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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 2   Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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  • The Power Transfer, Part 1
    Zack, Jason, and Trini were chosen to talk about problems in the local community. Tommy, Kimberly, and Billy went to tell Zack, Jason, and Trini that they won the contest. After they told them, they teleported to the Command Center. They were sent to a deserted planet, where there was a statue and a power sword. They were sent there to get the power sword. Meanwhile, back on Earth there was sleeping gas all over Angel Grove. The Command Center teleported Rocky, Alisha, and Adam there. On the deserted planet the Power Rangers were being attacked by Lord Zedd while they were trying to get the sword out of the statue.

  • Rocky Just Wants To Have Fun
    Rocky and Billy were studying and Ernie put out a pachinko machine. Rocky started playing it, then Lord Zedd zapped Rocky and made him addicted to the pachinko machine. Everything to him had to make him have fun. Later, Billy went to the rest of the Power Rangers and told them that Rocky was addicted to the pachinko machine. Lord Zedd tuned the pachinko machine in to a monster after Rocky left to play in the park. The Power Rangers morphed and fought the pachinko machine monster, who turned all the Power Rangers except Tommy into balls. Alpha healed all the Power Rangers and they destroyed the pachinko machine.

  • A Reel Fish Story
    Rocky was being a volunteer lifeguard. There was a boy whose name was Danny who thought there were monsters in Angel Grove Lake, so he wouldn't go in the water. Lord Zedd decided to send sea monsters to Angel Grove to try and defeat the Power Rangers. Bulk and Skull acted like a shark and scared everybody in the lake. Bulk and Skull got in trouble for scaring everyone. Rocky, Iesha, and Billy got called by Zordon and Alpha about the monsters and they morphed into Power Rangers. The rest of the Power Rangers came and helped them. Tommy stayed behind and fought the sea monsters because Lord Zedd sent a monster that was already as big as a Zord. The Power Rangers used their Zord to destroy the monster.

  • Return Of The Green Ranger, Part 1
    The White Ranger saw himself, but not as the White Ranger but the Green Ranger instead. The Green Ranger and the White Ranger fought. The wizard came and unmorphed Tommy. Meanwhile, the rest of the Power Rangers were in the past and went to Ben's farm (Bulks great-grandfathers' farm). In the present time Tommy's double went to the command center and told Zordon that wherever the Power Rangers were history was repeating itself. Just then the evil wizard turned some rats into monsters and they started rampaging. To be continued in Part 2...

  • Return Of The Green Ranger, Part 3
    Skull found Adam, Kimberly, Rocky, Billy, and Trini with a peasant girl and tried to arrest them. He sent a regiment after them, so the unmorphed Power Rangers ran. The peasant girl and the Power Rangers got onto the peasant girl's uncle's wagon and headed towards her uncle's ranch. While they were in the wagon they realized her uncle was Bulk's ancestor, named Ben. Later at Ben's ranch, a lizard shows up from the future and turns some rats into monsters. The monsters start rampaging. Meanwhile, in the future in Angel Grove, Tommy was where the Green Ranger was. The lizard magician was also there, but Tommy stole the magician's wand. He went and rescued the other Power Rangers from the redcoats and the rat monsters. He took the rest of the powers back to the future Angel Grove. The powers broke the spell on the Green Ranger and they destroyed the lizard. He went back in time and destroyed the evil rat monsters. The Green Ranger decided to stay back in time.
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