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MM Power Rangers

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Power Rangers EpisodesSeason 3   Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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  • Hog Day Afternoon, Part 1
    Billy was fixing the Zeo Crystal. Lord Zedd sent a signal to Aquatar to ask Hogatron (a dehydrating pig) to come to Earth to dehydrate it. Meanwhile, in Africa (in another dimension) Alicia met Tonya. At the same the Aqua Rangers fought Hogatron. Hogatron dehydrated them. The Aqua Rangers transported to the public pool because Hogatron drank all the water in the lake. When they went to the pool it was empty. The Power Rangers where terrified because of Hogatron. To be continued in part 2.

  • Hog Day Afternoon, Part 2
    Tonya was looking for the Zeo Crystal. Lord Zedd sent Hogatron, a monster who sucks up water, from Aquatar to Earth. He sucks up all the Alien rangers' water so they become weak. The Power Rangers try to help, but they can't. Billy makes it rain with a ray gun he built. The Aline Rangers are re-energized. Zedd and Rita make Hogatron grow. The Alien Rangers use their MegaZord to defeat Hogatron. Aisha finds the Zeo Crystal and gives it to Tonya.
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