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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 7   Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

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  • Quasar Quest, Part 1
    On a planet far away, in the near future, a girl and her people were looking at, and learning about, the Quasar Swords. The girl was attacked by a group of villains and the main bad guy tried to take the swords. Meanwhile, on a space station three soldiers prepared for their departure away from this galaxy. Meanwhile on Earth, Bulk and the scientist are going to the space station. Bulk thinks that they forgot something. A teenager got kicked out of the airport for the space station and got really mad. The teenager went into the alley and saw some gang members trying to take an old lady's passport. He kicked their butts and gave them a fake passport. They left. The lady said to him, "People like you should come and make a new colony." So he snuck onto the next flight to the space station. He was getting chased through the space station and he bumped into two of the three soldiers. He left and put on a soldier outfit and got in a shuttle to the moon for a training mission. One of the three soldiers stayed with the teenager and the teenager got the soldier out of there because there was an explosive right by them. A portal opened right between the planet and the moon. To be continued in Part 2...

  • Quasar Quest, Part 2
    Kendrix, Mike, and Maya were traveling on Maradoy looking for Maya's people and found Leo wandering around. Leo followed them. Meanwhile, Kai went to the AstroMegaShip museum and he said to Alpha, "It was re-commissioned." Damon came and said, "Are you kidding, you can't fly this thing. It's too old. Where are your mission papers?" Kai answered, "I don't have any mission papers, but if I don't fly this thing to Maradoy my friends will be lost forever." Damon thought, "I must be out of my mind" and he grabbed the controls and took off. He went through the portal and landed on Maradoy and found the rest of the people. Kai, Maya, Kendrix, Mike, and Damon grabbed the Quasar Swords because Scorpius was attacking them. Scorpius killed Mike. Leo grabbed the Quasar Sword and morphed into the Red Power Ranger. Leo went to the MegaShip and took it back to the space station, which for a new world.

  • Race To The Rescue
    Leo and Maya were on the Space Colony, Terraventure. They were watering the plants, when suddenly Maya heard a wolf howling. She immediately went to the MegaShip with Leo and Damon. They took off without Kendrix and Kai to an unknown planet a galaxy. When they landed, they found gigantic crates full of Galactabeasts. They morphed into the Power Rangers and let the Galactabeasts go. Meanwhile, Scorpius and an Elvis Presley monster went to the space colony and start destroying buildings. The Power Rangers used the hyper-engines to get back to the space colony to rescue the people there from the Elvis monster. They attacked him and he drank a liquid that made him grow into a giant. The Galactabeasts they rescued earlier helped them get rid of the Elvis monster by joining their power.

  • Rookie In Red
    Leo joined the G.S.H. and Kai was training him. Leo was not following the rules. Little did they know that Scorpius was planning to take the Quasar Saber. Scorpius talked to the monster and told him that he could get the Quasar Sabers. He sent the monster to the space station and he stole all the weapons from the weapons' shed. The monster tried to melt the Quade Knives he got from a galaxy far away, but the Power Rangers took back the knives. The monster and some Galactabeasts attacked them after they got the knives and they fought. The Power Rangers defeated the monster and Galactabeasts. Leo resigned from the G.S.H. because he wasn't good at following rules.

  • Homesick
    Terraventure suddenly stopped. Once he found out who it was, Kai went looking for the one who stopped the ship. It was a boy. The Power Rangers took him to a room and asked for his ID card. Damon wondered if he even had one. The kid said his name was Matthew and that he didn't have one. He had sneaked onto Terraventure. Meanwhile, Scorpius sent someone named Gas to put the colonies asleep with his sleep gas. Matthew was with Damon wearing a suit on that was gas proof. Damon left and turned into the Green Ranger. Matthew ripped his suit as he headed toward the main tower. He was at the top and Scorpius tried to get up there, but Matthew stopped the elevator. Meanwhile, the Power Rangers were fighting Gas. The Galactabeasts sucked up all the gas. The Power Rangers used the MegaZord and destroyed Gas. The Power Rangers took Matthew home with a medal.

  • The Lights Of Orion
    Maya and Kendrix went to a place where the computers told them some disturbance was happening and Scorpius ambushed them. Princess Takeena came and told Scorpius that her father was looking for him. She told him if he let her help him get the infamous lights of Orion, she'd put in a good word for him. He said yes and walked back over to where he caught the Power Rangers. They where gone and the only thing left was the scorpion stingers lying on the ground. They were beat up and fried and sleeping the eternal sleep, never to wake up again. The Power Rangers reappeared and saw Takeena and Scorpius holding a coffin. They opened it and found Mike was in it sleeping. Leo chased Scorpius with rage, telling him to let him go. They get in a truck while the Power Rangers fight some scorpion stingers. Leo follows the truck tracks until he finds the truck. He rescues Mike and finds the cave with the box of lights. Mike attacks Leo from behind and takes the box and gives it to Scorpius. He opens it and finds nothing and Mike turns into a monster and grows. The Power Rangers call the GalacticZords and defeat the monster. They celebrate and Kai bakes cookies. Damon ate one uncooked and got in trouble from Kai, who told him he was supposed to bake it first.

  • The Blue Crush
    Commander Stanton gave Kai a special assignment. He told him to take his daughter Jody to the skating park and to videotape her. When Kai got there, he saw a girl with whom he instantly fell in love. Just then Scorpius and a monster sent some living sticks into the ground. They got chased away by the Power Rangers. Kai returned to the skating park and brought Jody home. Commander Stanton came and brought his daughter to his quarters. Scorpius and the monster shot more living sticks into the ground and made some earthquakes. Then the Power Rangers destroyed the monster with their GalactaBeasts.

  • The Magna Defender
    Leo was at a cave on Terraventure and found Scorpius there. They fought and Scorpius blew himself up. All of a sudden the Power Rangers showed up. The Magna Defender was carrying Leo and he left. Leo went to sick bay and fell asleep thinking the Magna Defender was his brother. He woke up and went to the cave. There he found a rock that someone was trying to get to a creature sent from the boss scorpion guy. The Magna Defender showed up and killed all of scorpion stingers and left. Meanwhile, the Power Rangers fought and killed the creature that stole the rock. The Magna Defender acted like a jerk and left.

  • Sunflower Search
    The Magna Defender was fighting a fish creature, because he was one of the creatures who killed his son. The creature looked like a fish and was looking in all the sunflower statues for the Lights of Orion. He was blowing them all up and each time he found nothing. The Magna Defender was not thinking of everyone's safety, just blasting away with his sword/blaster. Finally the Red Ranger came and made him stop blasting. The fish looked in the second to last sunflower statue and found nothing. When he got to the next statue, the fish creature was there. The Magna Defender was there too, fighting the fish creature. The fish creature managed to break open the statue and nothing was inside. He used a growth potion and the Magna Defender used his Zord, destroyed the fish creature, and left.

  • Silent Sleep
    A jellyfish creature appeared out of nowhere, looking for the lights of Orion for Scorpius. He froze ever one except for Mike, the Magna Defender, and all animals. The jellyfish creature thought he was the only one unfrozen, but then he found the Magna Defender unfrozen along with the lights of Orion in a chest. Mike asked for the lights and he said no. He pulled out his laser/sword and attacked him in his Swordblaster mode. Mike pulled out his Transdagger and started firing it at the Magna Defender, who released the lights of Orion. Just then Mike remembered all the animals were unfrozen and rode one of Maya's horses. He turned the horse into the Red Ranger's jousting horse. He had a mask on and the jellyfish creature got on a horse too. They started fighting, but suddenly the Magna Defender stabbed the jellyfish creature in the back. The creature grew and the Magna Defender used his Zord power to blow up the creature. Once he was gone, all the people of Terrevendure unfroze.

  • Orion Rising
    Kendrix and Maya get into a really big disagreement that turns into an arguement. While they are at the grocery store shopping together they get run into a force field that is surrounding the main part of TerraVenture. The force field is there so that the monster who put it u p can find the Lights Of Orion for himself, while keeping the Power Rangers outside the area. The Rangers get in and battle the monster, but he gets away.

  • Orion Returns
    Maya has been having visions of things to come, and her vision that the Lights Of Orion are outside Terra Venture comes true. The Power Rangers follow the Lights to see where they go. The Scorpion Stinger has also been following the Lights and when they find the Astro MegaShip, they decide to attack it. The Rangers battle the Sting Wingers, then follow the Lights some more. The Lights lead them to Terra Venture, where Destruxo is waiting. The Rangers battle him, but they are not able to stop him from getting the Lights. The Magna Defender has pains from watching the battle, but he does not know why. The Impostra monster is sent by Trakeena to pretend it is Treacheron so everything thinks he is a traitor. Meanwhile, Destruxo fights the Rangers using the Lights which are too powerful for them and they morph back to their regular selves. When Trakeena tells Scorpius that Treacheron was the one who told Destruxo to use the Lights against the Rangers, he is in big trouble. The Rangers manage to morph again, but still are not very effective against Destruxo. Trakeena plans to steal his powers, but the Magna Defender stops her. Magna Defender fights against Destruxo and gets the Lights from him. The Lights head back out to space and light up the Rangers, which gives them new powers. They use their new powers to destroy Destruxo.

  • Shark Attack
    Kendrix made a birthday cake, which she put it up and left. Maya came and ate the birthday cake because she was hungry. Kendrix came in and started yelling at Maya. She threw the rest of the cake at Maya, who ducked. Leo and Damon walked in the door at that moment and the cake hit Leo. Meanwhile, a monster came and put a force field around an area of Terraventure. Maya and Kendrix were stuck inside the force field and nobody could breathe. Kendrix and Maya destroyed the force field. The lights of orion left Terraventure, so the monster left. Maya said she was sorry for eating Damon's birthday cake and then made another one. They all celebrated Damon's birthday.

  • Redemption Day
    Leo and Maya were in the mountain dome and were heading toward the city dome on Terraventure. All of a sudden Maya told Leo to stop the car, because she felt a weird presence. The Scorpion Stinger shot at the tunnel Leo and Maya were in. They jumped under the air lock door as it closed. Then Leo, Damon, Maya, Kendrix, Kai all met in front of the control center of Terraventure and went to the AstroMega ship. Meanwhile, the Scorpion Stinger connected to the mountain dome and was taking Terraventure's power. It was keeping it as fuel, like Terraventure was a gas station and the Scorpion Stinger was a car. Just then the Magna Defender used all his power to create a meltdown that would destroy the Scorpion Stinger and Terraveture, but the Power Rangers stopped him. The Power Rangers tried to stop the meltdown, but the Magna Defender put a forcefield around them. He said he would stop using his anger for revenge and that he was Leo's brother. He said Leo would see his brother again. The Magna Defender stopped the meltdown and turned back into Mike and Leo was happy again.

  • Destined For Greatness
    Leo was waiting for Mike, when Kendrix dropped by. She told him that he should be happy that Mike was back, but Leo was feeling guilty. Kendrix left and then Mike arrived. Leo was going to give Mike the Quasar Saber, but just then Alpha called and said there was a disturbance at Plaza. Mike and Leo ran there and started fighting the Sting Wingers. Skeletron showed up and Kendrix, Damian, Maya, and Kai were put into mirrors and their powers put into Skeletron's dolls. Meanwhile, Mike and Leo found them and fought one of the dolls and beat it. They left and fought another one and beat it too. They decided to get the Quasar Saber and Mike gave it back. They fought the last two dolls and broke Skeletron's mirrors. The other Power Rangers came out of the mirrors. Mike became the Magna Defender and destroyed Skeletron.

  • Stolen Beauty
    Trakeena was talking to a monster inside a mirror and told him to go steal all of the beauty in Terravnture, so he went there. He had stolen two people's beauty already by the time he got to a pair of girls. He tried to steal their beauty, but he was stopped by the Power Rangers. He left and reported to Trakeena that he had gotten all the beauty there was, but he hadn't. Trakeena went down to Terraventure and turned into a beautiful woman named Tracy and every man followed her. She found Mike and told him that she'd come with him and she did. The other Power Rangers and Tracy were attacked by the mirror mummy. He sucked Kendrix and Maya's beauty, but he didn't attack Tracy. Then the mirror mummy left. Mike took Tracy home and stopped to get a drink, so she dumped some poison into his drink. He switched the drinks and acted like he died, then he let the beauty go and destroyed the mirror monster. Trakeena's dad wanted to make her like him.

  • The Rescue Mission
    The high council found an S.O.S. message from a ship. A creature that looked like Scorpius' daughter had attacked the ship. A team of Teraventure's people went on a rescue mission to the ship that had sent the S.O.S., and when they got there the whole place was covered by some kind of webbing. As they made their way to the bridge, they found some of the crew members cocooned in the webbing. When they reached the bridge they found a book, as well as the creature that killed the crew. The creature attacked and cocooned one of the rescue team, then took the rest of the people and a book as well. Mike and Leo opened all of the cocoons and found the crew and the book. They all left and the ship blew up.

  • The Lost Galactabeasts, Part 1
    Destron offered Scorpius the most powerful Zords in the universe, the lost Galactabeasts. The terms were that Destron had to become Scorpius' second in command and that he had to be cocooned. He would become all-powerful like Scorpius and rule with him side by side. He captured Kai and Damon and took them to a planet that was deserted. He put devices on Kai and Damon to make them fight. He powered up his remote control for the Galactabeasts. The two Power Rangers escaped from Destron and the other Power Rangers came. The remote control was all the way powered up and the Galactabeasts attacked the Power Rangers. The Power Rangers used their own Zords, but they would not attack the Galactabeasts. The Power Rangers managed to escape. Scorpius told Destron that he'd better destroy the Power Rangers next time. To be continued???

  • The Lost Galactabeasts, Part 2
    Continued From Part 1... Deviot brings forth the Hardtachoke monster, who has the remote control that controls the evil Zords. He sends the Zords to Terra Venture to destroy it, then goes there himself. When he gets there he brings calls on the Stratoforce and Centaurus MegaZords to destroy all the buildings. Maya goes and talks to the Galactabeasts to try and get them to help fight the evil Zords to protect themselves. Mike sends out the armed forces on Terra Venture to try and stop the evil Zords, while Kendrix tries to figure out what the Galaxy book means in case it can help them. When the Galactabeasts show up they try to fight the evil Zords, but they can't and get beaten. Leo, Damon, and Kai use their Astro Cycles to go after the evil Zords, but the Sting Wingers get them. Kai and Damon distract them long enough for Leo to get away and go to help fight the evil Zords. Leo gets trapped too by the Sting Wingers, but Mike and Maya get him free. He goes on to help with the evil Zords. When he goes to attack the evil Zords, Kendrix stops him to tell him she has figured out part of the Galaxy book. She tells him that the evil Zords are actually the three lost Galactabeasts. The Power Rangers find Deviot and Hardtachoke while they are controlling the evil Zords. Deviot tells them how he got the Zords. The Power Rangers battle with Hardtachoke. During the fight Leo gets the remote control, but Hardtachoke gets it back and breaks it. Then the Power Rangers use the Lights Of Orion to shoot Hardtochoke, which makes him grow. The Power Rangers Rangers use their Zords. Torozord is knocked down by Hardtachoke, while Stratoforce and Centaurus beat the Galaxy MegaZord. The Power Rangers try to tell the evil Zords that they are not evil, but instead are Galactabeasts. They listen to them and become their old selves again, then attack Hardtachoke. They weaken him and then Galaxy MegaZord finishes him off. Although they managed to take care of things, the Commander explains to everyone that they will not be able to go back to Terra Venture because it is so far away.

  • Heir To The Throne
    Trakeena walked into a bar on a desert planet and took a man's drink. She got her butt kicked for it. Another man came to her aid and said that he'd teach her how to fight. She agreed, so she started training. Meanwhile, Scorpius was looking for Trakeena and Destron told Scorpius that he couldn't find her. Scorpius told him to keep looking for her, so he did. Meanwhile, Trakeena was training hard by dragging rocks and other heavy things around. She was also learning how to use a sword the proper way. Destron told Scorpius that the Power Rangers were holing Trakeena hostage. Destron stole an energy cell and deliberately said, "Quick take this energy cell to dome 5 w-a-r-e-h-o-u-s-e!" So, the Power Rangers went to the warehouse and the Red Ranger destroyed Scorpius. Trakeena became the ruler of the universe.

  • An Evil Game
    Deviot is upset because Trakeena has the cocoon put away into storage because she doesn't need it right now. When Villamax shows up and tells her where Leo is she sends her minions out to get him. Deviot plans to send two monsters to destroy Trakeena, but before he does Kegler talks him into finding the Red Ranger instead. Villamax finds Kai and Leo in the woods and attacks them. As he is defeating them, Deviot shows up with the rest of the Rangers captured. He makes a deal with Leo that if he gives himself up the Rangers can go free. Leo takes the deal and Villamax lets the Rangers go. Leo is taken to away but manages to escape. Trakeena finds him and puts a force shield around them so they can fight with no interference. Deviot shows up with his two monsters and destroys the force shield. The two monsters go after Trakeena while Leo gets away. Trakeena destroys one of the monsters and has captured the other. She tries to find out who sent them, but Deviot destroys the monster and tells Trakeena he was saving her. The Power Rangers show up to help Leo and Trakeena blasts them all. Just as she is ready to destroy them for good, the monster she destroyed grows and attacks her and the Rangers. The Rangers use the Galaxy MegaZord and destroy the monster.

  • Memories Of Mirinoi
    Maya was walking on Terra Venture when she saw one of her friends from Mirinoi. She ran up to her. They started asking each other how they escaped when Scorpius turned the planet to stone. Maya took her to see Kendrix. Kendrix put the Galaxy Book back up and they left. Later Kendrix and Kai made a special dinner so they wouldn't forget the night. They waited and waited, but Maya and her friend didn't show up so everyone left. A long time later they came back and went to sleep, but Maya's friend got up and left. Kendrix saw her leave. Meanwhile, Maya's friend was walking on the street when Trakeena came and talked to Maya's friend. Maya's friend tried to steal the Galaxy Book. The guard shot a monster in the foot. Later Maya's friend came in limping and Kendrix saw that. The next day Maya found out, so the Power Rangers called their Zords and destroyed the monster posing as Maya's friend. Later Kendrix and Maya became close friends again.

  • Green Courage
    The Scorpion Stinger gets damaged by some pieces of an exploded planet. At the same time, High Commander Renier drops some papers and Damon picks them up and hands them to her. Trakeena dispatches the Cannonbrawl monster to get High Commander Renier and even though Damon tries to stop him, Cannonbrawl is able to take her away. Trakeena offers to make a deal with the Rangers. If they fix the Scorpion Stinger she will give them High Commander Renier back. Damon offers to go and work on the Stinger, and he is taken there. He works it while Leo sneaks on board and rescues High Commander Renier. Damon fixes the Stinger, but Trakeena goes back on her word. Villamax comes to tell her that High Commander Renier is gone. At that moment, the Stinger is hit by meteors that knock out its power. This lets Damon escape without being noticed. Damon calls for the heliship to come get them to take them home, but he is attacked by Cannonbrawl while Leo and High Commander Renier get aboard. High Commander Renier helps Damon get to the heliship and they all head off for home. Cannonbrawl shows up as the Rangers get together and a fight ensues. Cannonbrawl grows giant, so the Rangers have to use the Stratoforce and Galaxy MegaZords. The Rangers defeat Cannonbrawl and Damon and Leo are given medals by High Commander Renier.

  • Blue To The Test
    While going through space toward a new world, Terra Venture runs across a star. The guidebook tells them they are supposed to change their course six hours after they encounter the star, but Kai changes their course right away so they don't get too close. Trakeena wants Terra Venture to collide with the star, so she sends the Icy Queen monster to make them do it. The monster attacks the people in a park, including Stanton and his daughter, and shoots Stanton with an arrow that disappears into his body. The Power Rangers show up at the park to battle Icy Queen and she runs away. They take Stanton back to the base, as he seems fine, but he isn't fine at all. He has two of the engines turned off and sets a course directly for the star. Kai tries to find out why they changed course, but Stanton takes away his GSA badge and tells him to get out. Kai decides something strange is going on and follows Stanton home from the base. He finds Stanton having a meeting with Icy Queen. When Kai tries to fight the monster he cannot do much since he cannot morph. The rest of the Rangers arrive and fight Icy Queen, which lets Kai get Stanton, who puts up a fight. Kai locks Stanton into a room so he can help the Rangers, who need to use the Galaxy MegaZord. The monster grows giant and freezes the Zord, which manages to get free and destroy Icy Queen. The spell on Stanton is broken and he is in charge again. He sets a new course for Terra Venture and they avoid the star.

  • Mean Wheels Mantis
    Astronema sent a monster down to Earth to destroy the Power Rangers. Meanwhile, on Earth Leo and Maya were trying to talk to their Galactabeasts. Leo couldn't understand what the Galactabeasts were saying because he wasn't listening with his heart, he was listening with his ears. Astronema's monster attacked Terraventure and turned the Yellow and Pink Ranger into trophies. He said that he would turn them back into humans if the rest of the Power Rangers beat the biker monster at a race. They lost, but then Damon and Kai fixed Leo's Astro Cycle. The red Galactabeast was trying to tell Leo something, so Leo listened with his heart. The Galactabeast told him that his Astro Cycle had more power, so Leo decided to race him again. They raced and Leo turned his Astro Cycle into the red Capsular Cycle and won. Then they destroyed them with their Megazord.

  • Loyax' Last Battle
    Maya and Damon are practicing their battling out together in the Mountain Dome, and Maya is able to defeat Damon. At the same time, Trakeena greets an older warrior named Loyax, who has come to the Scorpion Stinger to ask a favor. He wants to battle someone who is worthy of his skill for his final battle. Trakeena sends him off to fight the Power Rangers. he gets to the station and causes things to go wrong, which beings the Rangers there. Maya gets there first and Loyax pushes her aside, thinking she is just a girl. He begins to fight the rest of the Rangers, but Maya is angry and grabs loyax, sending him down a cliff. Since she is holding on to him at the time, she goes over the cliff too and they both are lost in a series of caves. Maya was hurt in the fall and cannot walk and Loyax is old and cannot see that well, so they decide to work together to get out of the cave. Once they are out they begin to battle again. Deviot shows up at the battle with a bunch of Sting Wingers, but that is not what Loyax had in mind. He wants a fair one-on-one fight, so he stops the Sting Wingers from attacking Maya. They begin to fight once again, and Maya tries to make him remember what it was like when he was good. He cannot remember, so Maya fights him. She defeats him and then offers to help him up and back to the ways of good. Deviot shoots him and makes him grow huge, and makes him under Deviot's command as well. The Rangers use the Galaxy MegaZord to break Loyax free of Deviot's control, which then makes him attack Deviot. Deviot destroys Loyax using the same device that made him grow, and thereby ends his fighting career with one last battle.

  • A Red Romance
    Ginger was riding her bike when she crashed into a picnic table and went flying over it. Leo caught her, but then her brother came up and asked him what he was doing. He threw Leo into the picnic table. Ginger told him to stop and explained how he had saved her. He apologized to Leo and they went back to his workshop, where he fixed the bike. Ginger's brother let Leo ride his motor bike. Leo enjoyed himself and wanted Ginger to see him at the park tomorrow. Her brother was going to take her there. Ginger and Leo had fun in the park. When he left her to go home a monster attacked and put her into an amulet, and then left. Leo went to Ginger's brother and told him. The brother said, "I trusted you Leo!" and then ran off. Ginger's brother rode his bike to the warehouse area and started to fight the monster. Leo appeared and saved Ginger's brother's life by tackling the monster, but then the monster ran off. Leo went in pursuit of the monster and when he found her she grew to abnormal size. The rest of the Power Rangers came and they used their MegaZord on the monster, and it blew up. Later Ginger's brother apologized to Leo again.

  • The Chameliac Warrior
    Mike runs across Kegler and Villamax, who are working on something. Kegler drops a disk and Mike secretly picks it up. Shortly afterward Chameliac shows up and he has to turn into Magna Defender. Chameliac mimics Magna Defender's moves and weapons and easily defeats him. The other Rangers show up to find Magna Defender hurt, but no Chameliac. They take him to the Megaship so he can get better. In the meantime, Chameliac tells Trakeena that he now has the ability to mimic any Ranger's moves and weapons. He seeks out the Rangers and uses each one's moves and weapons against them. They head into the woods to recover and figure out a plan. They decide to switch fighting styles. When Chameliac shows up again they use each other's moves to confuse him. Leo blasts Chameliac with the Capsular Cycle and he grows giant. The Rangers have to use the Galactabeasts against Chameliac. Mike, who has been analyzing the disk back on the Megaship, figures out that it has the plans to build a laser and that is what Kegler and Villamax were doing earlier. Villamax is all set to fire the laser at the Galactabeasts, but Magna Defender shows up and blasts the laser and the bad guys. The Galactabeasts join to make Galaxy MegaZord and defeat Chameliac.

  • Power To The Tenth
    An alien landed on a deserted planet and handed a box to Trakeena's minion, who tried to kill her. Her minion opened the box and grabbed some digital cards. He killed the alien and then took the cards to the base and undigitized them into the Psycho Rangers. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure found the empty box and said "I'm too late." Then Trakeena sent the Psycho Rangers to take over for the Power Rangers, each by themselves with red for red, blue for blue, etc. They first got Maya and then Damien. Third they got Kai and then Kendrix. When they tried to get Leo, the red ranger, Andros (the old red ranger) saved him. They went to the MegaShip and Andros grabbed his morpher. They went together to find the Power Rangers along with Mike, the Red Ranger's brother. They freed the other Rangers by distracting the Psycho Rangers with Leo and Andros. All the old Power Rangers showed up and it was 11 against 5. The Power Rangers attacked, black and green against bad black, red and yellow against bad red, you get the idea... The power rangers grouped up and destroyed the Psycho Rangers and the old and new power rangers rejoiced together.

  • The Power Of Pink
    Kendrix was studying a book (that the Power Rangers had found in an earlier episode) and found a sword more that was more powerful than all of the Quasar Sabers combined. It was located on a planet that was right next to Terra Venture. The Pink Psycho Ranger went into a communication outlet and read Kendrix's mind and found out the sword was on a planet near Terra Venture. She decided to go and get the sword, so Kendrix and Cassie, both of the Pink Rangers, went to the planet. It was too late because the Pink Psycho Ranger already had the sword. Every time the Psycho Ranger attacked the sword got bigger. Cassie got hit so many times that she unmorphed and her morpher got flung in the dirt. The Psycho Ranger stabbed the morpher with the sword and it started sending a lot of power out. The other Power Rangers got there and they fought using the Astro Megazord and Galactabeast Megazord. They destroyed the Pink Psycho Ranger and Kendrix destroyed the sword. After she destroyed the sword, Kendrix became a higher being and left. The other Power Rangers left for Earth.

  • Protect The Quasar Saber
    A man found the pink Quasar Saber and gave it to an auction. Meanwhile, the Power Rangers left Terraventure and ended up at the man's place. They forced the information about where the saber was from him, but it turned out to be false information. They had really been talking to Destructotron. A mysterious figure who found out the real location of the saber. At the auction, the auctioneer brought out the Quasar saber and started the bid at 1,000 kilogemotrans and Astronema said that she'd give 1,000,000 kilogemotrans. Then she said for him to give it to her for free and she'd spare their lives. Trakeena walked in and said that Astronema was really Karone and then she ran off, taking the sword. Trakeena hit Destructotron with the sword as she saved the Power Rangers. Karone became the Pink Ranger and together with the other Power Rangers they destroyed two monsters.

  • Facing The Past
    The Red Ranger started to fight a magnet monster and it stole his ranger power so he couldn't morph. Karone came and got Leo and they escaped, but he couldn't get his power back. Karone then remembered that when she was Astronema she once fought a warrior that had an armored chi on his arms. When they get put together it formed a super armor. The monster started to attack again and Karone and Leo went to find the frozen warrior. When they got there she had to face her past by fighting Astronema. They were fighting when Astronema put a sword at Leo's throat and said, "You would really sacrifice yourself to save him?" and Karone said yes. They were let into the cave because she pased the test. Meanwhile, the magnet monster was fighting the Power Rangers andn he sucked out all of their ranger power. Back at the cave, Leo and Karone found the warrior and freed him. He gave Leo the chi, so Leo came back to Terraventure and defeated the magnet monster.

  • Turn Up The Volume
    There is a competition to find a chief mechanic, where the person who invents the best new device gets the job. Karone lets Damon know about the job, but then someone named Baxter tells him he'd better not even try or he'll lose to Baxter. Trakeena sends a monster named Decibat after the Power Rangers. He has super sound as his power and makes it nearly impossible for the Rangers to fight him. Damon fires at the monster and destroys his woofer, which makes him run away to repair it. Damon tells the other Rangers about an idea he has for a super conic transmitter to stop Decibat, but Baxter is eavesdropping and knows all about it. When Damon falls asleep Baxter breaks in and takes pictures of Damon's plans for the device. When Damon wakes up, he is late. He gets to the job competition and learns that Baxter has gotten the job using the plans he stole from him. When Damon tries to tell Baxter that the plans weren't done, he ignores him and goes about building the device. Meanwhile, Decibat has repaired his woofer and made it better, and returns to fight the Rangers with his sound. Baxter decides it is time to use the device against Decibat and it works on him. However, just like Damon said it wasn't finished and it explodes. The stunned Decibat comes back and goes after the Rangers again. Damon and Baxter fix the device, which they use on Decibat. It ruins his speakers and he cannot do anything. The Rangers then finish him off. Later, Baxter tells Damon he is sorry and he has quit the job and recommended him for it. Damon doesn't want the job and gets Baxter to take it.

  • Enter The Lost Galaxy
    Some scientists were reading words that were inscribed on the galaxy book and it electrocuted the space station. The words also sent out a message to the guardian of the book and he came to Terra Venture to get it. Meanwhile, at the control dome (in the center down to the bottom) of Terra Venture they locked up the book so no one could get it and to make sure it didn't zap the ship again. Just then, the guardian (disguised as a construction worker) tried to get the book and he knocked out the guards. Just before he got the book, Kai arrested him and took him to the brig. Kai talked to him and he said he knew he was the blue ranger. They got the book, but Deviot stole it and chanted something. They defeated him with their Zords and found themselves in the lost galaxy.

  • Beware The Mutiny
    There is a legend that says that anyone who enters the Lost Galaxy will never return. Trakeena almost goes into it, but just avoids it. When Mike and Stanton try to determine exactly where they are, they go into a trance and a ghost warns them to go away. Strange things are happening on the ship, as time keeps fluxing and none of their instruments work as they should. A pirate named Captain Mutiny finds out where Terra Venture is and decides to take it over with his minions. He brings forth the Titanosaur, a sort of living space ship. He goes to Stanton and offers to help the Rangers get home. He sends a team down and they bring back a device in a box that is supposed to help them. When the Rangers go to Captain Mutiny's planet they learn he uses the people there as slaves, and then find out he plans to use Terra Venture's people as slaves as well. The minions find out they are there and attack them. They fight back and Rocketron arrives to jump in. When the battle has gone on for a while and no one has won, Rocketron grows huge. This forces the Rangers to bring on the Galaxy MegaZord. Rocketron starts a self destruct countdown while holding onto the Galaxy MegaZord. It manages to get free and Rocketron explodes. Deviot shows up and absorbs the rest of Rocketron's power, destroying him in the process. When the Rangers go back to stop Captain Mutiny's crate from being opened it is too late and Grunchor comes out. He fights the Rangers, then heads off to make a new lair underground.

  • Crunchor On The Loose
    Deviot was using a tracker to find Crunchor. Crunchor was coming to Deviot, but the Power Rangers showed up and attacked them. They got the tracker from Deviot. who told them how to defeat Crunchor and then ran away like a coward. Just then Alpha detected Crunchor in a nearby tunnel, so the Power Rangers used their Quasar Blasters on him, but it didn't work. Crunchor went back underground and the Power Rangers decided to split up to cover more ground. Corona, Kai, Maya, and Damon went one way, and Leo and Mike went the other way. Leo and Mike found Crunchor and called the other Power Rangers to come and help them. When they got there, they used their Ranger Power to try and destroy him, but they failed. They called their MegaZords to help them destroy Crunchor after he turned into a MegaCrunchor. The Power Rangers used the power from all four Zords and destroyed Crunchor. Later the Power Rangers were talking and said they needed to leave the lost galaxy.

  • Until Sunset
    Leo and Damon were running from the swabys, then the swabys surrounded Leo and Damon. Deviot captured them and chained them up. Deviot wanted to kill them, but one of Captain Mutiny's henchmen said that Captain Mutiny would be there at sunset. The henchman left. Leo and Damon started to talk about how they meet and about their adventures. They talked about how Mike fell in a crevice and the Magna Defender saved him by taking over his body. Then the Magna Defender escaped from the crevice and let go of Mike's body and spirit. At sunset, Captain Mutiny came to kill them but the other Power Rangers showed up and they destroyed the monster that was with them. Captain Mutiny ran away.

  • Dream Battle
    Captain Mutiny told a monster named Hexuba to put the Power Rangers to sleep, so that while they were sleeping he could kill them. Hexuba cast a sleeping spell onto a bunch of flowers that would give you nightmares. She first gave the flowerd to Damon and he fell asleep. Next to get flowers and fall asleep were Kai, then Karone, then Maya. Just then Leo walked in and sniffed the flowers, but it didn't work at first. Then he called Mike and they went to the girls' chamber and found them knocked out cold on the floor. Mike sniffed the flower and he and Leo decided they had to keep moving. Leo passed out in the hallway, but Mike kept on going. Meanwhile, in the nightmare Leo, Karone, Maya, Damon, and Kai were fighting swabys. Then they fought a big monster who they couldn't defeat. Back in the real world, Mike found Hexuba and she tried to kill him with her power. Mike used a mirror to reflect it onto a lot of other mirrors. The beam destroyed Hexuba's fortune-teller globe and the dreams became reality. The Power Rangers destroyed the monster and woke up.

  • Hexuba's Graveyard
    Hexuba was at a monster graveyard trying to bring past monsters back to life. The first to rise, and head for Terra Venture, was freaky teaky who all of the Power Rangers destroyed. Then Teaka came to life and they beat him. Next the Magna Defender came. Kai left and found the graveyard. Kai destroyed the crystal that was bringing the monsters back to life and got out of there just as it exploded. The Power Rangers beat the rest of the monsters, then Hexuba attacked the Power Rangers. Then destroyed her with all 4 MegaZords, then they find out that Terra Venture would freeze once the engine failed, because they'd lose life support.

  • Raise The Titanisaur
    Damon was at one of the five engines of Terra Venture when the exhaust pressure went high. Everyone had to get out of there because one of the engines was going to blow up. Damon went up to the captain and he asked him if anyone could keep the other engines up. He sent him back down, but just then Deviot and one of Captain Mutiny's henchmen arrived. Then the Power Rangers came and fought them. They lost for the moment and then they ran to the castle, which was on top of the head of a monster raising out of the water. The Power Rangers called their Zords and fought the monster in the middle of town. The monster defeated the Power Rangers, then ran off into the ocean dome. Thet went into the water and cooled off because they started to overheat. The castle detached and from the monster and then the monster attacked the city dome. The Power Rangers fought back with the help of the Magna Defender and they destroyed him. Damon rushed to the engine room and stopped another engine from blowing up.

  • Escape The Lost Galaxy
    Barbarax captures some of the people from TerraVenture and puts them to work in slave camps. According to a plan the Power Rangers come up with, one of the people captured is Mike. He plans to find out where the slave camp is and try to free the slaves. Kai and Leo try to figure out a way to open the portal back to their own universe and read backwards to Keonta, which works. However TerraVenture is too slow to be able to get through the portal. Mike manages to free the slaves and takes them to the MegaShip. He is left for dead by Deviot and Mutiny, but the Magna Defender talks to him in his mind and tells him he has to use all his strength. He then uses his ToroZord to open the portal again and hold it open. This makes him lose his powers. Barbarax goes on a rampage on TerraVenture and starts capturing people to turn into slaves for Mutiny. The MegaShip makes it back to the Power Rangers' home universe.

  • Journey's End, Part 1
    Trakeena was talking to Destron when Deviot came in. Deviot made an excuse for being with Captain Mutiny, but she didn't believe him. She told Destron to kill him, so Deviot grabbed Trakeena and tossed her into the cocoon with him. They melded into one person and popped out. She decided to attack Terra Venture. She went and tried to destroy the Power Rangers. Meanwhile, the people at Terra Venture found the new world and were going to land on it. Terra Venture was attacked by Trakeena, so the Power Rangers crash landed on the moon. The dome started to crack, so they evacuated Terra Venture and the Power Rangers' Zords were destroyed. The Power Rangers put the MegaShip on self-destruct and Trakeena crashed on the moon, as did Leo.

  • Journey's End, Part 2
    Leo and the other Power Rangers were helping to evacuate the main dome, because it was cracking. The dome was cracking because it crashed into the moon of the new world. Meanwhile, Trakeena had put bombs onto the sting wingers and she made them cover the MegaZords and activate the bombs. The MegaZords blew up and she sent the rest of her army into the city. They started blowing up buildings and the Power Rangers had to start fighting the sting wingers. Then they left and had to self-destruct the MegaShip because Trakeena was crushing it. They left on their jet jammer with Alpha, but Alpha fell off and landed on the new world. Leo crashed into the moon and the rest of the Power Rangers landed on the new world.

  • Journey's End, Part 3
    Leo found Trakeena, who had turned into an ant-human. She started up Terra Venture and put it on a collision course with the colony. Leo started fighting her and was losing badly, but just then the other Power Rangers came and helped him. Trakeena kicked all their butts. They tried their Quasar Blasters, but they didn't work. Trakeena was going to kill Maya and Karone, so Leo used the red capsular cycle. Leo pulled out his red ranger armor. They destroyed Trakeena and then were guided by the last remaining MegaZord. They were able to survive and find out that they were on Maranoy, where they put their sabers back in the stone. Everyone on Maranoy turned back into humans.
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