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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 6   Power Rangers In Space

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  • From Out Of Nowhere, Part 1
    Divatox, Rita, Lord Zedd, Queen Machina, and their bad guys were all at a celebration when Divatox told them all she had destroyed the Power Rangers. No one believed it, but when they finally did they were happy. Dark Specter showed up and told them he had captured Zordon and was draining his power. They all drank lava juice to celebrate, except one person. That person was wearing a cape. Queen Astronema decided the mystery person was a spy who had just heard their plans. The mystery person started fighting them and they pulled off his cape. It was a Red Power Ranger! He fought them and then took off on a spaceboard. At the same time the other Power Rangers who had escaped Earth in a shuttle, Ashley, TJ, Carlos, and Cassie, were flying through space. They couldn't understand Alpha because his speech board got messed up when the Power Chamber exploded. They saw a big ship coming right at them and they thought it was going to hit them. Instead it opened up and took their ship inside. They started walking around the big ship, but no one was there. Then the Red Ranger was trying to get away from the bad guys on his spaceboard. He got inside his big ship and found the Power Rangers in it. He thought they were bad and started fighting them. Then Astronema and her Quantrons attacked the ship and damaged the engine. The Power Rangers fixed it and the Red Ranger knew they were good. The ship fell into a plant's atmosphere and crashed on its surface. The Red Ranger got out to fight the Quantrons and the other Power Rangers went with him. To be continued in Part 2....

  • From Out Of Nowhere, Part 2
    The Power Rangers got to the new Astro Megaship and helped the new Red Ranger, Andros, battle the Quantrons. The Power Rangers were losing the fight and Queen Astronema appeared. Meanwhile Alpha was on the Astro Megaship that Andros had taken off in, leaving the Power Rangers behind. He told Andros that he was meant to join together with the other Power Rangers. It was all Zordon's master plan. Andros turned the Astro Megaship around and went back to help the Power Rangers, who were being held by Astronema's forces on the planet. The Astro Megaship blasted the Quantrons and landed. The Red Ranger gave new morphing wrist bands to the other Power Rangers and they all morphed. The Quantrons left. The Astro Megaship took off. Astronema's ship came to fight them. The Astro Megaship and the shuttle formed into the Space MegaZord and blew up Astronema's ship.

  • Save Our Ship
    The Power Rangers were looking at a simudeck on the Astro Megaship and they could see the Earth. Then they landed on Earth. At the same time, Bulk and Skull found the black fortress and they fainted. Later Bulk and Skull were eating french fries and so were the Power Rangers, but at another table. While they were eating, Bulk and Skull were reading a newspaper. They found a scientist in the paper. They contacted the scientist and he told them there was a lot of work to do. They started looking for aliens. The Quantrons showed up on Earth and the Power Rangers had to fight them. They morphed and got into the Astro Megaship and blasted off. Astronema sent a space monster named Cliptor after the Power Rangers. The Power Rangers turned into the Space MegaZord. Astronema made Cliptor grow to the same size as the Space MegaZord and they had to fight each other. The Power Rangers defeated Cliptor. Then Astronema sent a purple beam down into the New York sewers that got the Ninja Turtles and popped them out of the sewer. To be continued.....

  • Shell Shocked
    Astronema sent a beam down to the sewers and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came up. Astronema used her staff to hypnotize the Turtles and to make them evil. Astronema sent a monster down to Earth. She sent the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to pretend to help the Power Rangers, and the Power Rangers trusted them. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles took over the MegaShip and gave it to Astronema. She was taking the ship to Dark Spector. The Power Rangers broke loose and took off in the shuttle. They landed on the MegaShip. Astronema told DECA to use the self-destruct sequence. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles went back to being good and turned off the self-destruct sequence. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles helped the Power Rangers defeat the Quantrons. The Power Rangers gave the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a lift back to New York.

  • Never Stop Searching
    Andros was searching for his sister while Carlos watched from a safe distance. Andros went down to KO35 to look. Ecliptor was there. Andros used the spiral saber on Ecliptor, but Ecliptor still defeated Andros. Carlos came down and took Andros back to the ship. Andros healed and went back to KO35. He found Ecliptor again, but this time he was gigantic. All the Power Rangers came and tried to destroy Ecliptor with their laser pistols. They used their MegaShip lasers to destroy Ecliptor. Back at the MegaShip Carlos told Andros the Power Rangers would help him find his sister.

  • Satellite Search
    Elgar was in a varien fighter and he shot down a satellite from the planet Cron. Nasada called the Power Rangers and told them what happened and the Rangers set a course for Cron. When they got to Cron they started looking for the satellite and they bumped into Elgar. The Power Rangers defeated the Quantrons. Then Astronema came and knocked the Power Rangers out. She found the satellite and then chained up the Power Rangers. Andros took the memory disks from the satellite while Astronema had them and flew off on his Galaxy Glider. Alpha used the disks with the MegaZord. Astronema sends a monster down and the Power Rangers destroyed it. Elgar got into trouble with Astronema for losing the disks.

  • A Ranger Among Thieves
    The Power Rangers were practicing fighting in the holodeck of the spaceship. Alpha told them they had a test to take and they went to school. They told Andros to go hang out at the Surf Spot while they were in school. Meanwhile, Queen Astronema sent a new monster named Voltagehog to Angel Grove. At the Surf Spot Adelle reported that her van was stolen. Then some kids stole money from people's purses right in front of the police. Andros still doesn't understand Earth and its ways. He was trying to eat a banana with the peel on and some other kids told him he was supposed to peel it first. Andros gave them some advice on pool. One of the kids bet him a milkshake he couldn't make a shot. He did make it. The kids let him join them. Andros didn't know they were crooks and helped them break into a car. They taught him how to blow bubbles with bubblegum. Then they went to pick up another one of their friends. Andros got out of the car to stop the kid because he stole and old lady's purse. Andros gave it back to her. Professor Phenomenus, Bulk, and Skull are chasing after a bunny. The Professor saw it. Then Voltagehog got to Angel Grove. Andros got out of the car and saw it. He transformed into the Red Ranger and fought it. Afterward he goes looking for his new friends and he finds the car they were in and Adelle's van. His friends tried to tell him that Adelle had loaned it to them permanently, but Andros realizes they are the thieves. He says that he thought they were becoming friends and demands they take all the cars back to the owners. The leader of the thieves told Andros he was crazy and starts to follow him to beat hi up. The other kids try to stop the leader, but he jerks away and they follow him. Voltagehog appears in front of the leader of the thieves and scares him. Then it attacks him. The other kids find them and Voltagehog gets ready to attack them all. Andros jumps between the monster and the kids. He attacks Voltagehog. The leader of the thieves leaves, but the other two stay to help. Andros gets hurt. He stayed unmorphed and attacked Voltagehog. Ecliptor came and broke the Spiral Saber. The other Power rangers came and the battle turns in favor of the Power Rangers. Voltagehog grows and the Power Rangers call their MegaZord and defeat it with the sword. Later, the two kids who were thieves turn the keys back to the Surf Spot and Adelle lets them help her with deliveries to repay her.

  • When Push Comes To Shove
    Cassie put a picture of the Pink Ranger and herself in her diary. She left it at the Surf Spot. She bumped into two guys who introduced themselves as George and Freddy and told her they had her diary. George said the only way she could get her diary back was to date his friend Freddy. Cassie went on the date and they ditched George and went to a building with a restaurant at the top. There was also a plutonium reactor at the top of the building. Queen Astronema sent Ramhead, an elephant, to knock down the building with the reactor on it. If they building fell it would blow up Angel Grove! The Power Rangers diffused the reactor and morphed into the MegaZord. They fought Ramhead and then Queen Astronema used the satellite lasers to make Ramhead grow and the Power Rangers beat him. Later at the Surf Spot George and Freddy gave Cassie back her diary. Freddy asked Cassie out on a date and she said yes and offered to make is a double date with George and Ashley. The only problem was, Ashley doesn't like George.

  • The Craterite Invasion
    The Power Rangers were in a storm. Two of them were in a simulation and lightning struck the ship some craterites escaped. A boy saw the craterites and then went back to sleep. The next day the boy's mom told him the next door neighbor would take him to school, but when he looked through the window he saw they were really craterites. Meanwhile Bulk and skull saw some craterites too. The Power Rangers had to fight the craterites and had to fight them again and again. There were too many. They ran until a black craterite came and joined the other craterites. They joined together and became a giant craterite. the Power Rangers destroyed the giant craterite. Later at the Surf Spot Bulk and Skull embarrassed themselves by sucking off their clothes.

  • The Wasp With A Heart
    A wasp monster was picking flowers and another wasp monster named Sting King came. Sting King told him it was bad to pick flowers and turned him bad. He tried to kill the Pink Ranger, but he didn't have the heart to do it. He was behind a bush and Ecliptor and some quantrons came and destroyed a birthday party. Ecliptor made the monster go back and fight the Power Rangers again. The monster took a hit in his stomach from the other wasp. Astronema sent the SateLasers and made the other wasp big. The Power Rangers destroyed the other wasp witht he Delta AstroMegaShip. The good wasp turned into pure energy and left.

  • The Delta Discovery
    Divatox has captured Zordon. The Phantom Ranger gave the Power Rangers a disk that controls the MegaDeltaAstro MegaShip. The Power Rangers take the MegaShip and defeat the monster on Earth. Andros took his Galaxy Glider in search of the ship and finds it in the Delta Quadrant. He sticks the disk in the slot in the control room and it goes to Earth and trnsforms into a MegaZord. Andros has a gadget on his arm that commands the robot. The Phantom Ranger left a message saying he had left and was following Divatox and searching for Zordon. The Phantom Ranger left a message for Cassie telling her not to forget him because they have a thing for each other. At the end Dark Spectopr said he would crush the Dark Fortress while Astronema was sleeping if she failed again.

  • he Great Evilyzer
    Bulk and Skull and the professor made the Evilyzer, a little gun that makes things evil or good. They tested it on a little robot and it came alive and chased them. Ecliptor got the Evilyzer and used it on Ashley's Galaxy Glider. It went out of control and she had to ride with Andros back to the ship. The Power Rangers went to Earth and fought Crabatron, the monster that Astronema made. Crabatron turned the Astro MegaShip bad, so the Power Rangers had to regain control of it. The Power Rangers used the Astro MegaShip to form the MegaDeltaAstro MegaShip and destroyed Crabatron. Ashley got her Galaxy Glider back. At the end the experiment was chasing Bulk and Skull.

  • Grandma Matchmaker
    Ashley was reading at the park and her grandmother came and took her to the Surf Spot. Her grandmother started showing her some pictures of boys she thinks Ashley should marry. Ashley tells her grandmother she is dating Carlos. Astronema calls for a monster and the Power Rangers have to destroy it. Ashley tells her grandmother that she and Carlos aren't actually dating. Her grandmother asked her if she liked Carlos and told her she could go on her first date. She gave them identical shirts. Their Power Ranger watches went off and the ground shook. Little creatures came out. Ashley took her grandmother to a safe place and left her there. She morphed and fought and destroyed the monster.

  • The Barillian Sting
    The Power Rangers were being ambushed and Darkonda came. Darkonda unleashed a Cardason insect and it bit Carols. Carlos started turning into a monster and stung Cassie. The rest of the Power Rangers tied Cassie to the bed in the infirmary. Andros and TJ went to KO35 and got the antidote for the sting. They cured Cassie and Carlos. The Power Rangers had to use the AstroMegaZord to destroy a big Cardason insect on KO35. After the insect was destroyed, Andros went to the top of the medicine building and looked at the park where his sister was kidnapped.

  • TJ's Identity Crisis
    The Power Rangers were setting up a special satellite that can search galaxies. Ecliptor and Cordinal came and destroyed the satellite. The Power Rangers came and fought them. Three of the Power Rangers got turned into ice cubes. Ecliptor and Cordinal joined together to make Eliptor. The Power Rangers fought Eliptor, but TJ got amnesia and forgot who he was. Andros was almost dead, but TJ remembered who he was and cut Eliptor. Astronema shot the SateLasers and made Eliptor grow. The Power Rangers called the MegaDeltaAstroMegaShip into action and destroyed Eliptor. They made Ecliptor go back to the Dark Fortress. The Power Rangers go back to playing basketball again.

  • Flashes Of Darkonda
    Andros was sleeping. While he was asleep he was remembering when Darkonda kidnapped his sister he was playing with her. Andros woke up and went to the bridge. When everyone had left he went into a sector that has no law enforcement. He almost got killed getting some data chips that had been stolen from Zordon. He gave the data chips tp Alpha and told him they were genuine. Darkonda came onto the screen and said "If you want to see your sister, meet me and give me the data chips". Andros and the other Power Rangers went to meet Darkonda. Darkonda took a strength potion that was tampered with and he grew. The Power Rangers called the AstroDeltaMegaZord. They were fighting Darkonda and got knocked down and were sliding on the street.

  • True Blue To The Rescue
    The Quantrons kidnapped the pink car and were trying to capture the blue one. The Power Rangers all got captured. Meanwhile, Justin was outside wondering where the Power Rangers were and if they were ok. He couldn't find them and then he had to go to bed. While he was in bed he heard a noise. He looked out his window and found the blue car. The car practically kidnapped Justin. It brought Justin to where the Power Rangerswere being held. Justin saw the Power Rangers and found his morpher. He morphed into the Blue Ranger and started attacking the Quantrons. He got the Power Rangers free and they beat the Quantrons. A monster came and the Power Rangers had to fight him. The monster was winning and the blue car came and fired at the monster. Then the Power Rangers used their weapons on the monster. Astronema made the monster grow, so the Power Rangers had to use their MegaZord to defeat the monster. The Power Rangers went to save the pink car. They fought the Quantrons and won.The Power Rangers said goodbye to Justin because he had to go home. Justin said he would always help them when they were in trouble. The next morning when Justin really busy, but he decided Justin was more important and they went fishing.

  • The Invasion Of The Body Switcher
    It was Ashley birthday and Andros gave her a rare gem necklace from KO35. Ashley always had a crush on him since the day she first saw him. Later she was walking with Cassie and Astronema kidnapped Ashley. Astronema switched places with Ashley and, disguised as her, she went the MegaShip. The disguised Astronema tied up Cassie, then Carlos, then TJ. The real Ashley and Andros went down to earth and were looking for disturbances, but there were none. Andros found Astronema and Ashley fighting, because Ashley turned into Astronema and it was over. Astronema left and Ashley unmorphed.

  • A Date With Danger
    Astronema attacked Zhane and accidentally hit one of her own monsters and it turned on her. Zhane picked up Astronema and got out of there. Later Astronema found herself in the jungle with the White Ranger. The White Ranger was cooking a marshmallow and he gave it to Astronema and, although she was not grateful, she still ate it and liked it. Then she left. Meanwhile, Astronema was drooling over a picture of Zhane and Zhane was drooling over a picture of Astronema. Astronema instantly fell in love with Zhane and Zhane instantly fell in love with Astronema. During all this the Power Rangers were watching a movie. Astronema told Zhane to meet her at the campfire and he went to the station and changed and got some roses for Astronema. He tried to sneak past Alpha and Alpha saw him and made him go and help the Power Rangers. Zhane asked, "Do I have to?" And Alpha said, "Yes" and he went to go to help. Meanwhile, Astronema was wondering where Zhane was. Zhane destroyed the monster and he got to the campfire really late. Astronema got really mad and wais wondering why she was really mad. She left and he left, but now he's sad. The other Power Rangers were trying to comfort him, but he said no and he went into his quarters and went to bed.

  • Always A Chance
    The Power Rangers were at a lab and they had to fight Liz, the lizard. The lizard grabbed Cassie and Carlos attacked Liz. Liz changed places with Cassie and Carlos hit Cassie on the shoulder by accident because he thought she was Liz. Carlos almost killed her and Liz transported away. The Power Rangers went back to the ship and Cassie went to sick bay where Alpha 6 fixed her up so that she was as good as new. Carlos was mad at himself for attacking Cassie and then he lost his confidence. Carlos was on top of a building and he saw Bulk and Skull running away from Liz. Carlos told Bulk and Skull to leave and they did. Carlos attacked Liz and was low on power so Adam came and attacked Liz and helped him. Liz left and then Carlos and Adam both morphed into the Black Ranger and defeated Liz. Carlos got his confidence back. But that wasn't enough. Astronema used the satellasers to make Liz grow. The Power Rangers called the AstroMegaZord and using it they destroyed Liz. Then the Power Rangers picked up Carlos and put him on their shoulders.

  • Carlos On Call
    Carlos is playing a video game and a girl named Cynthia comes to the video game. Then her mom comes up and tells the girl that Carlos is one of her best students at the high school and she leaves. Carlos' watch went off and he went into a photo booth and changed into a Power Ranger. Cynthia walked by and a picture came out of the picture booth. She picked it up and saw Carlos morphing into a Power Ranger. She e-mailed Carlos saying she knew that he was a Power Ranger. Cynthia took advantage of it and gave him a beeper and said, "If you don't come when I beep you, I'll tell the whole world that you are a Power Ranger". Then the bad psycho Power Rangers tried to kill Cynthia. Carlos and the Power Rangers beat them because two of the bad psycho Power Rangers attacked each other over who gets the victory now. Then Carlos gave Cynthia a moon rock because her brother died and she promised her brother that she would be an astronaut. Then he took her for a ride on the Galaxy Glider and she gave him the picture. Then he showed her the moons of Jupiter. This was the first time they didn't use the AstroMegaZord.

  • Five Of A Kind
    The four Psycho Rangers attacked the Power Rangers and beat them. The Psycho Rangers ran away because Dark Spectre called them back to Astronema's ship. The Psycho Rangers got mad at Astronema and said they were going to go after the Power Rangers by themselves. Meanwhile, the Power Rangers came up with a plan and TJ thought of a plan. He thought they should all look like the Blue Ranger. The Power Rangers attacked the Psycho Rangers and they hurt the Blue Psycho Ranger. Astronema's ship shot the SateLasers and the Blue Psycho Ranger grew. The Power Rangers used the MegaVoyager and destroyed the Blue Psycho Ranger. The other Psycho Rangers got away.

  • The Enemy Within
    Astronema was talking to Dark Spector about the Psycho Power Rangers trying to drain his power. Then Astronema talked to Ecliptor, and he said, "The Psycho Power Rangers are attacking the Power Rangers." Then Ecliptor said, "I will do everything in my power to stop them." The Psycho Power Rangers attack the real Power Rangers. The Yellow Psycho Ranger took over the new MegaZord. The other Psycho Power Rangers attacked the White Power Ranger's MegaZord. The other Psycho Power Rangers attacked the Yellow Psycho Ranger because they all want the victory. The Psycho Power Rangers killed each other over who would defeat the Power Rangers. Up on the MegaShip, the Power Rangers crossed out the Psycho Power Rangers on a blackboard.

  • Ghosts In The Machine
    Astronema turned some people from Angel Grove into data chips. The Power Rangers took action and found a city underwater. The city had a force field around it. The Power Rangers tried to enter the city, but they could not, so they teleported in. The Rangers wandered around in the biggest building there and they got turned into data chips. Then the Psycho Rangers attacked Ecliptor and he attacked the Psycho Rangers. Then Zhane turned the Power Rangers back into their normal selves. Zane turned the Psycho Rangers into data chips and returned the people from Angel Grove back to normal. Astronema attacked the Power Rangers. The Rangers escaped. The city under the water sank beneath the ocean floor. Astronema was furious, but she said "tomorrow is another day."

  • The Impenetrable Web
    The Power Rangers received a message saying that an Earth spaceship crashed on a desert planet. They went there and the Dark Fortress popped up. The Power Rangers' DeltaMegaShip got captured in a web. Astronema sent Darkonda to attack the Power Rangers and also sent Ecliptor to attack the DeltaMegaShip. When Ecliptor went the DeltaMegaShip, DECA and Alpha kicked his butt, but he got the location of the Delta Voyager. Ecliptor went there and found Zhane guarding it. He fought him and he got badly wounded, so he went back to Astronema. At the same time the Power Rangers fought Darkonda and won. Then the Red Ranger used a jet and went into outer space and got the web off the ship. They go back to the Delta Voyager and found them alright.

  • Countdown To Destruction, Part 1
    Astronema was talking to Dark Spector and he said it was time to conquer the galaxy. Astronema told every body who ever fought the Power Rangers what Dark Spectpr had said. The attack began and the Power Rangers noticed that about a million or more fighters started to head towards Earth. The Power Rangers started toward Earth too. When they got there, the fighters were everywhere, attacking and blowing up everything. The Power Rangers left Zhane in charge of the MegaShip and went to the surface of the Earth and attacked the fighters. Zhane took the MegaWinger and the MegaWinger went down. Then the Power Rangers morphed out of being a Power Ranger and went and hid. To Be Continued in Part 2!

  • Countdown To Destruction, Part 2
    The Power Rangers were planing a counterattack while Astronema built a gun that could blow up a planet. Then when nobody was looking, Darkonda took the gun attached to the fighter by taking the fighter. He blew up Dark Spector, but also blew up himself. Andros went to the Dark Fortress and found Zordon. Meanwhile the Power Rangers revealed themselves to the planet, then attack everybody who was evil. Andros and Astronema were fighting with each other. Andros blocked a laser blast from Asrtonema and it bounced onto her. Then Ecliptor walked in and saw Astronema on the ground and fell down. Andros destroyed Zordon's Power Chamber. Zedd, Rita, Divatox, and Astronema turned back into their original selves again. The Power Rangers rested for the rest of the day.
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