggie and Junior want him to cheat and give them the answers. Justin says no, but the teacher hears him and thinks he is cheating too. Reggie threatens Justin. Then the fire alarm goes off, but is a false alarm. Justin saw Reggie and Junior pull the fire alarm and Kat has him tell what he saw. Divatox is watching through her periscope and sees that false alarms can cause trouble. She sends Piranhatrons to set off every alarm they can find to make lots of confusion. Reggie and Junior are mad at Justin for telling on them and making them get detention. Alarms are going off everywhere and school is let out early because of it. Divatox sends Elgar and Rygog down to Angel Grove with a detonator, but no one will find it because of all the false alarms going off. Kat and Justin see some Piranhatrons setting off an alarm and they have to fight them. They go to the Power Chamber and let the others know what is going on. Elgar and Rygog put the detonator on a fire truck. The Power Rangers split up to look for the detonator. While Justin is looking for the detonator Reggie and Junior find him and start a fight. Justin decides he doesn't want to fight and runs off. Kat figures out where the detonator is and tells the other. They shift into turbo and meet at the fire truck, but it is too late and the detonator goes off. It turns the fire truck into a Hot Monster. The Power Rangers Turbo have to fight the monster and when they combine their fire power they win. Later, Reggie tells Justin he is going to beat him up, but after Reggie and Justin talk they work it out and become friends.

  • The Millenium Message
    Skull stole Adam's magic wand and was playing with it. He waved it and said abracadabra. At that exact second an earthquake happened, caused by a space ship entering the Earth's atmosphere. The space ship shattered into a lot of pieces. One of the pieces landed on the Angel Grove beach. Divatox found one of the pieces and it had the Blue Centurion in it. Divatox took the Blue Centurion to her submarine and turned him on. He told her he wanted to talk to Demetria. Divatox imitated Demetria's voice for the Blue Centurion. Then she re-programmed him and told him the Power Rangers Turbo were bad. Divatox sent an eating monster to Angel Grove. Tommy has to fight the monster. The other Power Rangers show up and help him fight. Divatox sends two missiles to make the monster grow. The Power Rangers get their Turbo Zords and make the Mega TurboZord. They do a Turbo spinout and cut the monster in half and it explodes. The Power Rangers went to the Power Chamber and saw the Blue Centurion on their viewing globe. He had short-circuited. They went and got him and found out that his memory circuits had burned out. They only got to see half the message he was bringing to Demetria. A the end, Adam does a magic show and he pulls the monkeys Bulk and Skull out of a big hat.

  • A Drive To Win
    Adam is the coach of the Angel Grove soccer team. While the team is practicing, Divatox's periscope pops up in the team's water cooler and sees the team. She gets the idea to set a detonator at the big soccer game tomorrow. Tommy is teaching Tanya and Kat karate. Bulk and Skull (who are still monkeys) decide to act like the cheerleaders. Divatox sends a school of Piranhatrons to the osccer team practice and Adam has to fight them all. Adam then calls Alpha and tells him to call the other Power Rangers Turbo. Adam tells the Power Rangers about the practice and the Piranhatrons. The next day, it is Adam and the team's big game day. Divatox has sent a Piranhatron to set a detonator that will go off when Angel Grove scores four goals. Justin was at the game and had a Turbo Navigator with him. He found the detonator behind the scoreboard and he picked itup. Justin turned off the detonator right when Angel Grove scored its fourth goal. Angel Grove won the game and no detonators went off.

  • Cars Attacks
    Kat is trying out to become part of a big dance group. This is really important to her and she really wants to get into the dance company. While she is doing her tryout things start to go wrong in Angel Grove. All the cars in the town start to come alive because of a spell on them. The cars find the Power rangers Turbo and attack them. The Power Rangers have to fight them. After a big fight they win and save themselves and Angel Grove.

  • Honey, I Shrunk The Power Rangers, Part 1
    It is Clean Angel Grove day and there is a prize for cleaning up the trash. The Mayor is talking to Angel Grove about cleaning up the city and a lot of people are going to help. Adam and Tommy are supposed to be working on the same cleaning crew, but they get separated. Bulk and Skull, who are still monkeys, have an idea. They are going to clean up and win the prize. They steal the keys to the Lieutenant's car. Divatox looks through her periscope and sees the Power Rangers Turbo. She sends Elgar with a school of Piranhatrons to Angel Grove. Adam has to fight the Piranhatrons. The Blue Centurion comes and Elgar leaves. Divatox asks Porto if the Shrink-A-Set monster is ready to go down to Angel Grove. When Porto says yes she gives Shrink-A-Set a detonator. Shrink-A-Set tries to get into the youth center. The monkeys open the door to the center and knock Shrink-A-Set down. He drops the detonator and the monkeys pick it up as their first piece of trash. They put it into the back of the car and go to find more trash. Shrink-A-Set shrinks down and gets into the Blue Centurion's helmet and short circuits him. The Power Rangers Turbo come to fight Shrink-A-Set They open the Blue Centurion's helmet and Shrink-A-Set flies out. He shrinks the Blue Centurion and then the Power Rangers Turbo shift into turbo. Shrink-A-Set shrinks them too and takes them away. When Justin shows up the Blue Centurion tells him that the Power Rangers got shrunk and were taken away. Elgar tells Divatox that he knows that she always wanted the Power Rangers on a silver platter, but how about a silver box instead? The Power Rangers now have wings.

  • Honey, I Shrunk The Power Rangers, Part 2
    The shrunken Power Rangers escape from the box that Elgar gave them to Divatox in. They go running around Divatox's submarine, and Divatox and everyone chase them around, trying to catch them. The Power Rangers launch two missiles from the submarrine and ride them to get back to Angel Grove. The missiles blow up and the explosion turns the Power Rangers back to normal. Bulk and Skull grow back to their normal size too, but now no one can see them.

  • Passing The Torch, Part 1
    The Power Rangers are going camping. Three of them go ahead to set up everything and the other two are coming later. A Flamite monster comes down to Angel Grove and attacks the Power Rangers who are already at the camp. He keeps making things hot and the Power Rangers are having a hard time with him. Meanwhile, Tommy and Kat are on their way to the camp in Tommy's truck. Some Piranhatrons attack the truck and kidnap him. Two people, named Cassie and TJ, see Kat and help her defeat the Piranhatrons. They go and save Tommy. The Power Rangers defeat Flamite and finish camping.

  • Passing The Torch, Part 2
    Kat leaves TJ and Cassie and goes to join the other Power Rangers. They defeat Flamite. TJ and Cassie find out where Tommy is and go save him. When the Power Rangers get back to the Power Chamber they find there is another part of the chamber they didn't know about. There is a big rock in the middle of it. On one side of the rock is Alpha 5 and Zordon and on the other side is Alpha 6 and Demetria. They explain to the Power Rangers that they have to stop being Power Rangers and they have to pick someone to take over for them. Justin will still be the Blue Ranger. Cassie, Ashley, TJ, and Carlos are in the center of the room. Cassie is the new Pink Ranger and Ashley will be the Yellow Ranger. TJ becomes the Red Ranger and Carlos is the new Green Ranger.

  • Stitch Witchery
    Ashley was at a fashion show when someone came and said "nice jacket." She said thank you and told them she thought it was cool too. The person said "not that one, the one you're wearing" and she left. Ashley left with Casey and suddenly a black limousine came out of nowhere. A woman got out and told Ashley she liked her jacket and gave Ashley her card. The card said 123 Cha Cha Fashion. Then she got back into the limousine and Divatox was in the limousine. The woman turned into a monster. Then Divatox was making jackets that made the people who wore them angry. Four of the Power Rangers put on some of Divatox's jackets. The jackets made them fight with RoboRacer and Turbo MegaZord. TJ jumped into RoboRacer and took off the jacket. Divatox sent two growing missiles and made the monster grow and the Power Rangers destroyed it.

  • The Wheel Of Fate
    Divatox found a map that showed where the Lightning Cruiser and the Storm Blaster were. She made a monster to go and find them. They flew to Earth to look for them. Elgar tried to take them with him, but the Power Rangers Turbo got there. They used the Lightning Cruiser and got the Storm Blaster. Then Elgar took it away from them. The Power Rangers Turbo had to defeat the monster and Elgar. They got the Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster back.

  • Trouble By The Slice
    Divatox tries out her new transporter and it backfires on her. It zaps her and she gets amnesia. Divatox finds a pizza parlor and starts to work there. Bulk and Skull are pizza delivery guys at the pizza parlor and they get lost. Divatox gets hit by her eye beams and remembers everything. She releases a pizza monster and he terrorizes Angel Grove. The Power Rangers Turbo come to save the town and he throws pizza bombs at them. The pizza bombs make them fly into an oven. More ingredients are added and the Power Rangers get baked into a pizza. RoboRanger sees the pizza monster and fights him. The Power Rangers get loose and they defeat the pizza monster and save Angel Grove.

  • The Phantom Phenomenon
    Justin is playing soccer when he and his friend see a weird blue beam. His friend goes searching for a ball that was kicked over the fence and see something. Divatox is counting gold and she says it is not enough. She sees the Angel Grove bank and that gives her an idea to get more money. Justin's friend drags him off to see the spaceships he found. Bulk and Skull are guarding the Angel Grove bank. Bulk thinks a lady is hiding money from the bank in her grocery bag, but when he looks inside she has only ice cream. Divatox sends some Piranahtrons to the bank. They untied Bulk's shoes and snuck in while he was retying them. Alpha tells Demetria that Divatox is robbing the bank. An invisible force is fighting the Piranahtrons. The Power Rangers Turbo show up and think it might be a trap and The Piranahtrons disappear. The witnesses at the bank tell the Power Rangers they thought the invisible force was some sort of phantom.The Rangers go to the Power Chamber and discuss the phantom with Demetria. They look for it in a survelliance camera and find that the Piranahtrons are causing trouble at the gold mine. The Rangers go to stop them, but the phantom gets there first. The pink ranger sees the phantom amnd ask him who he is. He says he is a friend. When she describes him to the others back at the Power Chamber, Demetria says he is from the planet Alton. Justin remembers the spaceship from the soccer game and goes to check it out again. The Piranahtrons follow him. The other Power Rangers are looking for him too. Justin and his friend get captured by the Piranahtrons. The Piranahtrons set a detonator on the spaceship. Justin's friend runs away and he starts fighting the Piranahtrons. The detonator is counting down and the phantom has to go save his ship. He comes back and helps Justin fight and then the rest of the Rangers show up. Divatox send 2 torpedoes to destroy the spaceship and it blows up. Then the phantom brings the ship back, gets in it, and goes back to space.

  • Vanishing Act
    Three of the Power Rangers Turbo were playing basketball when their ball suddenly disappeared. Meanwhile at the Youth Center a monster named Translucent made the whole center go to his dimension. Uh-Oh! Now all of Angel Grove is gone. The Power Rangers teleported to the Power Chamber, but it wasn't there. They were really in the Power Chamber but they couldn't tell it was there. They thought it was missing so they went to Angel Grove Lake. Some invisible Piranahtrons attacked them. Luckily, the Phantom Ranger showed up and helped them out. The Power Rangers called their vehicles, but they still kept getting hit. They called their Turbo MegaZord and used it to fight Translucent. They managed to defeat Translucent. Back at the Youth Center the Pink Ranger was talking to the yellow Ranger about the Phantom Ranger and trying to figure out who he was.

  • When Time Freezes Over
    Divatox planned to freeze the sun with a missile that had a freeze key in it. The Power Rangers Turbo and the Shadow Ranger stopped her from doing it. Divatox made a time monster called the Clockster so she could go back in time to get the freeze key again. Justin and Carlos weare looking for the freeze key and the Clockster touched the freeze key and froze them in time. The Phantom Ranger showed up and got the freeze key and unfroze the Rangers. The Power Rangers Turbo were fighting Clockster and Elgar. They hit Clockster and time went backwards. Divatox fired two growing missiles at the Clockster and he got vary large. Then the Power Rangers Turbo used their Megazord and destroyed Clockster. The Power Rangers gave the freeze key to Lieutenant Stone and he turned it into a popsicle making machine.

  • The Darkest Day
    Divatox sent Elgar to kill the Red and Pink Rangers and Elgar messed up again. The Power Rangers saw Elgar and fought him with the Thunder Cruiser and Star Blaster and the y defeated him. Divatox got a call from her brother and she took off out of the lake. She went to the space base. Then she sent her brother down to the ground with Metalosaurus. At the same time Bulk and Skull were doing a monster tour. The Power Rangers Turbo were fighting with the Metalosaurus. Bulk and Skull saw it and ran and then other people saw it and ran too. The Power Rangers still keep fighting Metalosaurus using their Turbo MegaZord. When the Power Rangers use their Turbo Spin Out, Metalosaurus grabs the sword and breaks it and then he sends his robot troops they break into the MegaZord through its eyes. The Power Rangers get thrown out of the MegaZord. Then Metalosaurus takes the MegaZord up to the Space Base. This made the Power Rangers sad. The Phantom Ranger came and told them there was another hope.

  • Parts And Parcel
    Bulk and Skull were bringing a package to Lieutenant Stone and it was empty. It was the Daytime Thief who had stolen the stuff inside. He had struck again. Bulk and Skull's boss thought they had stolen the stuff. TJ helped them do a stakeout, but Bulk and Skull didn't see the thief or the stolen stuff. They did another stakeout, this time with the Power Rangers. They saw some Piranahtrons stealing parts to make a remote control for three Zords. They attacked them using the Tree Zord and defeated them using the auxiliary power. They get the remote control and bring it to the police. Bulk and Skull didn't get arrested and got their jobs back. They asked for a big new truck and an AM/FM radio. Bulk hugged TJ because he saved his life. TJ said it was ok.

  • The Fall Of The Phantom
    Casey was daydreaming about the Phantom Ranger because she has a crush on him. Divatox is planning to get the Phantom Ranger's ruby. She kidnaps Casey because she wants the ruby and the Phantom Ranger likes Casey. She plans to turn Casey into stone. The Phantom Ranger shows up and uses his ruby. Casey escaped and a Metalosaurus monster attacked the Power Rangers. They called their Rescue High-Stance Mode and fought the monster to free the Phantom Ranger. That didn't work so they switched to their Rescue MegaZord. They used their artillery power and destroyed the Metalosaurus. The Phantom Ranger is hiding in his secret tunnel. Casey and the other Power Rangers say they will find the ruby and put it back in the Phantom Ranger's chest because it is his power source. They are also trying to find the Phantom Ranger because he was in a cage the last time they saw him. The Phantom Ranger said his job was done. To be continued in the Clash Of the Megazords.

  • Clash Of The Megazords
    Divatox took the Phantom Ranger's ruby. Without the ruby he has no power and he is dead now. The Power Rangers Turbo are looking for the Phantom Ranger. They find him and take him to the Power Chamber, where they put him on life support. The Rangers make a magnet to pull Divatox's space base down to Angel Grove. Divatox puts the Phantom Ranger's ruby into the Turbo Megazord charged it up. The Power Rangers Turbo use their magnet and it works. Divatox sends a monster to destroy the magnet and he succeeds. Then Divatox sends the Turbo Megazord down to Angel Grove to destroy the Power Rangers. The Power Rangers use their new Zord, the Rescue Megazord to fight the Turbo Megazord. The Rangers get the Pantom Ranger's ruby back. Divatox sends two growing missiles and her monster grows, but the Power Rangers manage to defeat him. They go put the ruby back into the Phantom Ranger, just in time, and he thanks them.

  • The Robot Ranger
    Justin thinks Ashley is a robot. Bulk and Skull are giving tennis lessons when a monster comes to Angel Grove. The Power Rangers have to get their Zords and destroy the monster. Divatox got real mad and Porto to get a monster that would give the Power Rangers a charge. Porto gave Divatox a Chargeatron monster. When the Power Rangers were having lunch Justin broke TJ's walkman. He fixed it and was giving it back when he saw a weird machine in TJ's locker. Chargeatron was attacking Angel Grove, so there was no time for Justin to worry about the machine now. The Power Rangers destroyed the chargeatron. Then Justin found out he was a robot and the real Justin was in the Power Chamber. The robot Justin got sent to another planet, along with the other robot Power Rangers, and the real Power Rangers stayed on Earth to defend it.

  • Beware The Third Wish
    Justin wished his dad would come back. Divatox sent a Wishatron monster to get a wishing coin. The monster got it and two more coins and made three wishing coins. Elgar wished for hair. Divatox wished the Blue Centurion would turn bad and fight the Power Rangers. Elgar kidnapped the Blue Centurion and took him to the Space Base. The Power Rangers had to fight Wishatron and Divatox sent two growing missiles to make him grow. The Power Rangers called their Rescue Zord. They fought Wishatron with their artillery power and they destroyed him. Divatox calls another monster. The Power Rangers took Turbo Navigators and looked for the wishing coins. Divatox dropped her last coin and Bulk and Skull use it in an arcade game.

  • Gardner Of Evil
    Divatox calls a monster called the Wild Weeder to find her third wishing coin. Meanwhile Bulk and Skull have it and use it in an arcade pinball machine. It blows up the machine. The Lieutenant gets angry with Bulk and Skull as usual. He tells them he's found a job for them at a nursury. Bulk and Skull say "cool we like babys" but the Lieutenant tells them it's a plant nursery. When they get there they find out they have to shovel cow manure on the plants. Meanwhile, Wild Weeder uses seeds on the people of Angel Grove. They become Diva-drones and are ordered to search for the third wishing coin. The Blue Centurion is working for Divatox because she wished for it with the second wishing coin. So he and the Wild Weeder team up to search for the third coin. The Power Rangers fight the Centurion and lose both the Storm Blaster and the Lightning Cruiser. Then the Wild Weeder calls the robot bees to totally take over the vehicles. But the Power Rangers stop them. Next the Blue Centurion calls the Robot Racer into action and the Rangers call out the Rescue Zords and use the High Stance Mode. But they are still having a tough time with the Blue Centurion's Robot Racer. Meanwhile Bulk and Skull are being chased by the Diva-drones and almost use the wishing coin to wish for them to be rich. But they decide to give the coin to the Power Rangers, proving once again that they can be heroes in their own way. When Justin gets the coin he says he would like to use the coin to wish for his father's return. But decides against it and uses it to make the Blue Centurion good again. Divatox sees that she has lost control of the Blue Centurion and launches a growth missile unto the Wild Weeder. The Power Rangers use the Rescue Zords to form Rescue Megazord and kick the Wild Weeder's butt. At the end Justin's father comes home, this time for good. He now has a job in Angel Grove.

  • Fire In Your Tank
    TJ was riding in the Lightning Cruiser to test a new booster fuel. Divatox saw the Lightning Cruiser and decided she wanted it. Elgar went to the test site to get the Lightning Cruiser. The Power Rangers fought with Elgar to stop him from taking the Lightning Cruiser and they won. Elgar stole the booster fuel they were using in the Lightning Cruiser. He took it back and they used it in the Divamobile. The fuel made the Divamobile fly but it set the forest on fire. Bulk and Skull were working as forest rangers and they saw the fire and panicked. The Lightning Cruiser has to go in and save them. Divatox sends a monster out to fight the Power Rangers. Then she sends two growing missiles to make him grow real large. The Power Rangers called the Rescue MegaZord to help them and they won and they put out the fire.

  • The Turn Of The Wretched Wrench
    Ashley and Carlos are fixing a car but they mess it up. Meanwhile Divatox is mad because Elgar screwed up the telescope. They called the Mr. Fix-It monster and he came and fixed the telescope. She told the monster she had another use for him. She asked him to make a mobile. He told her just needed some parts. He decided to go the Angel Grove work shop to find the parts he needed. While he was there two Power Rangers found him. he escaped in the Divamobile. Divatox sent two growing missiles and Mr. Fix-It grew. The Power Rangers Turbo use the Rescue MegaZord and they destroy him. Bulk and Skull are tow truck drivers and their tow truck breaks down. Ashley has to fix the truck for them.

  • One Final Hope
    The Power Rangers shift into Turbo. Bulk and Skull tour Angel Grove and they see a monster. The Power Rangers fight the monster and do all they can. Divatox sends a Power beam and the Lightning Cruiser goes down. The Power Rangers call the Turbine Laser. The Piranahtrons attack and then the Phantom Ranger appears. The Power Rangers follow the Phantom Ranger. The Power Rangers and the Phantom Ranger were in the Phantom Ranger's secret tunnel. There was a cave in. To get to the Rescue Zords that the Phantom Ranger wanted to show them they had to laser a hole in the boulders. The Power Rangers saw the Rescue Zords and used them to destroy the monster. Meanwhile Bulk and Skull are putting on pads to protect them from the monsters. The Lieutenant told them they weren't manning a battle tank, just doing a tour of Angel Grove on a yellow bus.

  • Spirit Of The Woods
    Three teenagers drive up and park in the woods and begin to throw trash out of their jeep onto the ground. A kid watches from behind a tree and becomes upset. He waves his hand and the wind begins to blow. The message "go away" is written in leaves on their windshield, and this frightens them away. Then the kid disappears, reappears, and disappears again. TJ gets a shake drink from Lieutenant Stone at the youth center and then goes on his daily jog. While jogging TJ stops to pick up some litter and turns around and the same kid from before is there. He say "hello, who are you? My name is TJ." The kid says his name is Erutan. Then TJ hears a noise and he looks around and when he turns back, Erutan has disappeared. TJ turns to leave and a piece of trash begins following him and turns into a monster. TJ shifts into Turbo and challenges the monster while Erutan watches everything from behind a tree. TJ is losing his fight and Erutan jumps out and causes a hurricane to blow away Littertron. Then he dissappears again. Littertron tells Divatox about the boy and she sends Elgar and Littertron after the kid. TJ is in the library when he figures out that Erutan is Nature spelled backwards. TJ spots Erutan watching him and takes off after him. The kid thanked TJ and TJ thanked him for helping him out. TJ goes to Demetria and tells her about Erutan. Meanwhile Bulk and Skull are delivering newspapers. TJ is jogging through the woods again and meets up with Erutan. He tries to tell him he is in danger, and then he is captured by the mutants. TJ shifts into Turbo and calls the rest of the Rangers. They fight the mutants and get Erutan loose, but the rest of the Rangers can't see who TJ is talking to. Erutan draws lightning from the sky and it strikes Littertron. Somehow the Rangers are stuck in trash cans, but they get loose and call for the Turbine Laser. The laser knocks down Littertron, but Divatox sends some growth torpedoes. TJ tells the Rangers that he has to help Erutan who they still can't see, but that they have to fight Littertron without him. The Rangers call out the Rescue Megazords and they defeat Littertron. TJ says goodbye to Erutan and the rangers show up and they can finally see Erutan.

  • Song Of Confusion
    Cassie and a friend were auditioning people to be in their band. Cassie asked who was first and Bulk said it was him and Skull. Cassie told Bulk she was sorry but they couldn't use him. The next people to audition were called Crash and The Creeps. They sang their song of confusion. Cassie told them it was perfect and they could use them. Cassie's friend told everyone else it was too bad they couldn't use them all and then had to step out for a minute. Cassie said it was her first concert. What they didn't know was that Divatox had sent Crash and The Creeps to destroy the Power Rangers and they were really monsters. They turned into monsters in front of the Power Rangers and they fought. They left and got a Ranger Scrambler and used it on the Power Rangers. The Power Rangers had to get their Turbo Racer Cannon. Then Divatox sent two growing missiles to the monsters and the Power Rangers had to use the Turbo MegaZord. The Power Rangers used the Turbo Spinout and defeated the monsters.

  • The Accident
    The coach called Owen and Carlos and told them they were team captain contestants. Carlos and Justin were talking and the team asked Carlos if he wanted to polay or work on his sportsmanship. Justin said for Carlos to go on. Carlos went to play and he slide tackled Owen and got the ball and scored. When he looked to find Owen he was on the ground holding his leg. The coach came and took Owen to the emergency room. later at practice Carlos was worrying about Owen and not paying attention to the practice. Divatox sent a squad of Piranahtrons disguised as Owen and other teammates. The other Power Rangers showed up and Carlos asked them what was wrong. The Power Rangers tell him those guys are Piranahtrons. He fights them and gets slammed on a fence. The Blue Centurion came and talked to Carlos and he left. Divatox sent Elgar in a Zord. The Blue Centurion got RoboRacer, but he got defeated. Porto was trying to tell Divatox something, but she told him to shut up. The Power Rangers came. Divatox asked Porto what he wanted and he told her the Zord wasn't finished. It was missing the pin that held it together. Then the Zord's arm fell off. Elgar picked it up and went back. Later Owen told Carlos he stumbled over his own feet and it wasn't his fault, he just wanted to blame it on someone other than himself.

  • Carlos And The Count
    Bulk and Skull were having a monster movie marathon. It was a vampire movie marathon. Divatox turned a lunar bat into a monster. Carlos was walking home the next day and the lunar bat bit Carlos. On the next day Carlos was wearing sunglasses. When he took them off his eyes were all red and he had started growing fangs. Later at the blood drive Carlos tried to get the blood instead of give it, but he got scared. Justin saw Carlos' eyes and told the rest of the Power Rangers about it. The lunar bat showed up and tried to bite Justin, but the Power Rangers saved him. They went and found Carlos and teleported him to the Power Chamber. They gave him an antedote. Then they went and found the bat and destroyed it. Later, Bulk and Skull decided to switch to a werewolf movie. The movie delivery man looked like a werewolf and they got scared.

  • Cassie's Best Friend
    Cassie was playing Frisbee with Jetson, her dog. Meanwhile Divatox sent Mr. Goo to turn the Power Rangers into turtles, rats and bugs. Mr. Goo turned Jetson into a human named Jefro. Jefro tried to help Cassie find Jetson. He played with Cassie and then ate cheeseburgers with extra cheese and then they went back to the Angel Grove center Jefro left because he was turning back into a dog. Elgar started fighting the Power Rangers with the Zord he created at Divatox's submarine. The Power Rangers destroyed Mr.Goo and Elgar's Zord. After that they found Jetson, who was a dog once again.

  • The Rival Rangers
    Ashley was teaching dance lessons. by was Ashley's dream date and he came to where she was teaching. She asked him if he wanted dance lessons and he said yes.He wanted to start the next day. Casey came and she and by left together. Ashley got mad and said she would get even with Casey. The next day Casey and by went to the park. Ashley asked TJ if he would play catch with her. He told her she hated to play catch, but she told him she had changed her mind. They went and played catch. The ball accidently hit Casey. Then they all joined together and tried to leave. But the car wouldn't start. Ashley told them they had flooded the car. They had to go. When Casey went back to get by, he was gone. It was time for dance lessons and Ashley had to leave too. Divatox sent a Sharkatron monster down to Angel Grove. The Sharkatron was draining the power out of the Rescue MegaZord, so when the Power Rangers wanted to try to defeat it they had to use the Turbo MegaZord. They defeated it. Then by asked out another girl, so Justin took out both Ashley and Casey.

  • Chase Into Space, Part 1
    Justin's dad got a job interview for a nice job. Meanwhile, Divatox is meeting Goldgoyle and announcing the end of the Power Rangers. The Rangers are watching the shuttle mission make a landing at NASA mission control. Justin's dad shows up and tells Justin he got the job, but it will mean having to move away from Angel Grove. He hadn't accepted the job yet because he wanted to talk to Justin about it. The Rangers are called to the Power Chamber because they are receiving a message from Altar, where Zordon and their power comes from. Divatox sends Goldgoyle to attack the Rangers. The Rangers defend themselves from Goldgoyle and summon the Rescue MegaZord, but Goldgoyle destroys it. They summon the Turbo MegaZord and it is being beaten too. TJ comes up with an idea to use Turbo Ram against Goldgoyle, but to get it up close with the Lightning Cruiser. After it gets close enough TJ destroys Goldgoyle. The Rangers teleport back to the power chamber, but they are seen by Elgar and Rygog, who follow them to the power chamber. Divatox decides to send all her piranhatrons to attack the power chamber. The Rangers learn that the planet Altar is being taken over by evil forces. Demetria tells the Rangers that she and the Blue Centurion are leaving Earth to help Altar and the Rangers have to stay and protect Earth. When they are getting ready to go the Blue Centurion says goodbye to Justin, who gives him his lucky coin. Demetria and the Blue Centurion leave and Divatox sees them go. She starts to attack the power chamber with her piranhatrons. TJ and the Power Rangers decide to go fight them and try to defend the Power Chamber. To be continued in Part 2........

  • Chase Into Space, Part 2
    Divatox attacked the Power Chamber while the Power Rangers were inside. She destroyed the Power Chamber, but the Power Rangers were luckily still alive. A messenger came and told Divatox that Zordon had been captured and that she needed to go with him. She laughed and said she had to stay and conquer the Earth. Then he mentioned that Dark Spector wanted her to go and she decided to go right away. The Power Rangers came out of their hiding places. They had lost their powers when the Power Chamber was destroyed. They found Alpha, who got a black box out of the ground. He said it was a decoder. The Power Rangers couldn't figure how they were going to get to Altar. The messenger mentioned that Zordon had been captured and his power was being drained. Justin snuck into NASA mission control and told the commander what was going on. The Power Rangers took off into space without Justin, never to see him again. To be continued in Power Rangers In Space!
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